Turkey Operation PeaceSpring enters Syria as Doomsday Predictions go Starwars Mode

With the second largest army in NATO, Turkey is more than capable of entering Syria and protecting a swath of space along the Turkish border as a “safe zone”.

Turkish tanks on the move.
Photo credit: Bulent Kilic/AFP

Turkey has been proven Correct calling Kurds “terrorists” by the Actions of Kurdish Factions Attacking US-allied Turk soldiers

Kurds have demanded that all citizens come to the border with their guns and shoot at Turkish soldiers thus endangering both unarmed women and children and the Turks who are trying to pave the way for resettlement of Syrian refugees in Turkey.

The actions of the Kurds in pushing civilians to the border is no less than using civilians as human shields.

Sources in Ankara are saying that the Turkish government has an unequivocal “green light” from Donald Trump. The Turkish government has broadcast statements to the extent that Donald Trump has handed off the job of fighting ISIS in Syria to Turkey.

Erdogan and Trump to meet 13 November 2019. File Photo.