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The RINJ Foundation women working as part of a non-profit Civil Society NGO observe much of the events around the world, first-hand.

Many RINJ members are the wives, sisters, mothers, friends of senior world leaders. Many have a story to tell.

RINJ women are professionals who are accustomed to writing reports.

Our editors are experienced journalists.

Micheal O’Brien is the chief editor:  Our News – The RINJ Foundation’s RINJ.press.

micheal o'brien

A former Maclean Hunter  writer/editor/publisher in Canada (13 years) Micheal, with a group of his journalist peers, bought the Aerospace and Defence  publishing group of Maclean Hunter (MH) & continued to publish for 15 years.

MPRM Group owned and published some of MH’s science, technology and business periodical properties after Maclean Hunter met its demise in 1993 when a predatory takeover by Rogers (which wanted MH’s cable TV empire) ended the 100+ year-old publishing giant.

Even though he graduated into a CEO quality function, Micheal continued to write. In all he covered over 10 wars and visited most of the 7 continents.

In 1998 O’Brien entered a health care practice with Dr. John Johnson (since deceased) in Barrie Ontario. He continued to write through that time and started two other companies including an aviation firm (Specialty Air Services Inc [Class 7 Charter]) and a private law enforcement agency which employed more and more of the publishing company’s investigative reporters as print media subsided into the past, taken over by the internet.

Following the start of the 2nd Gulf War, O’Brien’s era as a war correspondent ended abruptly in July 2004. He fully entered the medical field and in fall 2004 began another sojourn into academia for his Master’s degree in Medical Science (Psychology) in the United States.

Micheal is a licensed Commercial Fixed & Rotary Wing Pilot since late teens early twenties and maintains a current license for both. O’Brien has published eight books about the Canadian aerospace and defence industries. He is an avid Advanced Amateur Radio  Operator (HAM, VE3OLG) and an honours graduate of numerous sciences courses in Canada and the USA.

Micheal served on the Board of the Canadian Young Astronauts program. He served as the President of the Toronto Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) for eight years and is currently a life member of AFCEA in the United States. He has extensive experience in the medical health field and has opened numerous successful clinics, pioneered and achieved certifications for multiple new medical facilities and medical technologies.

Writing Background

Maclean Hunter
News, columns, features for:
Aerospace & Defence Technology,
Aerospace Canada,
Canadian Aviation,
Maclean’s Magazine,
TIME Magazine,
Radio and TV projects.
Various newspapers and periodicals, special and general interest.

Lectures and Public Speaking:

Financial Post Conferences: 8-years, moderator, speaker, panelist
Maclean Hunter Management Training Seminars: Lecturer
York University: Guest Lecturer
University of Toronto: Guest Lecturer
Various Ontario Secondary and Public schools: Guest Lecturer
Aerospace Industries Association of Canada: Plenary Speaker at AGM’s
AF Communications and Electronics Association: Guest Speaker
Canada/Israel Council Board of Directors Guest Speaker annual meetings
Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute, Guest Speaker
Canadian House Of Commons as Member of Parliament

“Media analyst”

Television and radio appearances for: CTV’s “Canada AM”, CBC’s “The Journal”, CKO Newsmagazine, CBC Radio’s “As It Happens”, Standard Broadcast News, News Radio, and numerous Montreal, Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Toronto radio and TV stations.

Various awards

citations, decorations and commendations received including citations from local Mayor, Prime Minister, business-related organizations and sports organizations.

Special Interests:

Aviation (Commercial Helicopter and Fixed-Wing Aircraft Pilot)
Community activities (kids sports, Civic Improvement, Canada Day Committee etc. )
Licensed Advanced Amateur Radio Operator VE3OLG
Musician (guitar, vocalist)
Past President Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association

Online Biographies:


Contact Information

Snail mail:
Micheal O’Brien, CEO, The RINJ Foundation
3219 Yonge Street, Suite 119, Toronto M4N 3S1 ON CA
Email: CEO@RINJ.org
Global Smart Phone: +63 939 933 3262

Micheal-O'Brien RINJ CEO

Near Tuba — July 2016

Micheal O’Brien near Tuba in the mountainous Cordillera Region of Luzon Island in the Republic of the Philippines – July 2016

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