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The Antonio Sanchez case from a rape survivor’s perspective.

The following article is reprinted with Permission from The RINJ Foundation.

John Wayne Gacy liked to strangle his victims. Philippines Politician Antonio Sanchez shoots their face or has his police shoot girls or boys in their face while they are tied up, after they rape them. So says a Philippines Court, repeatedly.

Sanchez has seven plus two life sentences to serve; close to 400 years. The Court intended he never be released.

Antonio Sanchez has no remorse for raping Eileen Sarmenta and setting up the gang rape and killing of Eileen Sarmenta and her boyfriend Allan Gomez.

Eileen Sarmenta was known to me, older and respected. I wanted to kill Antonio Sanchez many times when I was a kid, until the day I was raped in the same way, by officials and police. Then I wanted to kill them. We can’t always get what we want but venting the feelings can be therapeutic. It can also be self-defence because if I go back to the Philippines I may be killed by my rapists.

by JoAnne. Guest Author, a Philippines rape survivor now living temporarily in Toronto, Canada.

Note: Political opinions expressed here are those of the Author and not necessarily fact checked or supported by FPMag. Links are sources where they occur.

Antonio Sanchez has no remorse for murdering Nelson Peñalosa and Rickson Peñalosa on 13 April, 1991.

Antonio Sanchez has no remorse for trying to con a prison guard out of his hard-earned money by telling the guard that it was actually his son who raped and murdered Eileen Sarmenta and killed her boyfriend Allan Gomez. Pinning his own crimes on his kid is maybe this man’s worst crime.

Antonio Sanchez  showed no remorse when questions followed after Philippines National Bureau of Prisons Director General Oscar Calderon told Pilipino Star Ngayon that Sanchez is suspected of selling methamphetamine worth a total of 40,000 Canadian dollars to his fellow prisoners. The drugs were found concealed inside a statue of the Virgin Mary during one of the prison’s random checkups.

A report by the Bureau of Corrections says Sanchez was tested positive for narcotics use. Inmates report him as always gazing into nothingness. They say he doesn’t bathe and doesn’t sleep at night. Sanchez did not have a family visitor in years the report said.

Because of a public outcry, rapist-murderer Antonio Sanchez did not go free last month. But he may be freed this month. Despite his many life sentences for heinous crimes he commit in the early 1990s, a memo had been issued by  Bureau of Corrections chief Nicanor Faeldon who you can watch under questioning by lawmakers later in this article.

But President Duterte said last week:

“Hindi ire-release si Sanchez upon the order of the higher authority – sino pa ba ang higher authority? Nag-iisa lang po ang Pangulo ng Republika ng Pilipinas,” he said on the sidelines of the National Heroes’ Day rites.

Translation: Upon the order of the highest authority – the President of the Philippines – Sanchez cannot be released.

The person who asked Faeldon directly or indirectly, by letter shown below, it was revealed yesterday, was none other than Philippines President Duterte spokesperson and lawyer, Salvador Panelo who was also Sanchez’s lawyer at trial.

One witness who has knowledge of this matter but claims to be at risk of death for talking says she has direct knowledge that Sanchez has been dealing drugs for police and bureau of corrections officials as are many other long-sentence inmates at a prison known as Bilibid. The source who will not be identified for security reasons says she has been aware since 2009 that Sanchez has been part of a drug ring operated for the benefit of outsiders, selling drugs to other inmates. Among the outsiders are allegedly persons close to the Philippines President. But Manila is full of those kinds of stories so the prison gossip may be just that, prison gossip. Or maybe not.

Photo Credit: Philippines Presidential Communications

The picture and its story: Salvador Panelo, the man who endorsed a request for release of Rapist/Murderer Sanchez and wrote this letter below despite knowing that as the Office of the President and the losing Lawyer of Sanchez he had more than a conflict of interest.

Justice Harriet Demetriou, judge in the Sanchez Rape/Murder matter has asked the Philippines Congress to investigate Salvador Panelo, and additionally the Bureau of Corrections chief Nicanor Faeldon, and Senator Ronald dela Rosa (as former BuCor chief) “for their involvement and intentionally distorting the interpretation” of Republic Act No. 10592 or the Good Conduct Time Allowance law in an effort to quietly slide murderer/rapist Sanchez out the door to freedom.

Ronald dela Rosa is shown below recently screaming at students who were upset that the rapist and killer of  Eileen Sarmenta and the murderer of Allan Gomez would be set free despite having a total of nine life sentences hanging over his head and that no Court had overturned the verdicts but powerful people wanted their politician friend freed for whatever reasons nobody has yet figured out, exactly.

Screaming at students, Ronald dela Rosa a Duterte-list Senator and alleged mass-murderer accused before the International Criminal Court says he wanted Sanchez executed before he wanted him freed. dela Rosa once ran the Extrajudicial Killing Spree in the Philippines & Davao. He was the boss of some of the convicted men involved in the Sanchez murders. dela Rosa is alleged to have given orders that killed many children as young as 2 years. He now wants a convicted 4-time murderer & rapist set free. Good cop?
Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Photo Credit: Social Media (Twitter)

Photo Credit: Social Media (Twitter)

The Rapist/Murderer. On the night of 28 June 1993, Eileen Sarmenta and Allan Gomez, students of the University of the Philippines in Los Baños, were abducted by policemen of the man in this picture Calauan Mayor Antonio Sanchez at gunpoint. The two were brought to a farm in Barangay Curba, owned by Mayor Antonio Sanchez. The two were brought inside the resthouse where Eileen Sarmenta was taken to Sanchez’s room and Allan was badly beaten up by Luis Corcolon, Rogelio “Boy” Corcolon, Zoilo Ama and George Medialdea and thereafter thrown out of the resthouse. Pepito Kawit followed-up by striking Allan’s diaphragm with the butt of an armalite, causing Allan to fall against a cement box. Brion thought Allan was already dead, but Kawit said, quote, “His death will come later.” Aurelio Centeno, who eventually became a star witness, joined Sanchez’s personal aides Edwin Cosico and Raul Alorico to watch television at the adjacent resthouse. Alorico told Centeno that the Mayor had been eagerly waiting for the group and worried that they will not arrive. At around 1:00 a.m. of the next day, a crying Eileen was dragged out of the resthouse by Luis and Medialdea her hair disheveled, mouth covered by a handkerchief, hands still tied and stripped of her shorts. The Mayor, clad merely in white polo, appeared and thanked Luis and Medialdea for the gift. “I am through with her. She’s all yours,” the Mayor uttered in contentment. When asked what will happen to Allan, Medialdea assured the Mayor that they will also kill him for full measure. Eileen and Allan were then loaded in the Tamaraw van and headed for Calauan, followed closely by the ambulance. Kawit finished off Allan with a single gunshot from his armalite. From Court Documents – Cited by Wikipedia Including the murders of a father and son competitor for the Mayor’s job, Sanchez has seven plus two life sentences to serve. Close to 400 years. The court intended he never be released.

CNN-Philippines: “Life is a game. Money is how we keep score!”

If there is such a thing as an outstanding government-puff-piece-pumper in the Philippines it would be CNN-Philippines. You don’t get the truth from CNN-Philippines you get Rodrigo Duterte flattery.

When Donald Trump claimed CNN was an enemy of the people he was being absurd because the man only saw good people like Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo and has never seen anything of “OMG-Girls-Can-Bake-Cakes” CNN-Philippines, the most misogynistic claptrap on the planet.

One of the things that surprises Filipinos coming to North America is how professional CNN really is and nothing like the horrible, demeaning jibberish of CNN-Philippines. In the Philippines there is an epidemic of Measles; an epidemic of Dengue Fever; and Epidemic of HIV; and epidemic of AIDS; an epidemic of Incest; and an epidemic of Rape, poverty and desperation suicides and CNN Philippines only talks about is things 100 million Filipinos will never have and always feel bad about not having.

Fox-News-for-Donald-Trump in the USA (before it realized Trump is a sinking toilet mid-Atlantic away from sea-lanes) could take a page from CNN-Philippines-vs-the-Philippines’-Poor.

CNN-PH is so tight with the Manila-Corrupt-Elite that their leaders’ butts squeak when they walk to their hoity-toity restaurants with the Senators and aides.

How the f* is a Filipino ever going to afford the fancy 4-cm ground clearance luxury-cars that salacious-car-story goof giggles about driving from Manila to the end of the super-highway and back. Our very few G*D* roads are full of slow-trikes, smoking Jeepneys, overloaded stake trucks moving 13 km per hour back-and-forth sideways and 15 KPH forward; potholes, sinkholes, landslides, puddles, dead dogs and rebarred-cement that fell off trucks.

The CNN-Philippines channel’s content in the part it calls “journalism is pro-Duterte, pro-rape, pro-incest, brain-dead-pablum with no relief except when it goes to the network for content.

  • Now here’s the President in his own words.
  • “You soldiers can all go and rape three Mindanao women each and I have your back.”
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CNN Founder Ted Turner who said, and stands for, “Life is a game. Money is how we keep score,” would love this diaper-filler.

CNN-Philippines Joins Bato and Buddies adoring Sanchez and Roaring to the Rescue of Worm Sanchez’s  Lawyer, the Explainer-in-Chief for CNN’s Idol-EJKer

TIME Person of the Year in 2018 Maria Ressa was in August somewhat critical of the process that set out to release 7-life-sentence-Scumbag-Sanchez.

That ended with Sanchez’s lawyer and Duterte-Explainer-in-chief suing Rappler’s people for being journalists.

Let’s be honest. The kid who runs screaming from the kitchen claiming he did not touch the cookie jar is usually the one who robbed the cookies.

Meanwhile, Ressa and Rappler have hit the Motherlode of the real S-Storm

Ressa’s Rappler claimed that Rodrigo Duterte’s spokesperson and current legal advisor who was also Maggot Sanchez’s lawyer at trial had played unfair and subtly encouraged the other liars, I mean lawyers, around Nicanor Faeldon, to release of Sanchez.

Nicanor Faeldon is credibly saying that he didn’t want to release Sanchez but people around him pressured him to do the release.

Meanwhile Duterte’s people have been clamoring for the rapist’s release, including the person who for a couple years led the massacre of the poor under the guise of a Drug War inspired by no less than Rodrigo Duterte.

CNN Tweets  Rappler’s articles Malicious Toward Salvador Panelo? What?

Does anyone at CNN Philippines have a conscience? Their blind support for Duterte and his killer henchmen (Read ICC Examination report) is past being something we can laugh at as their greed for money overpowers their stated purpose.

Thank God for Maria Ressa and Rappler. To hell with CNN-Philippines and Murderer Sanchez and his murdering police henchmen.

Unless a Canadian Election Candidate swears they will cut off all aid to the Philippines Government, don’t vote for them.

These are just four of the murders we know about. Here is the Murder of Nelson Peñalosa and Rickson Peñalosa by Sanchez

Shocking are the various cases and murders of  Scumbag Sanchez and his various police-officer accomplices, at least one of whom has fled the country thus allowing Sanchez and company to take the heat.

What is before this Court is an appeal from the decision of Regional Trial Court, Branch 160, Pasig City, finding accused Antonio L. Sanchez, Luis Corcolon y Fadialan, Landrito “Ding” Peradillas and Artemio Averion guilty beyond reasonable doubt of murder committed against Nelson Peñalosa and Rickson Peñalosa, and sentencing each of the accused, as follows:

“WHEREFORE, foregoing considered, the Court finds the accused Antonio Sanchez, Landrito “Ding” Peradillas, Luis Corcolon, and Artemio Averion GUILTY beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of MURDER punishable under ART. 48 of the Revised Penal Code and hereby sentences each of said accused to suffer the penalty of reclusion perpetua and to pay jointly and severally, the heirs of the victims each the sum of P100,000.00 for the death of Nelson Peñalosa and Rickson Peñalosa, P50,000.00 as actual damages and moral damages of P 50,000.00 and exemplary damages of P30,000.00 and to pay the costs.”

Etceteras. Etceteras.

WHEREFORE, the Court MODIFIES the decision of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 160, Pasig City, and finds accused-appellants Antonio L. Sanchez and Artemio Averion guilty beyond reasonable doubt of two (2) counts of murder, and sentences each of them to suffer two (2) penalties of reclusion perpetua, and each to pay jointly and severally the respective heirs of victims Nelson and Rickson Peñalosa, as follows:

1) Indemnity for death – P 50,000.00
2) Moral damages – 50,000.00
3) Exemplary damages – 30,000.00
Total P130,000.00

With costs.


Davide, Jr., C.J., (Chairman), Puno, Kapunan, and Ynares-Santiago, JJ., concur.

Obtained from Rappler via Twitter

In his letter, Salvador Panelo is writing to Reynaldo Bayang, as the Office of the President, asking about the application for executive clemency for Antonio Sanchez under what is known as a Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) law.

The letter says it is from the Office of the President and does not say that it is from the original trial lawyer for Antonio Sanchez.

Because of this, Her Honour Harriet Demetriou, the Judge in the original Sanchez matter who remembers Panelo being the lawyer for Sanchez, has publicly asked Panelo to resign and asked the Congress to investigate. Neither is likely because Duterte controls Congress and the Judiciary now, including the Supreme Court.

The problem with the Sanchez application is that the parties knew, or should have known, that any act that allows for relief of overcrowded prisons in the Philippines does not permit for that relief to be applied to persons guilty of capital crimes. In the Philippines, that type of indictable offence is referred to as “heinous crimes” which includes rape and murder.

Duterte and dela Rosa say they want the death penalty so how can they give them clemency if hanged? (dela Rosa wants firing squad.) With this in mind, how could they legitimately send a letter to the Board of Pardons and Parole asking if Antonio Sanchez would be getting an “executive clemency” as the letter asks?

It is not legitimate action but is scurrilous conduct of a corrupt government. In the matter, Panelo is actually an officer of the Court and officer of the Court, finder of fact, in the Sanchez case. Contempt of Court is a crime in the Philippines. But all of these characters seem to bypass our Constitution and public laws.

In the case of the former police chief, now Duterte-List Senator Ronald ‘Bato’ dela Rosa, head of the Extra Judicial Killing project of the Duterte government, the cops involved in the different sets of killings and rapes are probably his buddies.

Sen. Ronald dela Rosa says, “Did you know that I wanted Sanchez sentenced to death? I am for death penalty. If we had death penalty before, Sanchez should have been sentenced to death.”

Have a look. These are the police officers that Sen. Ronald dela Rosa commanded.

Learn from the Finder of Fact the nature of the men the Philippines’ leadership wants Freed

From Court Documents:
“Eileen was gagged by a handkerchief and her hands, like Allan, were tied. A white towel was wound around Allan’s mouth. The Mayor, then wearing a jogging attire, emerged from the resthouse and asked the group: My children, what’s the problem? To this Luis respondent: Mayor, this is our gift to you, the girl you’ve been longing for. She’s really beautiful. But whos that man? asked the Mayor. Eileen’s companion, boss. Medialdea replied. We brought him along to avoid complications, he continued.

“The two youngsters were then brought inside the resthouse where Eileen was taken to the Mayor’s room. Allan was badly beaten up by Luis, Boy, Ama and Medialdea and thereafter thrown out of the resthouse. Kawit followed-up by striking Allans diaphragm with the butt of an armalite, causing Allan to fall against a cement box. Brion thought Allan was already dead, but Kawit said, “His death will come later”.

“Meanwhile, Centeno, while waiting for further orders, joined the Mayors personal aides Edwin Cosico and Raul Alorico watch television at the adjacent resthouse. Alorico told Centeno that the Mayor had been eagerly waiting for the group and worried that they will not arrive.

“At around 1:00 a.m. of the next day, a crying Eileen was dragged out of the resthouse by Luis and Medialdea her hair disheveled, mouth covered by a handkerchief, hands still tied and stripped of her shorts. The Mayor, clad merely in white polo, appeared and thanked Luis and Medialdea for the gift. I am through with her. She’s all yours, the Mayor uttered in contentment. When asked what will happen to Allan, Medialdea assured the Mayor that they will also kill him for full measure. Eileen and Allan were then loaded in the Tamaraw van by the appellants and headed for Calauan, followed closely by the ambulance.

“En route to Calauan, Centeno, who was driving the ambulance, noticed the van swaying from side to side. Then he heard gunfire coming therefrom. The van pulled over whereupon Kawit dragged Allan, whose head was already drenched in blood, out of the vehicle onto the road and finished him off with a single gunshot from his armalite. The ambulance and van then sped away.

“The next destination was a sugarcane field in Sitio Paputok, Kilometro 74 of Barangay Mabacan. It was here that Luis announced that its time for the group to feast on Eileen (the exact words of Luis were Turbohin na rin natin ang tinurbo ni Boss). She was laid at the back of the van, with her hands and legs being held by the appellants while waiting for their turn. Then the gang-rape began.

“The first to ravish Eileen was Luis, then Medialdea, Boy, Ama, Brion and finally, Kawit.

“Bewailing the helplessness of her situation, Eileen pleaded, in between sobs and whimpers, for the torture to stop. However, her tears for compassion fell, weak and ineffective, upon the insensitive brutes.

“Kawit invited Centeno to join the sexual fiasco but the latter refused as he cannot, in conscience, bear the bestiality being committed on Eileen who appeared to be dead.

“After Kawits turn, Eileen knelt on the seat of the van and begged for her life.

“Unmoved, Luis muted Eileen’s cried by forcing an object into her mouth and then fired his baby armalite at her face.

“Centeno was thereafter ordered to get rid of Eileen’s dead body. Moments later, all eight (8) men boarded the ambulance and proceeded to Calauan, leaving the Tamaraw van with Eileen’s remains behind.”

END Court Document Quote

The Staunchest Supporters of Extrajudicial Killings in the Philippines Goes after former CNN employee, Shero Maria Ressa claiming she is “Malicious”.

CNN Philippines which many Philippines viewers believe exists only to support Rodrigo Duterte and collect many $millions in ad revenues has slammed Maria Ressa’s Rappler online media outlet reporting on the pardoning of a rapist.

Let’s face it. If you speak badly of Duterte you will be killed. It is that simple. I promise you, you will be killed. I have watched this happen. Who hasn’t. Nearly thirty thousand of my countrymen are dead because they were not liked by Duterte henchmen.

CNN Philippines Accuses Two Philippines Groups of Malice for critical reporting.

The Philippines is notorious for its widespread rape and incest which in part has led to the country having the number one HIV/AIDS epidemic. “HIV is spread through person-to-person bloodstream contact and both incest and rape of children particularly boys, causes tearing and lacerations that expose the blood streams of both ‘patients’, the existing HIV patient and the ‘victim patient’.

The President of the Philippines and two successive ‘official spokespersons’ have been strong proponents of rape jokes in the Philippines. Apparently to the President, this matter is no joke.

Philippines President went against Antonio Sanchez’s bid for release and  forbid the clemency of Antonio Sanchez.

Mr. Sanchez was “convicted of heinous crimes”, says President Duterte. Apparently the clemency process to which inmate Sanchez applied does not afford the luxury of early release to those who have commit crimes deigned to be ‘heinous’ under Philippines law.

Heinous Crime? Yes, for sure.

Despite the finder of fact conclusion in the matter, (rapists are seldom convicted in the Philippines hence the body of evidence must have been substantial) who was convicted in 1995 and sentenced to over 200 years in prison over the 1993 rape-murder case of University of Philippines, Los Baños student Eileen Sarmenta and the death of her companion Allan Gomez. The accused maintains that the two murders and the rape crimes were done by political opponents who then framed him in order to secure his post as Mayor of Calauan, Laguna. He later said the crime in fact was done by his son.

Today Mr. Sanchez is unwell with cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure). He has asked for early release from prison on humanitarian grounds but shows no remorse for the crimes and continues to blame others including his son. But police officers who played a role in the crime, turned state’s evidence and provided an abundance of inculpatory evidence.

Author’s note:
I read the edited final article I wrote and I thank the editor people and counsellors of the RINJ Foundation for letting me speak my part that I know. The Philippines normally does not prosecute rapists but a woman judge gave this her all and then quit judging because it was so awful. — JoAnne