Comment: Trump jerking Kim Jong-un around has a ballistic outcome

Donald Trump’s insults including his walk-out-snub from one Summit were a terrifying signal to the people of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK) that the United States will eventually try to finish the job it started in 1952, carpet bombing and slaughtering millions of the ordinary civilians of North Korea.

As a consequence, Kim Jong-un, the youngest, most liberal and communicative leader of North Korea in all its time, threw down a glove last year and promised a big surprise.

by Micheal John

Chairman Kim’s is huge, bigger than Trump’s

Ballistic missiles that can carry multiple nuclear war heads and travel around the world are now on both sides of the nasty conflict between the American Bully and the tiny DPRK, but Pyongyang’s is bigger.

North Korea's huge Ballistic Missile Pyongyang’s response to America’s grifters. Photo Credit: Youtube video capture. Watch the video below courtesy of France 24. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

North Korea’s remarkably lavish 75th Anniversary celebrations were conducted partially at night this weekend.

Chairman Kim’s speech was conciliatory and heartfully empathetic to the suffering of the entire Korean peninsula during the COVID-19 pandemic. He expressed hope that soon the North and the South could re-unite.

Background Reading

Pyongyang’s response to American grifter Donald Trump is DPRK’s unequivocal membership in the nuclear weapons club.

One of the big problems that bellicose American blowhards like Donald Trump have in dealing with North Korea is that the USA is still only a millimeter away from facing restitution claims for the worst war crimes in human history like the Sinchon Massacre, and the mass murder of one third of the North Korean civilian population in the early 1950s. The travesties continue as America starves the North Koreans with a reprehensible naval blockade that seeks to stop medicine and food from reaching the Korean people.

Close gaze on what is happening to the ordinary people of North Korea these past 75 years is enough to make one hate Americans. They should hate themselves.

Japan is not innocent either in what has happened on the Korean Peninsula. Only China and Russia have done their due diligence on the North Korean situation. Without those two nations the American genocide against North Korea would have been complete.

If in all of human history, if there ever was a murdering, bloodthirsty regime of killers, it was not the Romans, but the Americans.

Don’t forget, Americans elected a sick crime family into the White House which in four years has bled the American purse and is killing Americans at a stupendous rate, maybe not as much as this sick nation kills others, but not far off if one counts the excess deaths.

Today North Korea has probably some 30-40 nuclear weapons of the high yield hydrogen type and now some impressive ballistic missile technology with which to deliver their weapons anywhere on Earth.

The wannabe violent vigilante ‘ProudBoys’, formerly the ‘something-else-boys’,  like Mike Pompeo and William Barr, are likely to be spinning enough spew to make a robot heave. It will be something like blaming North Korea for the virus, for the economy and for all the horrible things (self-inflicted) that have happened to America.

A big question that remains is how does the world rescue the good people from America (not the ones with guns behind Trump plotting to kidnap and kill female governors)  before this Trump crime family brings the whole country down between 3 November and 26 January 2021.

Kim Jong-un and military Brass on 10-10-2020 Kim Jong-un with military brass on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party Photo Courtesy Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Address of Kim Jong-Un, the leader of the Korean (DPRK) Party, the State, and the Armed Forces at the ceremony of celebrating the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party

[Translated from Korean]

Dear Comrades!

Our glorious foundation has come.

It was a great night of glory.

For some reason, the fact that this glorious night has finally arrived is so thrilling that the foundation of the party fits the understanding that was unprecedented.

On the 75th anniversary of the foundation of our great party, on behalf of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, I would like to express my congratulations and congratulations to all who celebrated today’s October holiday with great glory and pride.

We refrain from giving warm thanks and congratulations to all our people.


The streets of the capital city and the square of Glory here on this great holiday are so joyful and thrilled with joy and pride, but this moment of glory today is the invisible view of numerous party comrades, working classes and soldiers of our revolutionary army. We must not forget that it is guarded by hard work and dedication.

How many people have endured and struggled with this harsh environment this year to embrace and preserve this glorious moment of today.

How many challenges have we overcome so far?

In particular, the patriotic and heroic dedication of our People’s Army soldiers on the quarantine front and natural disaster recovery front, which were unexpectedly hit this year, cannot be treated without tears of gratitude.

It may be said that the protection of the motherland, the people’s, and the revolutionary security are the proper duties of the people’s army, but the hardships of our soldiers were great.

These are our soldiers who are in charge of so many things and have many hardships.

So I’m so sorry, and it hurts to not be with them all on this glorious night.

Even at this very moment, many of our military personnel have not been able to come to this glorious Kim Il-Sung Square and are fighting bravely on the defense and disaster recovery front lines to protect the national safety and the well-being of the people.

As such, our troops are performing their mission as a subject of national defense not only against the military threat of hostile forces, but also unexpected threats such as quarantine and the struggle with nature.

I would like to express my greatest homage to their earnest loyalty to our country and people, and express our warm gratitude to all the soldiers of the entire army.

In addition, the patriots who have completed their mission of recovery and construction, but have not chosen to go to Pyongyang, where their beloved house is located, have taken their steps to another recovery area, our cores who deserve to be here, my most reliable capital I would like to express my gratitude to the combatants of the Party member division.

And I send my militant fighters and thanks to all workers across the country.

I wish only happiness and joy in the generations and families all over the country who set their homes in new villages and new houses after taking off the natural disasters.

I hope that blue dreams will always unfold to our children.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, I send a heart of warm consolation to all people around the world who are fighting the disease caused by the malignant virus, and sincerely hope that everyone’s health will be preserved and happiness and laughter will be preserved. .

We sincerely send this warm heart to our beloved South Korean compatriots and wish the day when this health crisis will be overcome as soon as possible and the North and South will hold hands again.


Today, we all gathered at the celebration plaza in October, holding the valuable achievements and fruitful fruits we had prepared with all our efforts.

It wasn’t really easy for us to get here.

It was a series of hard struggles, and we had to overcome countless rages.

This was the case with all 75 constellations of our party, but this year, every day, every step of the way from the beginning of the year was a tremendous challenge and obstacle that was unexpected.

We bravely overcame all that and stood in this meaningful position with a proud and proud mind.

This explosion, which Sein will marvel at, shows that all kinds of disasters that have bothered and blocked us have been subdued, and that our righteous goals for struggle have been brilliantly achieved.

Dear Comrades!

Today we are celebrating our party’s 75th birthday.

There is no country in the world where the whole people celebrate their party’s birthday as a holiday of joy and the day of the Great Respect.

When I stand here on this thrilling and joyful night where the hearts of the whole country are winding, I don’t know what to say to the whole people first.

Looking back on the glorious 75-year history our Party has walked, I thought a lot about what to say when I stood here today, but the only thing I really want to open to our people is “Thank you!” .

First of all, I am very grateful that everyone and all of our people have been so sick and free today.

I really wanted to say this.

Thank you very much for being in good health without one virulent virus victim.

The fact that we have kept everyone in this country end and end from the terrible epidemic sweeping the world, our party was a deserved work and deserved achievement, but for some reason, the joy of this thrill that we kept it for some reason blurs our eyes, Seeing you in good health, I can’t find more words to say except these words.

Today’s victory, where the world cannot but be surprised, is a great victory that our people themselves have achieved.

In our Party, the life of each people is more important than anything else, and only when the whole people are healthy and healthy, there is a party, a state, and everything on this earth.

However, there are so many unstable elements in this world that threaten and harm the lives of our precious people.

So, in fact, from the beginning of the year, the global health crisis came and the surrounding conditions were not good, so I was worried and afraid.

However, our people stood up with reluctance and absolutely supported and followed the measures taken by the Party and the state, not only stubbornly defending their fate, but also overcoming the hardships and trials with a lively appearance.

A beautiful people who care, treat, and embrace each other. If it wasn’t for socialism in which these people live in cooperation with each other with high patriotism and high awareness, the terrible disaster would not have been prevented.

Because all of our people became the subject of quarantine by themselves, and as one man stood in the struggle to protect the country and themselves, and to protect our children, the quarantine sector of a country that was lacking in everything and was inferior was outgrown. I was able to maintain the situation.

I don’t know how thankful and supportive this is as we have a harmonious large family even if we have not yet lived in abundance, and everyone is healthy without a single victim of malicious virus.

We are the only people in this world who are grateful people who deeply understand the difficult situation faced by the state and take on it as if they were at home.

We are the only country that faces tremendous challenges and obstacles to recover from severe natural evacuation and emergency quarantine while everything is lacking due to severe and long-term sanctions on this planet.

All of these trials are unquestionably becoming heavy burdens and pains to our every family and every citizen.

Rather, we are the people of our people who are grateful patriots who put the history of the country in front of the house and go through the hardships of the country with ten or one hundred kinds of hardships and firmly support this country with sincere sweat and effort.

That is why our Party believes in the people who always rise like a mountain when the country is open, and is relying on the people to overcome all national difficulties.

Our people have always been grateful to our party, but it is our great people who should truly receive gratitude.

Our people supported our party with 75 constellations, one single spirit, and defended the sacred revolutionary cause by generously and unwillingly devoting their blood and sweat.

The fundamental secret that our Party, who has been through the most arduous and difficult revolutionary path, can embroider this blossomed journey with victory and glory, is none other than because our people sincerely believed in and followed the Party and kept the feat of our Party. is.

Apart from our great people, the almighty creator of history, who has always been a wise teacher, has given us wisdom and discretion, has given us infinite strength and courage, has defended desperately and supported us with our sincerity, Can you think about the glorious 75 years of history?

When the Party appealed for great heights, they responded with a climax, and when they operated the Great Construction, they responded with speed battles, and carried out the party’s resolutions unconditionally. I was able to engrave the year of miracles.

I will follow the Party for 750 and 7,500 years, not 75 years, from the image of our people who have overcome all the winds of the world with unwavering loyalty, unrequited determination, and sincere efforts and conceived the great October holiday on the stage of victory You will receive the heavenly power that will protect you with your whole body.


It’s like the sky and the sea, we just embrace the great faith of our people, and we don’t always get the right return once, so it’s really unfathomable.

In the trust of the whole people, I have the responsibilities of leading this country by receiving the great leader’s and great generals’ feat, but our people are still unable to escape the difficulties of life due to lack of effort and devotion.

Nevertheless, our people always believe in me, trust me absolutely, and support and support my choices and decisions in whatever way.

Even if it is to be prepared for greater suffering, the people’s belief in me and our party is always unconditional and unwavering.

Such intense and sincere faith and encouragement are the most precious wealth for me that cannot be exchanged for any honor and is incomparable to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it is the infinite power that makes us do not know fear and impossible.

Since I have the best and greatest confidence that no one in the world can hope for, I was able to meet myriad challenges without hesitation while refining the sense of duty and will of my desperate service. .

Serving, serving, and struggling with these wonderful people will be cherished as a free honor.

I solemnly affirm once again that on the way to keep our people’s heavenly faith, even if the whole body is torn and broken, that faith alone will be kept unconditionally even at the expense of life, and that I will remain faithful to that faith until the end.

All the people of the country that I respect, everyone!

Thank you very much.

With the hearts of our leader and the general, we sincerely and respectfully refrain from giving thanks to the people of the whole country with a reverent heart.


It is our party’s first mission and unwavering determination to protect our people with oppression, uphold them higher, and live well without envy.

Our party has already firmly defended the dignity and life of our people, socialism, and has stocked up the strongest military power for the protection of peace so that our people can forever prosper in a land that does not know war.

Today’s fever squad, which has been arranged with dignity, will give you a straightforward understanding of how the Workers’ Party of Korea raised its revolutionary army and how powerful the army is.

Anyone can know well if you compare it with the parade of the 70th anniversary celebration held at this very place just five years ago, but the modernity of our military power has changed a lot and anyone can easily gauge the pace of its development.

We have a faithful and powerful military force of defense science and technology and a military class that is firmly armed with the revolutionary ideas of our party and fully serving our revolutionary interests.

Our military power has evolved and changed to a point that no one can surpass or match.

We have sufficient deterrence to control and manage any military threat that we may face or face.

The speed, quality and quantity of our military power is changing according to our style, our demands, and our timetable.

Our Party has defined the military ability to preemptively subdue forces that can harm or threaten the sovereignty and right of survival of our state and people, as the most reliable and strong national defense power, and we have done everything to retain military power to practice it. Even at this moment, we are taking over the constant renewal goals.

We will continue to reinforce war deterrence as a self-defense means of self-defense in order to control and control all dangerous attempts and threatening actions encompassing nuclear threats that are constantly abominable by hostile forces.

Our war deterrent, which will help to protect the sovereignty and right of survival of the country and to protect the peace of the region, will never be abused or used preemptively, but if any force hurts the security of our nation, aim at us. If I try to use military power, I will preemptively mobilize all of our strongest offensive forces to punish.

I absolutely do not want our military power to be aimed at anyone.

We make it clear that we are not aiming at anyone to develop our war deterrent.

We just raise it to protect ourselves.

If you have no strength, you will have to wipe away the tears and blood that flows even when you clench your fist.

Our Party will ensure the sovereignty of the country and reliable security of our territory with strong military power, and will protect the eternal well-being, peace and future of the country and the people.


Armed with the revolutionary ideology of the Workers’ Party of Korea, indefinitely loyal to the motherland and the people, and equipped with the powerful and state-of-the-art weapons that hold our people’s strength and soul, no invading force can ever surpass our sacred state. We dare not block the people’s path ahead.

What is left now is for our people to enjoy a surviving and civilized life to the fullest without knowing their suffering anymore.

Our Party will continue to implement superior policies and policies that will improve the welfare of the people and give them more benefits, and will continue to increase them, and will bring forward the rich society of revival and prosperity that the people dream of.

Until now, our Party has come to know what we must do in the future through the process of sharing life and death with the people in severe hardships and acquiring the united strength of our people.

The 8th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea will present strategies and specific goals for its realization, and the struggle of our party to prepare the people’s happiness will now transition to a new stage.

The more we rise, the more the reactionary forces will rise, and unexpected obstacles may arise, but it is nothing compared to the ordeal we faced up to this time, and we have the power and confidence to defeat it all.

There is one-hearted unity between the party and the popular masses, which has been strengthened on a long path of struggle, and the amount of human resources that our socialism has cultivated and the foundation of independence will surely become a powerful force that drives and accelerates our progress.

Our Party and the people, who have done everything that others can’t afford while passing through countless hardships and hardships that others have never experienced, are advancing toward new development and prosperity with greater courage, devotion, extraordinary passion and determination. Will start.

I will make all the Party organizations, governments, governmental institutions, and armed forces work harder for the people and to give them a better future, raising a more stringent demand and struggling to work with all their sincerity.

Our people’s ideals are great, and the day will come when they will come true.

We will strive to achieve innovation, development, and substantial change that anyone can experience on the path to occupying the higher goal of socialist construction by putting all our efforts into realizing the great idea.

Comrades! We have grown stronger and stronger in our trials.

Time is on our side.

Let’s all move forward vigorously to achieve a new victory towards the bright future of socialism.

Finally, once again, we refrain from saying thank you for the fact that the entire people have been free from soldiers.

And we thank you with sincerity for your unchanging trust in our party.

Long live our great people!

(as delivered 2020.10.10)