Canada may only be as strong as its weakest links

As the pseudo-fascist cult of Donald Trump continues its spread into Canada, some very dire concerns arise. The potential for persistent infection and re-infection in Canada is real. Currently the trendlines are foreboding.

Losing the country as it is known is likely under the current circumstances.  Once hospitals become overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients, others with chronic and acute health needs are at mortal risk.

This problem can grow exponentially over time. An overtaxed health care system  will impact children and seniors first and then adult patients with cardiovascular issues, blood glucose issues, other chronic illness, and in particular, respiratory problems.

by Micheal John

Canada could meet its demise against COVID-19 in the not too far off future. There comes a point when hospitals are overwhelmed, and a rapid increase in infections leads to a more rapid increase in increasing cycles with a growing death rate as time passes.  COVID-19 is poised to take a horrendous toll and the ugliness of civil unrest and violence following in the vein of US origins, is in its incipient stages.

Canada’s weakest links.
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 Canada Cumulative COVID 19 Cases Rise 200k in a month Canada Cumulative COVID 19 Cases Rise 200k in a month. Source: Civil Society Partners for Global Solidarity against COVID-19

Canada's projected cumulative cases for years end predicts a humanitarian disaster by Spring 2021 Canada’s projected cumulative cases for year’s end is part of a model that predicts a humanitarian disaster by Spring 2021. Source: Civil Society Partners for Global Solidarity against COVID-19

Let’s talk about the pandemic first.

There are two worrisome facts that have scientists sweating a little. They apply everywhere.

1.) The disease is spreading into the wild through captive animals like the mink which escapes farms at a significant rate. Also, raccoons are candidates for infection. That’s not the bad part, it’s this: when migration of the SARS-CoV-2 occurs back to animals, the virus has been morphing into what scientists are calling the c+ sequence which when infecting back into humans cuts the efficacy of human vaccines.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Several animals that have been in contact with infected humans, such as minks, dogs, domestic cats, lions and tigers, have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.”

The European Centers for Disease Control’s report document published 12 November 2020, says that, “Since April 2020, when the first SARS-CoV-2 infection was reported in the Netherlands in a mink and subsequently in  a mink farm worker, it has been established that human-to-mink and mink-to-human transmission can occur.

In a subsequent chapter of the European report, the authors explain the findings that “When a virus switches host species, an increased mutation rate can be observed
due to the virus adapting to its new host. Mutations in the structural proteins of the virus, altering the antigenic properties of the strain, can lead to reduced effectiveness of the immune response if the immunity was acquired through infection by a strain, or a vaccine derived from a strain.

“Since [March 2020], infections in mink have been reported in Denmark, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United States.”

2 .) Reinfection has begun. That means that the disease will continue ravaging the population until there are no more hosts to infect. Moreover, the disease will become a comorbid underlying illness to itself in each new infection.

Reinfection is possible after 6 months to 12 months, the mean average being 8 months but some patients have re-infected more quickly. The norm is to have a much worse course of the disease, and a higher rate of morbid outcomes—a higher infection fatality rate (IFR).

The epitome of government stupidity: frontliners not wearing respirators, and public coughing, yelling sputtering without masks. This image represents a drop-dead level of stupidity. Photo Credit: CBC YouTube Footage screen grab.
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Some concerns apply specifically to Canada.

The distances that separate Canadians in smaller centers across the country, from their main hospitals with COVID-19 Intensive Care Units (ICU) are a problem. The early symptoms of COVID-19 are mild. Grandpas and dads don’t think much of it until it slams them to the ground with 40 breathes per minute and oxygenation levels of 80% and lower. That’s serious. Sadly, that’s common for many patients on their own. Then it is too late to get to a hospital and they must fight the disease on their own. Those case have extremely high fatality rates and the current case fatality rate in Canada indicates that this is happening.

Donald Trump cultists

Erin O’Toole wants to galvanize voters in the ways of Donald Trump  with a blend of big-picture ideals poured into a pot of  belonging-stew, drizzled with melted fat trimmed off the Trump “ProudBoys” illegal militia appeals.

This stew with plenty of Trump Kool Aid to wash it down will be fed to a group of non-believers with social media blabber-blasts and video sound bytes aimed to reach niches of the electorate, like those finally forgiven in this club  (cult) for failing and dropping out of grade 7. They wish the pitchforks they carry would morph into the AR15s they pine for and an ‘open-carry-Canada‘.

If O’toole’s the rabble rousing, muck raking nonsense can get lower-hosers-packin into the streets screaming with banners, saying FTW and down with anti-fascism, O’Toole can tell his mom he is winning.

But is he? The civil disobedience encouragement of Trump has his followers falling sick  and some dead from COVID-19, or acting independently to encourage each other to boycott the Senate runoff election in Georgia where  Senator Kelly Loeffler is struggling against Democrat Reverend Raphael Warnock and Republican David Perdue defends his seat against a much better candidate,  Jon Ossoff. Trump hasn’t just shot himself in the feet, he’s blown his butt off but good. O’Toole is better at doing that.

Erin O’Toole  comes across as a gleeful clown with starry eyes and dreams of a landslide and a climb into the Irish throne left by Brian Mulroney. Won’t work. Mulroney had real conservatives like Erik Nielsen, Mike Wilson, Perrin Beatty, Barbara McDougall, and Don Mazankowski. O’Toole has Trumpsters which for the most part are quasi-fascists but without the discipline and structure of a fascist. Hmmm. Well, it’s a bizarre cult.

Canadians may be comforting themselves saying it cannot happen here but a careful read of the Canadian Federal Conservative leader raises an argument that the unorthodox style of disseminating untruths or in the alternative manner of saying, the inventing new facts playbook of Donald Trump, is being purloined by Erin O’Toole and company.

It’s strange that they do not have a part in fighting the coronavirus because every signed up Conservative in Canada is equally, if not more likely, to die by parading around without a mask, demanding to have giant crowded bar-be-que, in Nathan Philip Square, or just, everywhere, defiantly, as if they would do that without a pandemic.

Canada active cases and deaths over the past 15 days. Canada active cases and deaths over the past 15 days. Active cases are patients who have yet to have an outcome, either death or recovery, from COVID-19.  Source: the Civil Society Partners for Global Solidarity against COVID-19 in Singapore


The following data will update several times a day. 21 Apr 2024


Wear a face shield. This type is best because it blocks a throughput of air from top to bottom. Wearing a mask and a face shield to go shopping helps protect your mask and enables greater reusability of the mask. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway

Wear a mask Wear a mask. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway

Author says, Wear A Mask Author says, Stay Home. Wear A Mask. Photo Credit: Sharon Santiago
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