They Used Sarin on Children: Assad / Putin

Associated Press Authenticated Video CaptureAssociated Press Video Capture – April 7

While the World Health Organization (WHO) demanded free access to the Douma suburb of Damascus hours ago, many hundreds of medical workers operate in clinics while others freelance as EMS responders.

— by Melissa Hemingway ( staff writer)

“We don’t really know how to do weapons testing but treating the symptoms of chemical warfare is an every other day occurance in Syria,” says RINJ nurse Behar Abbasi who has been visiting family in Ghouta .

That is not a misprint. Every couple of days “someone we know treats a chemical warfare survivor for their symptoms”.

Behar has worked as a nurse and surgical assistant in Aleppo, Gaziantep (Turkey), Mosul (Iraq) and ar-Raqqah.

Waking up to the new threat: Psychopathic Impunity

They Used Sarin on Children, April 7, 2018: Assad & Putin

How many more obscene atrocities of these two terrorists will be tolerated  before the lessons of history are applied? Men like this need to be incarcerated and tried for crimes against humanity under the rule of law. Who has the guts to get this done? Any well-meaning leader can bomb more civilians (which happens when remote-control drones or missiles attack a country) or with military action cause more retaliations against citizens, but who is going to build the new world order where impunity is removed from psychopathic pariahs who actually commit unspeakable Hitlerian atrocities. Ignoring this dire need for an international rule of law has lowered the value of human life, particularly the most vulnerable. If we don’t as a species take action to protect women and children, our species will become extinct. Think about that before launching more violence that will extend the Syrian fiasco.

“Poison Gas” Common as Bullets in Syrian war

“Poison Gas”, claim patients. But it was probably an atomized liquid. Chlorine, Sarin, and a Mustard agent are the chemical weapons of choice of the Assad regime for what probably amounts to hundreds of attacks.

Thorough washing and treatment with atropine are the acute responses while aftermath treatment is for burns and exacerbation mitigation in the upper respiratory tract and other secondary symptoms including loss of some functions.

Bashar al-Assad, baby killer
This guy is the problem.

Bashar al-Assad has given the order perhaps at least 200 times to attack his own people with chemical weapons. He seems to take great pleasure in killing women and children as a method of punishing the men who oppose him. His dynasty is a quintessential patriarch which has in the past seven years lost support in the higher echelons of government and the military. Many big-shots left Assad and formed strong opposition groups seeking Assad’s ouster and eventual democracy for Syria instead of Assad’s style of brutal authoritarianism.

Assad brutally murders these men’s families; women and children slaughtered to punish the men who realized Assad is a scumbag and took a walk. Women around the world must stop ignoring Assad’s conduct. Assad needs to be carried in a burlap sack to the Hague and tried for hundreds of heinous crimes.

No matter how wrong-minded it may be, history has indicated that the only way to stop a terrorist like this one is death. When Assad dies, he will be stopped from attacking his most vulnerable citizens. Should Assad suddenly leave office, however, he will likely be replaced by a greater threat to humanity and the once beautiful country of Syria would be lost forever.

Is it worth risking WWIII as Russia threatens? Is it worth risking a greater evil usurping Prime Minister Imad Khamis, Assad’s current sock-puppet once Assad’s butt takes a Hellfire missile?

Yes, actually it is worth the risk of starting WWIII. That’s because the people who died in Douma died painfully quick, but those left suffering envied the dead for a time. When our brothers and sisters anywhere are made to suffer like that, it already has started.

If a bomb does not fall on Assad’s house any time soon, somebody has dropped the ball. Assad is never home per se, but I like the message that act would send. Don’t you?

Douma Hit In Multiple Chemical Attacks

Two RINJ nurses working in Douma say they believe that three areas of Douma in eastern Ghouta behind the fighting lines were attacked perhaps with all three weapons although the majority of the hundreds of deaths could be attributed to Sarin.

Women and children comprise the majority of the casualties. They were taking shelter as bombers boomed overhead and fierce fighting continued near the region’s fiercely defended political boundaries in eastern Ghouta.

Douma is held by an amalgam of Islamists opposed to the Assad regime. There are unclear divisions of control but the upshot is that the group or groups refused an offer of a temporary cease fire to allow the guerillas to evacuate with their families to a neutral zone in Syria. These revolutionaries who favour the ouster of Assad and seek a pro-democratic governance, are impassioned and going nowhere without a fight.

So Typical of Putin and Assad:
Demoralize fighters by committing atrocities against vulnerable families.

It has to be said that the rogue’s gallery of thugs forming militant groups and grabbing a piece of Syria for themselves are no saints. Many “rebel groups” have used chemical weapons.  In assition to the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, Ahrar al-Sham and Jund al-Aqsa groups plus Free Syrian Army (al-Jaysh as-Sūrī al-Ḥurr), People’s Protection Unit, other Kurdish Forces, Syrian Opposition and more have used chemical weapons in Syria since 2012.

This past weekend, women and children hunkered down in shared basements. Assad deliberately slaughtered women and children to demoralize the fighters. Putin is now launching a huge disinformation campaign and blaming humanitarian workers with a bevy of allegations including a “White Helmet” subterfuge.

Such is the area that hundreds of dead may yet be found. Our people have rallied volunteers but so far face great difficulty getting permission from locals, calming fears as they approach neighbourhoods looking for the injured. Other medical workers report the same experiences but the consensus is that this is bigger and worse than first thought.

The World Doesn’t’ Know How Bad Douma Really Is But Look At History. It’s only a repeat of a past you ignored.

On the night of April 7, hundreds of persons made their way to known clinics or to the street looking for relief from the symptoms of exposure to toxic warfare agents.

We regret to say we believe that hundreds of women and children died within minutes on April 7 in Douma.

This attack is on a par with that done by Assad on 21 August 2013, in the Zamalka/Ein Tarma districts of the Rif Dimashq governorate. It is possible that casualties may exceed 700. This takes into consideration the number of low lying areas still too dangerous to approach but where civilians sheltered from the Syrian regime’s monstrous siege.


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