26 September SARS2 Super Spreader Infections Grow

A reckless US President endangers anyone and everyone without a care. Infections from the White House are spreading like a California wildfire. The Donald Trump’s Presidency is not only responsible for thousands of deaths in America  country but the former TV reality show hustler’s own pseudo friends and family have also been put at risk by the accused, Donald Trump.

Kellyanne Conway (53), Former Counselor to the President, reports that her daughter Claudia (15), is also infected with the deadly SARS-CoV-2 virus as well as herself.

Two reverends have been infected since 26 September.

by Micheal John


They were told not to wear masks in the Rose Garden.
26 September 2020 in the Rose Garden.
The Rush to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
against her dying wishes.
A Reckless Presidency Kills
Ordinary Americans
and endangers the “Entitled”
Photo Credit: White
House ~ Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

“Reckless Donald Trump  put his wife in grave danger as well as all of Amy Coney Barrett’s kids,” says women’s group leader.

Some women are saying that the “ultimate betrayal is the harm Trump has done to women who have been close to him and supportive of him. He treats them like chattels,” says a globally renown feminist.

“Hope Hicks (31), Melania Trump (50), First Lady of the United States; Kellyanne Conway (53); Kayleigh McEnany (32), White House press secretary; and Judge Amy Coney Barrett (48), have all in cavalier fashion been put at life-threatening risk by the reckless presidency of Donald Trump. All but one have tested positive for COVID-19,” notes Katie Alsop of the global women’s group RINJ women.

Attending the 26 September 2020, White House Rose Garden event to introduce Amy Coney Barrett as Trump nominee for  Supreme Court of the United States has proven to be a life-threatening experience for former New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie (58) .

The despicable rush to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg whose last wish was to ask that America wait until after the election to replace her. Amy Coney Barrett shows what she is made of hours after Justice Ginsberg dies,” writes Melissa Hemingway in her report.


January 18, 2022

A Reckless USA President Super Spreader

White House Afflicted since 26 Sept. 2020

1 Unidentified Campaign StaffTrump Campaign
1 Unidentified MilitaryDriver Assigned to the US President
11 unidentified personsDebate preparation staff or media
136 Secret Service OfficersSecurity details on Trump Campaign rallies.
2 unidentified Pence StaffersExposed to Marty Obst
2 unidentified StaffersWhite House residence staff
Admiral Charles RayVice Commandant of the Coast Guard
Al DragoPress Room Photographer/Journalist
Andrew GiulianiWhite House aide, Rudy's son
Barron Trump(14)Son of Mr. and Mrs. Melania Trump
Ben CarsonUnited States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
Bill Stepien(42)Trump campaign manager, former White House Director of Political Affairs
Boris Epshteyn 2020 Trump campaign strategic advisor for coalitions
Brian JackWhite House Director of Political Affairs and Assistant to the President
Chad GilmartinWhite House Press Room Staff
Charlton Boydaide to Jared Kushner
Chris Christie(58) HFormerGovernor of New Jersey
Chuck Grassley US Senator
Claudia Conway(15)Daughter of Kellyanne Conway
Corey Lewandowski2016 Trump campaign manager
Crede BaileyHead of White House Security Office
David BernhardtInterior Secretary
David BossieHead of Citizens United; appointed by Trump to lead election challenge effort
Devin NunesUS Representative from California
Donald Trump JuniorSon of 45th President of the United States
Donald Trump(74) H45th President of the United States
Gen. Gary ThomasMarine Corps assistant commandant
Greg Laurie(68)Senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship
Healy Baumgardner2016 Trump campaign spokesperson and energy lobbyist
Hope Hicks(31)Senior Counselor to the President
Jalen Drummond (31)Assistant White House Press Secretary
Jayna McCarron (35)(Lt. Cmdr.) US Coast Guard Aide to the President
Jeff MillerRepublican strategist and lobbyist
Jenna EllisTrump Campaign attorney
John I. Jenkins(65)President of Notre Dame University
Karoline LeavittAssistant Press Secretary
Kayleigh McEnany (32)White House press secretary
Kelly LoefflerUS Senator
Kellyanne Conway(53)Former Counselor to the President
Liz and Dick UihleinDonors and founder of Uline
Marc Short(50)Chief of Staff to M. Pence
Mark MeadowsWhite House Chief of Staff
Marty Obst(50)Advisor to M. Pence
Matt GaetzCongressman from Florida
Melania Trump(50)First Lady of the United States
Michael D. Shear & WifeWhite House correspondent for The New York Times
Mike Bost(59)US Representative from IL-12 exposed to Mike Lee (below)
Mike Lee (49)United States Senator from Utah
Multiple unidentified staffersWhite House staffers
Nicholas Luna (34)Body man to Donald Trump
Nick TrainorTrump Campaign Battleground States Director
Richard WaltersChief of staff of the Republican National Committee
Rick ScottUS Senator, former Governor of Florida
Ron Johnson (65)Senator from Wisconsin
Ronna McDaniel(47)Chair of the Republican National Committee
Rudy GiulianiTrump personal lawyer
Salud Carbajal (55) (D)United States Representative from CA-24 (exposed to Mike Lee)
Stephen Miller (35)Senior Advisor to the President
Thom Tillis (60)United States Senator from North Carolina
Trish ScaliaWife of Labor Secretary Eugene Scalia
Two unidentified journalistsWhite House press room journalists
unknown number of White House staffersAttendees at Trump's Election Night party on 3 Nov.
Zach BauerBody Man to M. Pence

(Sources for this data: New York Times, Washington Post, Wikipedia, White House Press Office, Walter Reed Medical Centre non-aligned doctors)

253 Locales report 331,410,518 COVID-19 cases of which there are 53,082,854 active cases, therefore 272,745,617 recoveries and 5,582,047 fatalities.

GMT 2022-01-18 02:41

Data reported should be in accordance with the applied case definitions and testing strategies in each locale as their governments report daily or from time to time. All data researched and published by The RINJ Foundation and partners in CSPaC.

©The RINJ Foundation 2020-2022-01-18T02:41:37Z #Singapore-SK-HUK-77
RINJ is with Civil Society Solidarity Partners against COVID-19.

SARS2 Update 2022-01-18 02:41 GMT

  • Global Population: 7,871,660,945
  • 253 Regions reported 331,410,518 cases
  • 53,082,854 cases active
  • 5,582,047 people reported killed by COVID-19
  • 1.68% is current Case Fatality Rate (CFR)
  • 272,745,617 survived COVID-19
Beta Technology Global Estimates
  • 21.60% of all humans (1,700,135,957) have been infected
  • 0.75% Global estimated inferred average Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)
    (influenza is .1% or 6 per 100k (2019))
  • 12,777,026 Total deaths (estimated actual) including errors, unexpected deaths with pneumonia indications with no history, and unreported likely-cause excess deaths such as people who never went to a hospital but had COVID-19 indications but never tested.
USA (67,454,108)
  • 102.95% of the USA may have been infected including reported + estimated unreported mild and estimated asymptomatic (342,232,990.92) persons, some of whom may not have been ill in their first course of the disease, but could have spread the disease.
  • 1.30% is USA current Case Fatality Rate (CFR) &
  • 0.28% is estimated inferred average Infection Fatality Rate (IFR)
  • 958,252 estimated total COVID-19 deaths including unreported likely-cause excess deaths. According to projections of IHME, IHME calculation of excess deaths is higher than what CSPaC is showing.
  • The American Epicenter has 44.11 % of global 'active' cases (23,414,120 USA / 53,082,854 Global), people infected with COVID-19 now.

Below: CSPAC estimated 2022-01-18 02:27 GMT COVID-19 data for India.

EPICENTER-2: India (37,602,832)

*Reported by India but understated.

Note: India's reported death sum and cured data are widely seen among epidemiologists and biostatisticians as unreliable. For example, 2,677,263 is CSPAC estimated sum of deaths while India reports 486,784, creating the largest discepency in the world. India might only report hospital tested cases. Sources among hundreds of nurses and other medical practitioners provide a picture that in summary concludes most cases never present in a hospital especially in northern provinces where health care is less available and utilization is low anyway because of poverty, hence most people die at home in India. This theory could explain discrepancies between reported data and algorithmic estimates.

India reported:37,602,832486,7841,737,176
India estimates:192,902,5282,677,2638,731,651

Data collected and reported by: Civil Society Solidarity Partners against COVID-19

(Visit Sources for this data.)

COVID-19 Leadership Comparisons

  • U.S.A.: Joseph Biden

  • 67,454,108 Cases
  • 874,321 reported out of 958,252 Excess Deaths
  • 43,165,667 Recoveries
  • India: Narendra Modi

  • 37,602,832 Cases
  • 486,784 Reported Deaths
  • 35,378,872 Recoveries
  • Brazil: Jair Bolsonaro

  • 23,083,297 Cases
  • 621,261 Reported Deaths
  • 21,710,831 Recoveries
  • UK: Boris Johnson

  • 15,305,410 Cases
  • 152,075 Reported Deaths
  • 11,497,602 Recoveries

--- --- --- Compare --- --- ---

  • Germany: Olaf Scholz

  • 8,045,348 Cases
  • 116,411 Deaths
  • 7,000,000 Recoveries
  • Netherlands: Mark Rutte

  • 3,611,351 Cases
  • 21,158 Deaths
  • 2,727,408 Recoveries
  • Canada: Justin Trudeau

  • 2,801,133 Cases
  • 31,674 Deaths
  • 2,435,778 Recoveries
  • China: Xi Jinping

  • 105,258 Cases
  • 4,636 Deaths
  • 97,092 Recoveries
  • South Korea: Moon Jae-In

  • 700,102 Cases
  • 6,378 Deaths
  • 585,673 Recoveries
  • New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern

  • 15,170 Cases
  • 52 Deaths
  • 14,090 Recoveries
  • Taiwan: Tsai Ing-wen

  • 17,885 Cases
  • 851 Deaths
  • 16,099 Recoveries

(Visit Sources for this data.)