Measles. Information to abide for a healthy family.

The field workers from the United Nations; the World Health Organization, UNICEF, our friends at the Mayo Clinic and The RINJ Foundation are worried about the spread of Measles.

FPMag researchers wanted to have a fireside chat with readers about the problem  the public health world has with a global lax attitude for vaccination. Let’s face the fact that these public health workers have broken hearts every time a child is lost to a preventable disease or infection. Some traveling doctors are tearing up just talking about their observations.

by Micheal John

Also called rubeola, measles can be serious and even fatal for small children. While death rates have been falling worldwide as more children receive the measles vaccine, the disease still kills more than 100,000 people a year, most under the age of 5. Click to enlarge. Also called rubeola, measles can be serious and even fatal for small children. Death rates were falling worldwide until recently.  The disease was kills more than 100,000 people a year in the better years, most under the age of 5. Today it is increasingly worse. The first quarter of 2019 has seen the disease cause devastation among small children. 
Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto

A 21+ Million Per Year shortfall in Vaccination in Rich Countries over 7 years is Killing Babies. What are governments doing?

Hundreds of thousands of babies are now dead because as a UNICEF report indicates, an estimated 169 million children did not get their Measles vaccine between 2010 and 2017.

Why? What is in the minds of parents? Is healthcare out of reach in rich countries too? Vaccines should be free from your government. If not, what are they doing with your money? The cost of a few less F35 military airplanes and its bombs and missiles could pay for every needed vaccination in North America. This is not about the billions of people living in underdeveloped nations, it’s about the rich too. Get angry first at Measles and fight this bug because it is rapidly gaining ground where it is not allowed to have any.

A nine-month old baby doesn’t get up and go to the doctor to get an MMR vaccination, her family must take her to the health care practitioner.

On 1 May, Doctor David Robert Grimes who seems boiling angry at antivaxxers who may have killed these children, said it all in a video. Watch the video below.

Where are these parents who didn’t vaccinate their babies?

Would you like to know where the measles outbreak is the most worrisome? United States, Europe, the Philippines, Tunisia and Thailand have many cases and are spreading the disease. If you are in these countries or are planning to visit, VACCINATE. If you are unsure if you are immunized, you can take a test (pricey) or just get a booster shot.

That’s well over a billion people who are at grave risk.

Blindness, death and brain damage are some of the outcomes you can expect from Measles. Don’t take this lightly. The world is at the incipient stage of very big trouble unless there is an effective intervention.

Measles  will find the children who are not immunized like a Saudi Arabian bomb on a children’s school bus, with the same outcome.

Let’s fight for the safety of women and children or face the concept of species extermination.

Here is something very shameful. These are the developed nations, certainly among the wealthiest countries on Earth, whose children have not all been properly vaccinated since 2010.

95% Vaccination rates are the expected norm.

Some nations  are not reaching 65%. That’s a recipe for disaster. The number beside each country below is the UNICEF estimate of children missing their start of MMR vaccination.

Argentina: 438,000
Australia: 138,000
Canada: 287,000
Chile: 136,000
France: 608,000
Germany: 168,000
Italy: 435,000
Japan: 374,000
United Kingdom: 527,000
United States: 2,593,000


Is your baby under nine months of age, too young to vaccinate? Here’s what will help you.

For families with infants too young to vaccinate researchers have some suggestions.
That would be for those children below the age of 9 months plus their siblings. This is a nasty illness that is outrageously contagious.

  • Plan and execute a germ-free life for baby and siblings. Read this article on how to do this. Get baby vaccinated after nine-months.
  • Limit your infant’s exposure until vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. Measles is extremely contagious. That means being in the same large place with a person who has the Measles puts baby at high risk. Before Measles returned, it was still killing 100,000 babies around the world each year. The infant mortality rate for measles is sadly staggering.
  • Breast Milk. Feed your baby breast milk because this is the healthiest pre-vaccination option for warning your infant’s tiny body to prepare to fight infection.
  • Read this information on hand washing, what kind of respirator mask to wear in high risk environments or if you or a family member have Measles, and what steps to take for food preparation and water purification.

What families of young children can do for themselves.

There’s a good, happy story HERE about an infant at one of the RINJ clinics where people fought to save a tiny person shortly after birth and then rejoiced in a happy outcome. The baby is now a frequent visitor for snuggles and smiles, the best kind of health care outcome.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

This child’s immunization schedule has included vaccinations for:

  • chickenpox
  • diphtheria
  • haemophilus influenza type B (Hib)
  • hepatitis B
  • Japanese encephalitis
  • measles (MMR)
  • meningococcal disease
  • mumps (MMR)
  • pneumococcal infection
  • polio (poliomyelitis)
  • rotavirus (for babies under six months)
  • rubella (MMR)
  • tetanus
  • tuberculosis
  • whooping cough (pertussis)

This vaccination list is a good checklist for many countries. See your doctor or public health clinic staff.

Protecting children where one is too young to be vaccinated. These are good ideas for everyone, all the time.

Nutrition is very important to children’s immune systems. Baby’s brothers and sisters must eat vegetables. Yes. Children prefer candy and treats. Carbs. No. Vegetables. Vegetables. Beans and berries, any kind of edible berries and beans are wonderful food for children. Roots like carrots are yummy and full of vitamin A, the immune system’s favourite treat. Chayote and squash. Fruits like avocado, oranges, watermelon. Mothers milk tops the list so if you were considering weaning the baby, put that plan on hold for a while would be a very very good idea. Read what experts say, women, about breastfeeding.  Check with your local public health clinic for baby’s vaccination schedule.

For the average family, it is wise to take all the precautions. Diseases are the enemy and they are ever-present and constantly evolving.

At home, regularly take a sterilizing spray to the handles and door knobs in your environment, especially around the bathroom, kitchen and the children’s rooms. 70% alcohol solution, 10% hydrogen peroxide solution, Lysol liquid or spray and many other brands of the same type of thing are good choices. If you don’t have these or cannot afford, never fear if soap and hot water are near. Get out the little bucket and soap and give everything a thorough wash. That’s good too.

Make clean water available for drinking and clean up to the entire family. Filter your drinking water. Boil your drinking water and store in a sterile jug. Ignore that if you have a confidence level of 100% your water is potable and not a carrier of infection or parasites. Many people in developed nations can say that but not all. Most people in the world do not have clean drinking water without their own preparation steps.

Make certain food preparation is done in a sanitary environment with good waste removal for liquids and solids. Isolate and disinfect human waste removal rooms. Waste disposal must be far from wells and underground water tables or streams.

Food grows bacteria between four degrees and seventy-three deg Celsius (40 and 160 deg F.). Cook all meat to an internal temperature above 73 deg C and if you are not cooking, store your food in a refrigerator just below 4 degrees, or freeze it.

Sick persons have weak immune systems. When pathogens like Measles or Mumps are around, they will find and attack the sick person. Keep a healthy lifestyle of daily exercise and healthy eating and drinking. Drink plenty of clean, safe water.

Learn & teach how & when your family should properly wash hands.

Families of Infants Must Adopt Ritualistic Hand Washing

Teach your family to first wet their hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), and apply soap. Wash with  soap the lever or knob that turns the water off and on or keep the bucket clean.

Next they must lather their hands by rubbing them together with soap, also lathering  the backs of their hands, between their fingers, and under their nails. They must repetitively scrub their hands in this order for at least 20 seconds or while reciting the 5x arithmetic table from 0 to 12. (That’s the right timing. The kids’ teachers will love you.) Tell them to then rinse their hands thoroughly under clean, running water. Then they must dry their hands with a clean towel and if not available, air dry them.

Hand sanitizer is not a suitable replacement for washing when preparing for functions like food preparation, caring for the sick, and after using the toilet. But if you have sanitizer, use it often between full washings. Sanitizer is not a substitute for thorough washing.

These are the Global Data Sets. Download and Consult the latest if you wish.

Doctor Grimes, On Countering the AntiVaxxer Cult

Doctor David Robert Grimes is an Irish physicist, cancer researcher and science writer, who contributes to several media outlets on questions of science and society. He has a diverse range of research interests, and is a vocal advocate for increased public understanding of science.

Rosa Yamamoto the art genius, wanted to portray the Antivaxxer. This is more or less what Antivaxxers are saying, (and what you must distrust), what Antivaxxers are doing (spreading disease every time they open a body orifice) and suffering incipient and dangerous infections. Antivaxxers are themselves vulnerable and carriers of disease.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine The Anti-Vaxxer by Rosa Yamamoto,