Joe Biden / Donald Trump / Rudy Giuliani meta-ethics

Rudy Giuliani and Laura Ingraham on FoxNewsElection Corruption and Manipulation

Determining what is good from what is bad in the Biden/Giuliani/Trump election corruption scandal

Trump2020 is losing in the polls. Trump wants a different opponent, another woman. Focus groups say his base would rally behind Trump against a woman candidate.

by Micheal John with  Melissa Hemingway

Giuliani Mission: Knock Out Biden whose cleanliness makes Trump look dirty.

The United States has never had a woman president and never will, say eight Republicans interviewed on Facebook.

Lately, on CNN and also on Fox News, interviewers struggle to rein in Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani is agitated; his face is glowing red; he is frothing a little at the mouth as he screams incessantly that Joe Biden is a multi-billion dollar criminal.

Mr. Trump’s lawyer comes across as nearly apoplectic over the conflict of interest in VP Biden being point man for the Obama administration in Ukraine while at the same time VP Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, in 2014, takes a board position at Burisma Group for $50,000.00 USD per month. That’s $600,000.00 per year for sitting on the Board of Directors of Ukraine’s biggest natural gas company. (Citing NYTimes on the dollar amount)

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani has his own style and his own way of thinking. He is a New Yorker from East Flatbush. He talks like an East Flatbush, New Yorker. More importantly, he talks like he would run a mile over broken glass in bare feet for US President Donald Trump.

Human nature is such that a person who zealously supports blindly an habitual liar can’t be trusted either. There is plenty evidence on the Trump lies.

Elaine Yau of SCMP discusses some mental health reasons why people like Donald Trump tell so many lies.

Bess Levin of Vanity Fair lists a few of those lies, like “the noise from wind turbines causes cancer. The wall is already being built. Mothers, in consultation with their doctors, execute their children.”

“But, as anyone with access to the Internet or TV knows,” Bess writes, “he’s also told hundreds of smaller lies about everything from not calling Tim Cook “Tim Apple” to the number of people at a Beto O’Rourke rally. And when we say the leader of the free world has told “hundreds” of lies, we actually mean closer to 10,000.” – Bess Levin

And then there was the worrisome and dangerous “sharpiegate wherein Trump fraudulently produced a weather map he had altered.


Lawyer Giuliani has indeed flagged a situation that is worthy of note: the meta-ethics of Trump and Giuliani versus Biden.

A Washington Post report has revealed Giuliani ‘injected himself ‘ in the Trump administration’s foreign policy.

Giuliani responded in an interview with Laura Ingraham on Fox News, Tuesday.  “You know who I did at the request of? The State Department,” exclaimed Giuliani.

“I never talked to a Ukrainian official until the State Department called me and asked me to do it. And then I reported every conversation back to them. Laura, I’m a pretty good lawyer, just a country lawyer, but it’s all right here, right here. The first call from the State Department,” claims Trump’s lawyer Giuliani.

Both Trump and Biden commit nepotism.

VP Biden was good to his son. From the milieu of the ruling class of people, nothing seems odd. For most Americans, $600,000 annual pay on top of a day job is unimaginable. Do lunch-pail-workers at minimum wage resent this?

Nepotism of itself is not a crime, of course, but it’s stupid. Much has been reported about Donald Trump’s scandalous relationship with his daughter. Loving your children is not a crime but Trump lusting for the daughter whom he has made his de facto Vice President is incestious. checked with some sources in Kiev. People who hate America and can’t stand Biden, say this is all clean, just sketchy looking. “If Biden wanted to spy on Burisma Group via its board of directors, he should have asked the proper professionals,” one such cynic commented.

“The ousted President of the Ukraine,” opines a Kiev contact, “was close to the president of Burisma Group and from Kiev, this looks smelly. Biden was bribed by putting his kid on a Board.”

How did this impact Biden’s dealings with Kiev? Nobody spoke to has a suggestion. While the optics are abominable, the ethics seem clean. This shall forever be in a slight shadow of doubt because of VP Joe Biden’s indiscretion on the optics of nepotism under sketchy circumstances. has nothing to offer US voters on the Presidential candidate Biden.

Perhaps it could be said in general that Vice Presidents of the United States should not be doing things that look bad, even if they are completely above board. Nor should Presidents be doing things that look bad.

Trump has withheld military funding for Ukraine until he gets a “Yes” that Volodymyr Zelensky will play ball and crucify Trump’s political opponent. There is a widespread belief  based on the evidence coming from both Trump’s and Giuliani’s mouths that Volodymyr Zelensky is supposed to work with Rudy Giuliani to destroy Joe Biden’s candidacy. Who needs a whistleblower. Trump and Giuliani are blowing that tweeter like a foghorn.

Today Syria and Russia are bombing schools, school buses, ambulances, hospitals and medical clinics in Idlib Syria and the West cannot say anything about that because it conducts war in the same manner. Trumpism – meta-ethics – meta-violence
Photo Credit: 21 August 2019 AP/Alex Brandon

Feminine-Perspective: Trump’s admitted conduct of urging a foreign state to interfere in American elections is treacherous but more worrisome now because it displays a pattern of  meta-ethics that say there was collusion between Trump and the people listed in Mueller’s indictments. 

This is the story of how the Russian GRU Units 26165 and 74455, engaged in cyber operations to win the 2016 election for Donald Trump Click the image to read all the indictments. Anyone who has actually read the criminal indictments against numerous Russians involved in the Trump 2016 campaign knows for a certainty that Russia won the election for Trump.

This is the story of how the Russian GRU Units 26165 and 74455, engaged in cyber operations to win the 2016 election for Donald Trump.

Trump Believes he has the colour of right.

Donald Trump now believes passionately that it is OK to use any leverage against a foreign state to advance his wealth and political career from the White House. Trump is obviously milking the presidency for all it is worth. The Citizens for Ethics organization has catalogued some of Trump’s hundreds of indiscretions.

The group concludes from an extensive study that, “it is impossible for citizens to know with absolute certainty whether presidential decisions and policy are being made in the best interest of the country or in the best interest of the president’s own bottom line”.

Trump’s meta-ethics are those of a Psychopath.

The failure to recognise the distinction between right and wrong, calls “meta-ethics”.

It’s a subtle point. Psychopaths are a danger because of their meta-ethics. Their critics have a hard time putting a finger on what is wrong because of the charming fascade.

Critics get all wrapped up in the minutia of misdeeds and can’t identify the core issue unless they too live in a two-dimensional world, lacking empathy, or in the alternative, they are trained mental health professionals. Hundreds of America psychiatrists and psychologists like Yale’s Dr. Bandy Lee have adamantly warned of the danger Trump represents in the White House.

If one cannot sense the feelings of another, one needs to try and mimic social mores. Trump’s public comments about his daughter’s body make dads and moms shudder, and feel queasy. Some people giggle or laugh to keep the secret service from tossing them put on their ear. Trump cannot sense that. He thinks others think as he does and they covet his daughter’s body. Umm. Ick.

That people are outraged at Trump’s willingness to use the US Presidency to compel a foreign state to interfere in the US election for his benefit, Trump cannot understand.

Mr.  Trump sees himself and believes others should also see him as the only one that matters. Meta-ethics. Trump cannot discern right from wrong.