Price of get-out-of-jail-card in the Philippines? Let’s discuss family safety.

FPMag doesn’t know the price but does know that elected officials in the Philippines are taking the improper release of heinous crime offenders seriously.

President Duterte didn’t waste a moment and has ordered the surrender of 1914 life-sentence criminals accidentally (?)  released since 2013, 800 of them this year.

President Duterte has also fired the head of the Bureau of Corrections. That person is currently under investigation. FPMag will await that outcome before reporting any further on that investigation.

by Melissa Hemingway

Mr. Duterte ran for election in 2016 on the platform of law and order but this is not the rule of law when public officials are taking money under the table to give horrendous criminals a get-out-of-jail-card.

That’s what some Philippines Senators have suggested has happened reports PhilStar Global and several other media outlets..

Public Must Be Warned

The problem with releasing murderers and rapists from their life sentences is that recidivism is high for these offenders.

In a country where eight out of ten children surveyed report sexual misconduct, it cannot be said that 8 out of ten adults are sex offenders, but it can be said that sex offenders commit their crimes repeatedly. These types of offenders offend repeatedly.

Public safety just took another dive in the Philippines. Women and children are put at grave risk when murdering rapists are put back on the street.

A corrupt system in Manila has allowed the release of 1914 of the worst criminal offenders the country has ever known including repeat offenders who rape and murder.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Sen. Richard Gordon, pictured above,  said on the weekend that there was a conspiracy to release rapist/murderer Antonio Sanchez during an interview on DZMM radio.

“You knew he was not supposed to be freed, but you still gave him a way out. You hid it, said you did not sign the release papers, but now there are reports that showed it was signed,” said the long-serving Senator.

President Duterte, responding to public outcry blocked the Sanchez release thus far, but nearly two thousand serious offenders serving multiple life sentences in many cases have been released.

Rapists and Murderers are on the Lose

Released from prison suddenly are three lifers out of seven convicted of kidnapping and unlawful detention in the raping and killing of Marijoy and Jacqueline Chiong in Cebu Island 16 July 1997.

Meanwhile Senate President Vicente Sotto III has raised the possibility that things are much worse than what Senator Richard Gordon has alluded to and that there may be  an actual “Syndicate” involving “most officials at the Bureau of Corrections”. Such a syndicate says Mr. Sotto would receive millions of dollars in funds in exchange for adding offenders names to special release packages. An investigation has begun in case these concerns are valid.

Family Safety

Kidnapping, Rape and Murder: The feature crimes of the Released Criminals. Philippines Moms are warned to take extra safety precautions.

This is a good time to discuss family safety.

Sonya Yoshiki is a martial arts black belt and a skilled specialist soldier who does operational duty protecting highly notable Very Important Persons. She once taught a University Course in women’s safety and offers readers twenty helpful pointers specifically for the current Philippines environs.

  1. Don’t assume that it will never be yourself under attack.
  2. Don’t walk up to a vehicle or person when asked for directions. Step back and away.
  3. If you are traveling with children, do not let them out of your sight for a split second. Hold hands or carry small children.
  4. Teach your children the rules of “Stranger Danger” and teach them to scream those words loudly if accosted.
  5. Make certain that all family members are able to communicate with each other or at least with a center point of your family.
  6. Always carry a mobile phone that is charged and know the local emergency number (i.e.: 911) to dial for the area you are within.
  7. Communicate with your family center point often. Report when you are leaving, arriving, plan changes etc.
  8. Know each other’s schedules and routines and all comings and goings. React if something seems amiss like a family member being late or not showing up for a scheduled event.
  9. Keep a low profile by avoiding drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. Dress modestly, avoid wearing expensive jewelry, and do not openly carry valuable cameras or electronic equipment.
  10. Women should carry spray repellents as opposed to knives, tasers and other hand-to-hand defensive tools. Defensive sprays like pepper bear repellent allow the victim to keep a distance; spray to the eyes of an attacker while breaking free; and run, screaming to safety.
  11. Women traveling outside their normal routine patterns should avoid public transportation where possible by booking trusted rides like taxis. Arrange to be met at destination.
  12. Do not travel alone.
  13. Don’t talk to strangers.
  14. Vary your pattern of life by using alternate routes from time-to-time. Change up your coffee hangouts. Don’t keep the same routine daily.
  15. Keep moving when you suspect you are being followed. Dial your emergency number and start talking by saying your whereabouts then state the nature of your crisis. Seek immediate help from a trusted friend, law enforcement officials like police or uniformed security guards or a known authority (i.e.: School principal, building manager, etc.).
  16. Run and scream loudly that you are under attack if you do come under attack.
  17. Don’t be shy, scream loudly. This can scare away attackers and also coalesce a rescue from good Samaritans or police if either are nearby.
  18. Don’t assume you can talk your way out of trouble.
  19. Kidnappers of women and children seldom have the intention of release.
  20. Women and kids who are kidnapped usually are never seen again. Hence you should fight. Duck all attacks. Take the offensive with a punch, bite, kick, scream and use all available weapons at your disposal such as high-heeled shoes as a hammer weapon; deliver pain repeatedly until free; use combs or hairpins as a stabbing weapon; aim for the eyes and throat; and once freeing your limbs from restraint RUN to safety. Make as much noise as you can, but flee to safety as a first priority.

All of the foregoing is daily safety practice at all times.