Global NGO RINJ to file against Twitter, Google, Facebook. (Criminal and Civil actions)

Hate speech is not a crime in the United States. Hence the American social media monopoly with its antisocial traits is inflicting core American bad values on the global family. Those values are not only immoral, but unlawful in many nations.

“Atrocity crimes are not “spontaneous.”  Their execution demands planning and organization, including in terms of justification and incitement.” — Agnès Callamard

Interpretation: An example of genocide fueled by social media is that of the Rohingya in Myanmar.  The spread of hatred against the Rohingya through Facebook was not organic. It was planned and organized. The Myanmar Military bought large Facebook followings for fake pages and accounts flooded with hate propaganda and disinformation to justify its own atrocities which drove nearly a million people from their homes, some 80,000 raped to pregnancy in a genocidal effort, and all driven from Myanmar.

This same pattern is used for other crimes against humanity. For example, Donald Trump’s social media campaign undermining health officials and civil society’s humanitarians is killing a large but yet unquantified number of Americans.

  • The Facebook conglomerate corporation based in Menlo Park, California;
  • Google LLC (YouTube), an American multinational technology company; and
  • The Twitter American microblogging and social networking service

are each about to come under legal attack, named in a preliminary series of criminal and civil actions by a global women’s rights group, The RINJ Women (The RINJ Foundation).

The RINJ Women who forced Facebook and other platforms to stop allowing the sale of children for sex; and promoting rape; on 4 November 2011, after years of “lobbying”, are bringing an action against three major American social media platforms for among other things, crimes against humanity.

by Melissa Hemingway

The quick access to dangerous content on Facebook by children including but not limited to sexting,  cyberbullying, and predatory acts of sex offenders, has been exacerbated by two things: the pandemic which has created the need for more technical “babysitters”; and teachers, some even  encouraging kids to use data-free Facebook accounts’ and others in some countries just using “messenger” for school connections. But that compels 8-year-olds to lie about their age to set up a Facebook account. for this article has interviewed medical practitioners who have treated children, that young, for STDs and pregnancy that resulted from the children’s Facebook and Twitter experiences.

Global values trashed by the American hate speech monopoly Global values trashed by the American hate speech monopoly. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Facebook cooperates by paying internet subsidizing data providers to provide free limited bandwidth for kids to anonymously connect to the platform’s messaging channel.

“It is sinister as hell where I am,” says Catholic Church pastor in Manila.

The latest exploit of children has been caused by pandemic-era teachers insisting kids as young as eight and nine get a Facebook account and use messenger for free (no data fees) to talk to their teachers for their home lessons. This has expanded exposure of kids to hardcore sex videos and people looking to recruit kids for that purpose as well as other illegal activities that are extreme hazards to children, like child sex trade rings.

Facebook Used the Philippines to test Free Internet. Then a Dictator was elected who started killing the poorest voters.

Facebook provided Free Internet in the Philippines. Then a dictator was elected. Facebook laughed all the way to the bank. Facebook provided Free Internet in the Philippines. Then a dictator was elected. Facebook laughed all the way to the bank.  From the article shown in the left of this graphic: “Subsidize internet access to Facebook on mobile devices in countries where cellular data was pricey, physical internet infrastructure was poor, and the smartphone revolution meant many leapfrogged from having no internet access at all to using their smartphone as their only source to the web. It found the perfect country to test this out on, in the 100 million citizens of the Philippines, calling it “Free Facebook.” Click image to read the article. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Where are the women. American misogyny is imposed on the world by the social media megalopoly. Photo courtesy The RINJ Foundation. Where are the women. American misogyny is imposed on the world by the social media megalopoly.

“This is a serious proliferation of hatred plus other bad American values; a pandemic generated crime; and a serious threat to child and family safety,” says security expert talking about the American social media megalopoly

Simon Baldock is a former serving-member of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) who now operates an Israel-based Security Agency. Before that he was an armed guard in both Iraq and Syria for RINJ Foundation women’s shelters. Prior to that time while attending at the University of Toronto, Baldock worked with the RINJ group investigating internet crimes involving missing children, sometimes in support of a then Canadian licensed investigation agency, now acting as a consultancy and training school. asked Mr. Baldock via Microsoft Meeting, if he was involved in the matter of a ‘legal action against the American social media monopoly‘?

Baldock confirmed that he was involved along with a taciturn group of former investigators whom he had worked with in the 2000s with RINJ and that they had “gigabytes of files for hundreds of individual cases” among them. Many of the investigators had once been children that RINJ had located and extracted from compromising situations for their parents and when they grew up a bit, they volunteered to man the computers and phones conducting ruses to talk to children whom their parents said were targeted; and if possible to talk to their exploiters. “Their experiences would make your hair stand up,” said Baldock.

When asked if there were any similar investigations under way, Baldock said he was unable to comment, adding that even under considerable duress, RINJ workers have never commented on these types of operations, “not even to their mothers or spouses“, he chuckled.

“The people who know how to do this work, know they can never talk. The job of work is to get the kid back for their families, or extract the kid from a place they do not want to be because of its danger. For example, we even had three instances wherein grandparents who said their granddaughter was being molested by the father or in one case by a stepfather, and could the child of their own free will be supported to go live with granny. Sometimes that requires a court-ordered emancipation and obviously, secrecy is critical or the scared father kills the kid. It’s that serious in many cases.”

Catch your breath.  The anecdotes can make one’s hair stand on end, as Mr. Baldock suggests.

“The goal, says Baldock, in the long term, is to create social media communication platforms run by neutral parties with global values that synchronize. There is some disagreement on this but the United Nations as a primary entity is universally agreed among the plaintiffs. Inside the UN there is a plethora of suggestions ranging from the World Health Organization to the High Commissioner on Human Rights, but our suggestion is that a new unit for global communications be formed that is completely non-aligned.”

So the goal is to bring down the existing monopoly?

“Not only that but to also fill the need for the communications the platforms provide to the general public without the American $money greed which has caused the deaths of so many people in so many countries. For an example, Donald Trump’s cult ‘BS’ against mask-wearing, and against social distancing, has damaged the relationships of public health institutions with their constituents in Canada and Mexico. These nations, despite their governments doing a worthy job of mitigation and education, are being slaughtered by a growing cult of Neocon Trump Followers.”

“People who have come to believe in the Trump cults,” says Baldock, “and the rebellious conspiracies against solidarity fighting the Pandemic disease, cultivated by  Facebook and Twitter content, are also meeting their deaths for failing to protect themselves against COVID-19.”

It took decades to get this guy convicted in a nation of misogyny that imposes this hatred on the world through its social media megalopoly. Sickened by american misogyny. Photo courtesy The RINJ Foundation. It took decades to get this guy Bill Cosby convicted in a nation of misogyny that imposes this hatred on the world through its social media megalopoly. American misogyny is imposed on the world by the USA social media megalopoly.

“Google is blocking articles, advertisements and content that is an antithesis to Trump’s disinformation and blocking corrective suggestions that counter the Trump attacks against legitimate pandemic mitigation efforts of the World Health Organization and the Canadian Department of Health. In all, these social media platforms are killing people. Google, Twitter and Facebook claim they have key words and algorithms that block wrongful or non-functional content. ‘Wear-a-Mask’, is not rabble rousing sh*t-disturbing, but humanitarians, now described as socialists and leftists,  are being banned for promoting public health advice. The American social media megalopoly has become a menace to the world.”

RINJ’s Amanda Miles tested Twitter and Facebook with many posts of “Wear A Mask” videos and other content that defied Donald Trump by saying “I am with Dr. Redford. Wear a Mask.” Her accounts on Facebook and on Twitter were deleted or suspended for doing that and the RINJ Foundation‘s  Feminine-Perspective Magazine is blocked on Twitter for contradicting Trump. Trump’s account should have been banned and not the humanitarian’s account.”

“Misogyny is the operational byword for America’s social media monsters because it is the men who spend the advertising dollars to get themselves more noticed. With the exception of a few women “stars”, men have the large discretionary incomes and drive up their followers with a perpetual flow of dollars. The misogyny grows every time a woman is elected to Congress or the Senate. Now a woman will take the Vice President’s chair in the Senate—and that is not going over well on social media. That’s what these platforms are all about. Hate. Stirring up two or more sides to increase engagement. Do you want to get your point across? Boost this message for $$$.  There is no moral compass; it’s all about money and greed,” continues Baldock who has spent years studying crime on social media.

“Explain how the proliferation of support for Rodrigo Duterte’s edict to ‘shoot them dead’, people who violated quarantine, or ‘shoot women you think are socialists in their vagina’. Massive groups on Facebook and Twitter think this is a wonderful idea. What kind of social conscience exists within these platforms? None. It is only about money,” says Baldock.

So what is the purpose of the legal and extra-legal actions against the platforms?

“A hungry family suffering malnutrition will do anything to eat, including sell their girl or boy,” says Karina Angeles, a Filipino nurse who says she has treated nine year olds and younger for STDs and for pregnancy during the pandemic.

“There are many traps on Facebook and Twitter that entice children,” says Angeles.

“A kid talks to a stranger online. Next thing you know, someone is at the family shack in a trike and takes the child away as the father stands at the front of the shack counting the pesos. If a brother or cousin catches up with the trike to save the kid, they either end up shot dead with a cardboard sign on their corpse saying ‘Drug dealer‘ or the child sex trader flees leaving the kid behind to go pick up another child while the ‘Good Samaritan‘ intervener takes the little girl to his parents house away from the seller in the first part. The girl who was sold then avails of the hospitality of her Aunt and eventually leaves the village to a safety in a dorm of a vocational training school learning to be a maid, nanny or nurse, far away, and eventually becomes an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW).”

“As an OFW in a country like Canada, after three years, the girls can become landed and after a little more time, they can earn enough credits to become a citizen. So that is one of the very good outcomes from the anti-child sex trade that RINJ has been teaching volunteers and asking big brothers and big sisters to watch out for and to rescue or observe and get help. Any person can be a local volunteer (and hero as in the real case I just described) for good and protect children and that is how RINJ increases its power for safety of women and children around the world: volunteers.”

“But it should not be so hard,” says Angeles. Countries around the world should accept refugees from the Philippines and other nations, especially in Africa that persecute young girls and women or in the alternative, if they are pretty, exploit hem as sex objects as Donald Trump and his henchmen did in the Philippines with beauty pageants. Not every girl is chosen to ‘spread her legs’ for big shots in government in Manila. And that doesn’t last long, especially if they beat the girl and she starts to look bedraggled.”

“Millions [of girls and young women] are just screwed if they stay in the Philippines,” she added as a sidebar thought.

These are just two interviews of many. There’s much more that suggest the collective character of American social media is “Antisocial” in the clinical sense.

RINJ Foundation annual campaign: Don't buy a kid. End the child sex trade. RINJ Foundation annual campaign: Don’t buy a kid. End the child sex trade. Photo credit: courtesy The RINJ Foundation upon hearing the allegations, investigated by ghosting on the social media platforms and within thirty minutes found twenty children ten years of age and under who had accounts in which they had to lie about their age and whom during their time online were doing other things besides school work. This entailed a siripticous follow up investigation of teachers, schools and students; a confirmation of a pervasive problem,  which may or may not come up in a future article depending on Court rules regarding the publication of matters concerning minors.

A document obtained by, is a matter that has been internally controverted, hence replied that it would wait 7 days before releasing information.


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Posted by The RINJ Foundation on Thursday, 10 July 2014


A document obtained by, is a matter that has been internally controverted, hence replied that it would wait 7 days before releasing information.

Yuk. 98% of all rape allegations are true. It took decades to get this guy convicted in a nation of misogyny that imposes this hatred on the world through its social media megalopoly. Photo-poster courtesy The RINJ Foundation.

This matter was in a de facto sense already out of the can months ago.

Women slam social media for mass murder, rape, misogyny


“Karina Angeles walking out of the meeting and said on WhatsApp, “they want American social media platforms shut down.”

“She snapped a picture of  a handful of documents with screen capture images of social media content that would make most people vomit, and according to a recent court decision caused Facebook to agree to pay $52 million to thousands of Facebook workers who have suffered psychological damages  from reviewing posts depicting acts of suicide, murder, child abuse and other atrocious content. But this content is what Facebook sells. “And what about the victims?” asks the women.

“Hence the core issue is that Facebook and Twitter make billions of dollars from advertising placed by mass murderers like Vladimir Putin, Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump among others.”

According to Katie Alsop of RINJ who suggests it may be too early to release details, the group has a shortlist of law firms able to act internationally and which are interested in taking on the case. has a contact within one of the law firms and made some inquiries.  Obviously these are people familiar with the matter who were not authorized to comment and requested anonymity.

One opinion on how these platforms works, goes like this: “The American platforms are enticing controversial content from people they deem to be elite in social media circles. This draws greater audiences. Those audiences wish to have their say in various matters, be they political, current events or entertainment categories. A certain set of users become emotionally committed and are willing to pay to have their message distributed. In the alternative, the great unwashed is never heard from unless those people pay fees,” said one lawyer who was just invited to join a pitch to get the account.

Would “people they deem to be elite in social media circles include the likes of Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, Justin Bieber, Katie Perry, YouTube, Narendra Modi, etceteras? Are these the people or entities controlled by people who set the social conscience and core values of the social media world?

“Yes,” was the answer.