Impeachment of Donald Trump, a dangerous offender is what the world sees.

If Democrats in the US Congress carrying an impressive dossier of credible evidence are to be believed, there are many reasons why Donald Trump should have been impeached as US President by now.

Much of the world wants Trump out of the White House because much of the world has been negatively impacted by Donald Trump’s outrageous trade wars, belligerence, political interference and general screwups. Trump is booed all around the world, not just at American sporting events.

Secret Service Agents race to protect Trump at the podium in March 2016. Photo Credit: NBC News YouTube Video Screen Capture
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[Analysis] by Micheal John

Diplomats FPMag has spoken with are worried America may be facing a serious “kick in the face” from those Trump has angered or hurt badly. “There are children out there, and their puppies for heaven’s sake, who vigorously hate the man”, one observed with a ‘hush-hush’.

Thanks to Trump’s apparent attention deficit the prospects for peace with North Korea are dashed. There were high hopes after the ‘Singapore Summit’ and the later visit to the DPRK side of the Korean Peninsula border.

This failing leaves the world in a state of waiting for Kim Jong-Un to do something horrible. Already the DPRK is flinging test missiles like an angry or scared porcupine flings its quills. Sixteen millions of Chairman Kim’s people, mostly children, are severely malnourished because of American-led, Canadian and European blockades on food and medicine.

Trump has given credence to the world’s worst despots. Trump probably was a co-conspirator in the death of Jamal Khashoggi. Trump certainly gave his blessings to the bombing and destruction of a bus load of children in Yemen on 9 August 2018 when he said he would not criticize Mohammed bin Salman for fear of interrupting $100 billion in arms deals.

There is a rumour around Dupont Circle in Washington DC that the Secret Service never had such a tough job protecting a US President because this one is despised by almost everyone in the world. Said one Secret Service worker while munching on garlic bread and pasta at an Italian restaurant (who obviously did not want to be identified), “Trump is scary in  strange ways. It’s scary like a notoriously unpredictable child hanging out in a locked gun shop where the guns are big, the ammunition is piled high, plus there is a sale display of hand grenades with a video showing how to pull the pins out.”

Dishonesty and Trump-inspired resurgence of racism and xenophobia are other reasons why Trump is disliked around the globe.

Mr. Trump has inspired violence aplenty and his blessing the blatant extrajudicial killings of Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines has riled human rights defenders in every corner of the globe and made the function of the counterfoil to such crimes even more dysfunctional.

Trump by acquiescence or by complicity cheated heavily in the 2016 elections. The indictments against 13 Russian persons and three companies are weathervanes pointing at potential typhoons of subterfuge against American democracy. Many millions of state-sponsored foreign dollar spending (see internet_research_agency_indictment) against Trump’s adversaries in the runup to the 2016 election.

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Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin, a close friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin, owned and ran Concord Management and Consulting according to US indictments. He is charged with being the funding provider and more, for illegal Russian activities to elect Donald Trump. His efforts allegedly were destroying the reputation of Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton. He is both listed in the indictments and also sanctioned by the United States.

Few things are more bizarre than Trump’s attempt to blackmail the President of the Ukraine into accepting blame for Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin’s alleged actions.

Women’s groups have protested the alliance of Trump (represented here by former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson)  and Duterte in the EJK’s of the Philippines strongman Rodrigo Duterte. Tillerson shown on the left resigned from the Trump administration because Trump was asking him to ‘do things that were illegal’. Photo Courtesy The RINJ Foundation

One of the biggest problems that Rex Tillerson talks about since leaving the Trump administration as Secretary of State was Tillerson’s refusal to help a client of Rudy Giuliani, a Turkish national named Reza Zarrab, get a stay of the serious US prosecutions against Zarrab.

Trump was too often asking Secretary Tillerson to do things that were unlawful. They had a parting of ways over this.

Two of the most highly respected news persons in the world, Dan Rather and Sam Donaldson, tell CNN’s Don Lemon why they think that US President Donald Trump is dangerous for the country.

Highly respected former National Security Advisor, John Bolton who is described as a straight-arrow by all who have known him shared disdain for Trump’s leaning on the Ukraine President to get some personal favours. The actions of the US President Trump against the Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky and his administration officials are allegedly described by Bolton in a sentence according to testimony during US Congressional hearings: “I am not part of whatever drug deal Rudy and Mulvaney are cooking up.”.

It is expected that John Bolton will testify this week before the Congressional Impeachment Hearings. That will likely be a public session.

It is expected that former National Security Advisor John Bolton will testify before the Congressional Impeachment Hearings this week. That will likely be a public session.
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The investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller has pointed to numerous examples of obstruction of justice. That has been the style of Trump most of his life but huge amounts of money left to him by his father made certain that he would never face charges in a courtroom. Trump seems to believe that today.

Probably one of the most treasonous acts by Trump was the thwarting of Congress’s desire to assist the Ukraine stave off Russian backed secession rebels. Trump managed to hold the nearly $400 million intended for Ukraine’s military effort to defend the nation’s sovereignty.

Donald Trump has denied any wrongdoing claiming the impeachment investigation of the co-equal branch of government, the House of Representatives is “Witch Hunt garbage”.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky (left) may have been extorted by Donald Trump to use his Kiev government to launch an effort to besmirch Trump’s political opponent former VP Biden in the coming 2020 election for which polls have suggested Trump will otherwise lose to Mr. Joe Biden.
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Donald Trump claims what he has done is OK

Donald Trump has admitted trying to get a favour of a foreign government to besmirch US Democrat 2020-hopeful Joseph Biden in something like the same manner that Hillary Clinton was clobbered by the Russians in 2015-2016.

FPMag has only the word of the US President and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani on this plus the redacted hearsay statements of a so-called “whistleblower“. Both Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani have made extraordinarily inculpatory public statements.

Trump on his own de facto admission took $400m of Congressionaly mandated security assistance to Ukraine away from the Ukraine until the President of the Ukraine was willing to assume responsibility and apologise for the tampering in the US 2016 elections. That act would exonerate those persons, corporations and institution (the GRU) in Russia  indicted already for serious crimes against the USA. The first of those trials begins in April 2020.

Much effort has been contributed to Ukraine to stave off Russia’s alleged imperialism. Donald Trump has allegedly interfered with that effort. U.S. Marines assault a beach near Mykolayivka, Ukraine, using a Turkish Higgins landing boat during exercise Sea Breeze 2017, a Ukraine-hosted maritime exercise held in the Black Sea.
Photo Credit: Staff Sgt. Marcin Platek/US Marine Corps

Criminal Intent Requires Cognisance of a Crime Being Committed

Cognisance of criminal guilt is an important aspect of crime. Two things are generally considered important in determining if a crime has been committed, actus rea and mens rea.

The US Code describes cognisance of guilt as an indication of mens rea which is latin for criminal intent. In the case of numerous missives in various forms to the Ukraine government, Donald Trump and his administration have allegedly taken many steps by way of a cover up.

Moving data about what have been described by Trump as “perfect conversations” to top secret servers intended for “red-phone” type communications is one example of the coverup but also there are threat-imposed demands for silence plus “interference in the Congressional investigation to learn what happened”, say various witnesses before Congress.

Every day in Washington is another day the President and the other elements of government are consumed with a barrage of political attacks. Meanwhile the work of government is on a back burner, another reason the world worries.