April 2017

  1. The New Global Lust For Death: Reflections From Mosul IraqRINJ: Nurses Without Borders, Mosul Iraq Medical practitioners in Mosul have noticed little difference in the unlawful conduct of any of the sectarian or “Coalition” units fighting in Northern Iraq. Both the Kurds and Daesh (Islamic State or ISIS) rape … Continue reading
  2. PH Justice Minister OK’s Murder of a Class of PeopleVitaliano Aguirre calls drug addicts, ‘not-humanity’ and says it is therefore ‘OK’ to murder them. The comment adds to The RINJ Foundation’s complaint against the Duterte government of ‘crimes against humanity’ as set out in the Rome Statute of the … Continue reading
  3. Legal Notice: Arrest & Detention of War CriminalsToronto, Canada — The RINJ Foundation Women have issued a public claim to what would appear to be the basic rights of civilian arrest within the statutes of the ‘Commonwealth of Nations’. There is one twist, however, that being that … Continue reading
  4. RINJ Foundation Warns of Increased Abortion Abuse in AmericaUnited States President Trump is Forcing the Abuse of the Medical Abortion Procedures as a form of Birth Control Toronto, Canada– The RINJ Foundation Women, who have often fought for the rights of unborn children, are furious at the US … Continue reading
  5. Beat the crap out of Gropers, then get to safety.… does that make sense? RINJ is Teaching Women and Kids To Clobber Gropers because they are Dangerous Rapists Warning: The time has come for everyone of all ages to learn this message. Groping will no longer be tolerated. Dramatic … Continue reading