Trump: America Armed PKK & YPG. Pushed Turkey from NATO & Jeopardized Turkish lives.

Today in Istanbul, NATO Secretary General, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg will meet with the President of the Republic of Turkey, H.E. Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; the Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Mr. Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, and the Minister of National Defence, H.E. Mr. Hulusi Akar. Hopefully their excellencies will not be too busy dealing with the NATO – member crybabies.

Mr. Jens Stoltenberg earlier this week made the most sense of any commentators, urging Turkey to show restraint while acknowledging that this NATO member has a “legitimate security concern”.

11 October 2019, 12.00 (local time) the Secretary General should be holding a joint press conference with Turkish Minister Çavuşoğlu. That was the plan at press time.

By then, maybe Mr. “S” will learn the Feminine-Perspective:

The solution to the Syrian Crisis is a disarmed, nonviolent, political compromise.

Feminine-Perspective by Melissa Hemingway

NATO's Vanishing Flag NATO’s Vanishing Flag
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Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

NATO Secretary General to meet Erdogan today.
The solution to the Syrian Crisis is a disarmed, nonviolent, political compromise. Photo Credit: Official NATO Photograph Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Every day that NATO members do something stupid like making Donald Trump look sensible in his critique of NATO, frustrates the entire world. In this case, some members who have betrayed Turkey bring about the question, “Why do we need NATO?”

Why do we need NATO?

This would be a good time to ask the question of a patriarchal group of aging men who manage trillions of dollars worth of army soldiers, tanks and guns. But they are not toys these men are playing with when they act like bitchy toddlers. Their games in the past twenty years have killed millions.

US President Donald Trump has castigated NATO many times and in days of late the shoe fits. Trump doesn’t seem to like “alliances”. Trump is not a conformist, that’s for sure.

Trump inherited, a militant kaleidoscope of bizarre interests  from the Obama era, and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) was no exception. Inclusion of the YPG/PKK terrorist groups made Turkish leadership apoplectic.

This bizarre alliance in the Syrian Civil War has been composed primarily of Kurdish, Arab, and Assyrian Syriac militias as well as some smaller Armenian, Turkmen and Chechen forces. The name  sounds official but it is (was?) a rag tag blend of everything that wasn’t  Assad-Regime, Turkey, Russia or Iran.

Trump began smashing that alliance last December. That was too little too late to change Turkey’s destiny.

Last weekend, Trump took a shovel and smacked the SDF on the head like a big fat cockroach. It is still stunned.

America’s dance with the PKK/YPG should have ended last year because for all this time, it has alienated Turkey and pushed Turkey out of NATO toward what will soon become the modern day equivalent of the Warsaw Pact.

The Betrayal of Turkey has been obvious a long time.

Members of NATO have betrayed Turkey by arming its terrorist enemies to the teeth. Now NATO members attack Turkey for trying to defend itself against those PKK terrorists as Mr. Recep Erdogan tries to disarm the bastards.

“Turkey is causing ISIS to resurrect itself,” says Emmanuel Macron, more or less,  and a few others are chanting the same childish song.  They don’t say how that is possible. Does Turkey, Iran, Russia, Syria and the SDF invite ISIS back because Turkey took the PKK terrorists’ guns away from them? It’s utter nonsense.

What is true is that Syria has seen enough violence and it must stop.

The angry boys and their toys make no sense in the context that civil society sees from in-country.

“Turkey is causing ISIS to resurrect itself,” is a disingenuous sound bite for the great unwashed that doesn’t have a clue. Or was France and the rest of Europe involved in some of the crimes being committed in Syria while they have been taking a free ride on the lives of 11,000 deceased Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters who lost their lives battling Daesh?

Is this the extraction ploy? Blame Turkey for the ill-wind that blew Ankara toward Moscow? Arrogance of the self-anointed almighty?

Were the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters betrayed?

It doesn’t seem possible unless there is a secret promise that goes unspoken. Did America promise to create Kurdistan? Where? By carving up Turkey? Who could be that stupid?

The many factions who make up the Syrian Democratic Forces needed to get rid of ISIS for their own reasons. They got some help achieving that from America and its Coalition which had the same interest.

But the SDF  is not a country and this was not a marriage. Once ISIS was trounced, the Coalition should have broken off with its girlfriend. Why did it live on? The bitch SDF got her money and her guns, so go home? Remember the Iran-Contra affair?

The underground commercial networks for armaments and contraband got too big?

Why do Syrian civilians need Artillery, Armour, Assault Weapons and Tons of Ammo? Turkey will disarm them all?

The YPG and the PKK, Donald Trump clearly set out recently are groups that the United States and its coalition had been supporting and arming.

  • They are terrorist groups as named  in Turkish law.
  • The PKK is named as a terrorist group in US law and by international agreement in global statutes.

NATO members Turning against Turkey but Turkey must now fight for the safety of its own people.  NATO’s last gasp?

There are stories to be told about the conduct of America and its coalition in Syria and Iraq. And it is not all good. So many countries have entered Syria unlawfully.

The enlistment of fighters to act as surrogates in other conflicts and the drug deals, plus the human slavery activities all leave a bad taste. Of course, the Coalition cannot be held responsible for what the people it supports are doing. Or can it be held responsible? The foreign multi-interest infrastructures in Syria needs to dismantle and leave.

The solution to the Syrian Crisis is an unarmed, nonviolent political compromise.

Turkey needs to get its business done and leave. Disarming any terrorist group is a good idea. But disarming all of Syria is even better thinking. That must be done voluntarily.

Vladimir Putin and the UN Secretary General both are on the same page for Syria’s political solution. This will not be solved with weapons. The solution to the Syrian Crisis is an unarmed, nonviolent political compromise that both men talk about.

Today the Turkish population in early poll results are strongly backing their leadership in Ankara in its foray into Syria to thrash the terrorist groups which have been killing Turks using Coalition-supplied armaments these past many years.

Few Civil Society Workers Remain. Some are damaged goods.

Medical practitioners working in the Middle East are supporting Donald Trump and Recep Erdogan’s decision to clean out the pockets of terrorists along the Turkish Syrian border.

“It is like a floodgate has broken, by Mr. Trump.”

“America plus Canada and Britain were training and arming the Kurds in Iraq and Syria. That could have been OK but for the fact that the various Kurdish groups were worse than the Islamic State at checkpoints and other places one would meet them. Many learned from the Kurds that ordinary citizens had no friends in the SDF.”

How fast can the SDF be disbanded?

“To get out of the Duhok area and get out along Hwy 47 to Shingal, one had to have sex with at least three of the Kurdish checkpoint guards, either that or pay them a lot of money,” says one doctor who finally abandoned her home and her practice in the city of Shingal.

How do ordinary people reconstitute their lives?

“Everyday was another reminder of  the arrogance of the Kurdish rapists who first went through Sinjar in 2014, especially the Peshmerga, but later the PKK. We were supposed to succumb to their sexual demands and ignore their rape of children and the terrible beatings because they are backed by the Americans,” offers another medical worker.

How does Syria and Iraq solve their problems of foreign interference?

“Now when a Yezidi girl is raped by a Kurd, the next one to rape her is an American who allegedly fought with the Kurds. Someday we should tell the whole story and why everyone became so angry with the Americans and their Kurdish friends.”

The Middle East nightmares will last for generations. It is time to stop creating more.


The commentary from Europe’s leaders and America’s old hacks in the US Senate are the quintessential three-dollar-bill spun out for parochial political gain and having no basis in reality. The solution to the Syrian Crisis is a disarmed, nonviolent, political compromise, not weapons sales.

Perhaps one needs to have spent the past five years or more in Syria to understand the dynamics. Turkey’s current operations are based on NATO/Turkey shared intelligence and plenty that Turkey gathers on its own from embedded intelligence gatherers–the best in the world. Watching the strikes by Turkish artillery, rockets and airborne we see a lot of American ordnance owned by Turkey precisely fired at American ordnance owned by PKK/YPG terrorists. When the dust settles, America, Britain and France have a lot of explaining to do. This is a shameful exhibition of corrupt commercialization of war. Syria is not a panacea for weapons sales; drug trafficking; oil and gas theft; nor human trafficking—Syria is a human tragedy made by a global patriarch with $trillions in soldiers, tanks and bombs that angry grown men play with like “bitchy toddlers”.

Trump: America Armed PKK & YPG. Pushed Turkey from NATO & Jeopardized Turkish lives.