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Callously slaughtering 3,000 Americans daily in order to get his Trump Hotels reopened for business is not going to get Donald Trump re-elected  as President of a grieving America that is half starved. It might save his business empire.

The extremists who got Trump elected in 2016 want their filthiest dreams realized before the lights go out on the party. They fear the electorate is reaching for their power-and-control off switch’.

They also want their dirtiest secrets washed away. Many could otherwise be indicted by a new government and that includes the indictment and imprisonment of Donald Trump.

The hawks are scrambling to start a war.

USS Boxer Amphibious Assault Vessel, South China Sea USS Boxer Amphibious Assault Vessel, South China Sea — Photo Credit Petty Officer 2nd Class Dale Hopkins; Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

News and Analysis by Micheal John (Editor) 

The days of making a killing sending trash to South Asia and building America’s dirtiest factories among the underprivileged communities of faraway places in Africa and Asia are soon over. But America’s most selfish cultists have managed to break every human rights treaty in the world and start cold wars in three continents. Maybe four.

The right-wing cult members who elected Donald Trump are seeing the writing on the wall. Their days are numbered.

A President can’t slaughter three thousand Americans per day and get away with that at the polls.

Do they start a war with Russia, North Korea, Iran or China?

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping at Brazilia Fall 2019 — A strong and stable relationship between China and Russia is based on pragmatic ideals and may be a beacon to the world. Perhaps countries having between them nothing but racism and emotion should not be wasting their time with business relationships until they resolve festering hatreds derived from bad leadership that caters not to the people of their country but to tirading billionaires seeking conflict in which to sell weapons. Photo Credit: Kremlin.ru. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The picture and its story: A strong and stable relationship between China and Russia is based on pragmatic ideals and may be a beacon to the world.

Perhaps countries having between them nothing but racism and emotion should not be wasting their time with business relationships and trade deals until they resolve festering hatreds derived from bad leadership that caters not to the people of their country but to tirading billionaires seeking conflict in which to sell weapons.

Donald Trump’s Wuhan Lab lie is like Iraqi WMD except Trump is killing America. But that’s not all.

There is plenty of worry that this COVID-19 pandemic mismanagement of America is going to bring about a global thermonuclear war.

America’s belligerence and divisiveness has infuriated much of the globe In fact the only thing that is disliked more than a coronavirus particle is Trump. Both are turning stomachs around the globe.

On four conflict fronts, US President Donald Trump, an incompetent leader by many accounts, is provoking war against four of his imagined enemies: Iran, Russia, North Korea and China.

Maybe Trump doesn’t realize this, owing to his increasingly evident and alarming incompetence.

While choosing people who seem to like him and certainly willing to praise him (Trump appears to be a malignant narcissist which derives from his psychopathy as a trait.) Donald Trump also chooses people who are egocentric zealots willing to worship Trump in exchange for power.

Recent statements issued by angry Beijing officials imply they believe, “the US Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defence are both egotistical Red Dawn Rising zealots promoted to levels out of sight of their meager competence.” (Paraphrased.)

Maybe Trump doesn’t realize his ‘team’ placed starvation sanctions on the civilian populations of many countries and daily spew outrageous jingoistic rhetoric that is misplaced, inaccurate and reprehensible.

In each of those offended countries the American Navy and the more covert operators breached the sovereignty of nations so significantly that in the case of the South China Sea, an allied ship may be sunk any day, now that China has been angered so severely, from its Able Bodied Seaman to China’s President. And Iran will do anything for payback.

In the case of Iran, America started the 2020 year with the mass-murder of over one dozen Iranians and Iraqis in Baghdad, Iraq and Sana’a, Yemen.

“Nothing to lose”, is how some Iranians say they feel after the shellacking Iran just took  from the the COVID-19 storm that hit them just as America had finished decimating Iran’s health care system.

Trump wants his extremist base pumped up and may use a war to achieve that.

But many of his base are now throwing up their arms as Trump’s incompetence becomes increasingly obvious.

Trump has issued ‘calls to arms’ that put an armed contingent of his cultists into the government house of Michigan with assault rifles aimed at coercing the Governor into dropping her “social distancing” orders to protect citizens against COVID-19. The death rates continue to climb. Does Trump think he only kills his opposition?

23 Feb 2024

Contemporary social high-bar paradigms based on class, wealth and personal appearance are isolating masses of people into socially dysfunctional classes. Trump knows this to be true and is exploiting the rabble with rabble-rousing and muck-raking techniques of the weak and disingenuous politician. Katz, Andrea Scoseria, The Progressive Presidency and the Shaping of the Modern Executive (2011). APSA 2011 Annual Meeting Paper. Available at SSRN: https://ssrn.com/abstract=1900936 Photo Credit: Twitter. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine


Tensions between America and Russia have also increased. Putin is talking ‘a nuclear response’.

In the case of Russia, the United States under Trump has vacated all but one of the nuclear treaties with Russia in particular the 1987 Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and has aggressively brought a more sinister load of nuclear weapons to Europe and to the seas surrounding Russia. The Kremlin is in a righteous rage.

Russia’s Vladimir Putin has warned of this as he sees medium to short-range American low-yield nuclear missiles entering the Russian region aboard American submarines which have encroached on Russia’s defence identification zones.

The remaining nuclear arms control agreement, is a re-written START treaty, signed in 2010 by then U.S. President Barack Obama and then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The START pact since 2010 limits each country to 1,550 deployed nuclear warheads and 700 deployed missiles and bombers. In-site inspections are supposed to verify the compliance.

Russia has recently agreed to extend this treaty beyond its expiry in February 2021, but the Trump administration has refused saying a new arms control pact must also include China.

“Russia wants to make a deal very much on arms control and nuclear. And that’s smart. And so do we. We think it would be a good thing,” US President Trump said at a press conference last December in London with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

“And we’ll also certainly bring in, as you know, China,” added Trump. “And we may bring them in later, or we may bring them in now,” Trump concluded.

Russia is still boiling over the deployment of American low yield first-use ballistic missiles.

“Any attack involving a U.S. submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM), regardless of its weapon specifications, would be perceived as a nuclear aggression,” Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said in the last week of April.

“Those who like to theorize,” she added, “about the flexibility of American nuclear potential must understand that in line with the Russian military doctrine such actions are seen as warranting retaliatory use of nuclear weapons by Russia.”

Russia has said it is very willing to include China in a rewritten strategic nuclear weapons agreement (START?) but there has been no indication that China is willing to deal with America on this issue.

“A strong & stable relationship between China and Russia is based on pragmatic ideals and may be a beacon to the world. Perhaps countries having between them nothing but racism and emotion should not be wasting their time with business relationships until they resolve festering hatreds derived from bad leadership that caters not to the people of their country but to tirading billionaires seeking conflict in which to sell weapons.”

Donald Trump wails at WHO and China blaming China for causing the Coronavirus which scientists know is caused by climate change stressing other mammals like bats. Official Photo: Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The US President who suggested Americans might ingest disinfectant to “clean” themselves of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 has prattled off some outrageous accusations and threats against China.

Xi Jinping is said to be blowing gaskets as his Generals are submitting White Papers suggesting war with the United States is inevitable.

A dangerously unstable man is in the seat of the former leader of the free world and as crazy as that now sounds, Trump has the world hating America as he himself goes about killing Americans at the rate of 3,000 per day and more to come. What’s even more paradoxical is that some people think Vlad Putin installed Trump in the White House.

  1. Trump’s faltering response to the COVID-19 which first hailed the disease as an opposition hoax has been the worst in the world. America is a runaway pandemic incubator threatening global security, endangering the safety of the entire human race. Bandy X Lee could not have been more right about the dangers of this man as President.
  2. Trump has the US subsurface warships sailing with low-yield nuclear missiles in close range to Russia and China.
  3. Putin has been reported as saying “if you hear they blow their ‘effing’ nose we will treat that as a nuclear attack”.
  4. Trump had his bellicose Secretary of Defense sailing US warships into clearly defined Chinese waterways causing China to scramble  aircraft and warships to escort the shamed Americans to international waters. China at one time contemplated sinking a Canadian ship that was antagonizing Chinese sailors in “Chinese waters,” while conducting antagonistic exercises with an American warship flotilla. The idea was stopped at the Captain level, apparently.

America no longer militarily dominates Asia

“The stakes could not be higher,” says the United States Studies Centre, a joint venture of the American Australian Association and the University of Sydney, with financial support from the Australian Government.

“Since the early 1950s, America’s position in the Indo-Pacific,” insists the report dated August 2019, “has rested on its ability to defeat aggression, protect a network of allies and preserve a strategic order in which no single nation dominates. But this foundation of stability is now under strain. China’s military is increasingly powerful, while America’s warfighting edge has dangerously eroded. Many now warn that the United States might fail to deter – or could even lose – a limited war with China, with devastating consequences for the region’s future strategic landscape.

“Alert to these risks, the US Department of Defense is taking steps to retool the armed forces for high-end warfare and focus greater resources on the Indo-Pacific. Its core aim is to bolster the balance of power by developing new ways for the United States and its regional allies and partners to deter Chinese adventurism with conventional armed forces, even in the absence of America’s traditional all-domain military dominance. The stability of the broader regional order hinges on the success of this denial strategy.”

China is a powerful country. It is also a very nice country.

Ignoring Chinese culture and sensitivities is the United States. While America has a mentally-ill President, the tensions are worse than ever.

Watching China “care for every single COVID-29 patient” is something The Nurses Without Borders  were able to do from Shenzhen and from Wuhan.

“It really happened that way,” said Sara Qin whose nursing section in Wuhan received several commendations for having highest good outcomes for patients without any safety incidents for their frontline crew.

“Our job was to send patients home as healthy as ever, and it was a big exciting event when patients went home. We got extra things for our meal and even some extra pay, especially if we were able to generate more contacts from the patient for the contact tracing teams,” says nurse Qin. “I am doing this career because I want to save lives, she added.  “That is what I did despite the horror of the ‘the beast‘ disease which even steals our good air to breathe.”

In a personal aside, Qin told FPM.news that, “I even saw our lingxiu, Xi Jinping in Wuhan and he looked into my eyes and smiled. I saw that for sure. I wanted to say something because his mask wasn’t on properly but when he turned to the right it went back into place. Then he noticed I looked closely and he turned and smiled again. I will tell my children some day that lingxiu came to see me. I do mean, “me”. I can tell if a person cares about people. This leader loves his people very much and it pains him to hear about the dead. Me too. So we fight hard for every life and our reward is helping them on their way home, our most wonderful moments.”

“Donald Trump will not take that away from me and my colleagues,” she added.

America’s War with China is something nobody wants except a few lunatics in DC: Trump’s Cabinet.

Last September at the General Assembly of the United Nations, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned global leaders of a risk of the world splitting in two, with the United States and China creating rival Internets, rival currency, rival trade pacts, rival financial rules, and two “zero sum geopolitical and military strategies.”

“We must do everything possible to avert the great fracture and maintain a universal system, a universal economy with universal respect for international law; a multi-polar world with strong multilateral institutions,” said Guterres to the UN’s 193 member states.

America is trying to reassert itself in the South China sea but it lost its edge shortly after World War Two when it gave the Philippine Islands back to the Philippines’ people. That did not include the islands that China now occupies. Those Islands were never obtained from the Spanish because the Spanish had never acquired them from China.

History indicates that the Islands that China claims unequivocally belong to the Chinese. Where Beijing’s argument fails is the waterways surrounding the islands.

For example, in the case of the islands China occupies in the Philippines economic zone, China does not have the right to claim a 200 nautical mile exclusive economic zone smack dab in the middle of the Philippines exclusive economic zone. It’s almost a humorous notion if it was coming from a  child, no intent to insult as it is clear that China is just being demonstrably obstinate, but it is also clear that China has already established its ownership and needs to move forward. So also do the ridiculous claims by several nations of ownership of the islands that China actually built. This gets crazy, full circle. All parties need to find a calm and more reasoned approach.

If ASEAN nations want to quibble for the next 4000 years, so be it, they will still lose the argument. Remember that America pushed you into this conflict and you are only serving as a patsy for arms dealers.

China owns the islands due to past wars. Refight those wars with ASEAN blood? Crazy. Move on. Ignore America.  Create a cooperative relationship for the fishing and mineral rights and do something worthwhile for the people of South East Asia. As it is now they are not getting one easy fish dinner.

This has been ruled by the World Court despite it being a mute point. (Scarborough Shoal and high-tide features in the Spratlys generate territorial seas but not EEZs or continental shelves.) Many experts concur and frankly, simple math indicates the futility of what China is saying about the waterways.

Albeit, the underlying issue of sovereign rights and island ownership has been won and the yapping dogs must grow silent in order to get back to the issue at hand, fishing and mining. The wealth is plentiful and ASEAN cooperative resource management could yield a good harvest every year for every nation.

There is no losing of face in this, for China, it’s just a matter of fixing an oversimplification; shedding the paranoia China feels because of its antagonists; and working cooperatively with neighbours once heir childish tantrums have subsided or better leadership succession, whichever comes first. China will still occupy the islands in any case.

China owns the islands it occupies. Accept that and then apply common law and the law of the sea to territorial waters and fishing rights. Everybody wins. China wants to be the military protector of  ASEAN interests? Let China do that.

China is likely to be a friendly neighbour to friendly neighbours. Those that are yapping or raging like skittish dogs from the neighbour’s yard are not winning anything and never will.

Some things about China have been a certain way for 4,000 years and they will be that way for the next 4000 years if the human race survives Donald Trump.

The West will never understand. It needs to go home from Asia. America must get its weapons and warships out of Japan and out of South Korea. Those wars are over and the Yankees must go home. America today only brings trouble.

The mantle of competence. A strong and stable relationship between China and Russia is based on pragmatic ideals and may be a beacon to the world. Photo Credit: Kremlin.ru. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Taiwan is another Conflict America Stirred Up in order to sell weapons.

Canada does not wait to hear what the Queen has to say about the price of coffee in Ottawa or which weapons Canada will sell to the Saudi Arabians so they can go kill more Yemenis. But Canada is still under the British monarchy.

Taiwan can and has been in  pretty much the same style of relationship with Beijing except for America’s interference and greed selling weapons to Taiwan it promises will kill Chinese. America has done its level best to stir up conflicts in the South China Sea and East Asia in order to obtain lucrative weapons sales in the region.

With all the money that has been spent on weapons as a result of conflicts America has incited, all of Asia could of had a hospital  bed for every civilian with one doctor and one nurse for each patient. In other words, life in Asia would be much better without America. It has come to that.

The American invasion of Vietnam cost 627,00 civilian lives.

Now Beijing, according to reliable and very worried sources is readying for war with the United States.

China’s new aircraft carrier Shandong Photo Credit: People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

America has wronged China in the worst possible ways. This will lead to war of some kind.

So many thousands of Chinese died as mankind’s dirty fossil fuel burning has ruined Earth’s climate, killing off 83% of all other species and stressing the remaining species which are now shedding those of their virus loads they can no longer manage because of their stressors.

China is hurt. Thousands of sore-faced overworked nurses lost friends and families to the COVID19 outbreak. Many hundreds of uncounted deaths due to COVID-19 but never tested or clinically diagnosed occurred in Wuhan according to local nurse Sara Qin.

There is unequivocal evidence this has happened all over the world.

The University of Southern California using serology testing proposed that infection rates in Los Angeles county amount to 50 times more than what official indicates indicate.

The Governor of New York State at one time in April increased the number of deaths by over three thousand to include those deaths which in retrospect could only have been attributed to COVID-19. China did the same thing for Hubei Province also in April.

Trump’s Threat to China is as Outrageous as it is Dangerous and Offensive to the World

As reported in the past by FPMag, the SARS2-CoV-2 virus comes from bats. That’s not a theory. In 2007 the US CDC discovered at least two species of bats with several corona viruses. By now, literally thousands of scientists have published many more thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers discussing the various viruses the bat mammal has learned to suppress. It is truly fascinating science, the bat being a potential ally of humans.

  1. Detection of Group 1 Coronaviruses in Bats in North America 2007
  2. Bat Coronaviruses and Experimental Infection of Bats, the Philippines August 2010
  3. Detection of Group 1 Coronaviruses in Bats in North America  Volume 13, Number 9-September 2007

Bats and Coronoviruses, 9 January 2019

US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health

Bats are an ancient and diverse group of ecologically important mammals, constituting almost a quarter of all mammalian diversity and inhabiting every continent except Antarctica. More than 1300 species of bats belong to the order Chiroptera and are further classified into two suborders.

“Bats are speculated to be reservoirs of several emerging viruses including coronaviruses (CoVs) that cause serious disease in humans and agricultural animals. These include CoVs that cause severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) and severe acute diarrhea syndrome (SADS). Bats that are naturally infected or experimentally infected do not demonstrate clinical signs of disease. These observations have allowed researchers to speculate that bats are the likely reservoirs or ancestral hosts for several CoVs. In this review, we follow the CoV outbreaks that are speculated to have originated in bats. We review studies that have allowed researchers to identify unique adaptation in bats that may allow them to harbor CoVs without severe disease. We speculate about future studies that are critical to identify how bats can harbor multiple strains of CoVs and factors that enable these viruses to “jump” from bats to other mammals. We hope that this review will enable readers to identify gaps in knowledge that currently exist and initiate a dialogue amongst bat researchers to share resources to overcome present limitations.”

US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health Published online 2019 Jan 9. 
doi: 10.3390/v11010041

The world knows that the global COVID-19 pandemic is not a deliberate act of any human no matter what the racists in the White House are saying.

Moreover, increasing evidence is suggesting that the virus was being shed by other mammals to humans (bats and bats through intermediary species) in many parts of the world at various times in 2019. The sequencing may have been from bat to other species or direct to human via droppings or saliva from caves. The coronavirus has been found in bat feces and bat saliva.

That includes cases in northern USA, cases in Italy, Cases in France and cases in China, near or in Wuhan.

The World Health Organization has asked all countries to double check fofr viral sequencing possibilities related to deaths or surviving cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology back in 2019.

COVID-19 was first reported by Chinese authorities to the WHO on 31 December 2019.

“This gives a whole new picture on everything,” WHO spokesman Christian Lindmeier told a UN briefing in Geneva, referring to the French reports.

“The findings help to better understand the potential virus circulation of COVID-19″.

A French hospital discovered that it treated a man who had never been to China and knew no one from China. He had COVID-19 in December, a month before the French government confirmed its first cases. There may be other cases going back further in time.

Insurmountable evidence confirms that Trump’s allegations against China are Preposterous Efforts to Distract from his incompetent and disastrous COIVID-19 response that has killed nearly over 71,000 Americans.

China has responded to America’s threats and allegations in part by saying it is possible that American military persons brought the virus to Wuhan in October 2019.

Yes, that is entirely possible but not as a deliberate act. The CHinese likely know this as well. Anyone visiting caves in northern US states could pick up the virus. Among US Naval vessels there are thousands of infected sailors of unknown sequencing.

At present there are over 100,000 crewmembers aboard commercially-flagged vessels at this moment who cannot be repatriated for a number of reasons. Some have been at sea since last year and made no port of call.

Aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt there are over 1000 infected persons and nobody has a clue how that happened except that it might have started last year. The ship has been at sea.

Scientists in the United States’ north west have realized that they are dealing with a unique strain and more aggressive version of the SARS2 virus that has been circulating in North American communities since last year.

That coincides with the China suggestion.

Sources say that Chinese investigators are missing a couple pieces of the puzzle to complete the sequencing on the strain of virus first found earliest in Wuhan. It may be the same strain that has surfaced in Thailand, in USA Washington State as well as New York and Wuhan China.

That virus may well have come from the United States, or many places where bats have become distressed and started shedding their virus load. This is a deadly aspect of Climate Change predicted by scientists.

Bats all over the world have the coronavirus. Many may be shedding virus loads.

The oppression of most species on Earth by Climate Change is going to force more microbes to find another  home. That’s you, human.

There are other viruses that are far more dangerous and to defeat them, humans need to get rid of their own human blight, especially climate-change-deniers and antivaxxers  in order to find solidarity against an emerging enemy that could conceivably wipe out the entire human race in very short order. There is an emerging variant of Ebola that could do exactly that if SARS2 doesn’t.