The world has a responsibility to help Iranians.

The COVID-19 slaughter in Iran is unfathomable. People are falling sick and perishing before the healthcare system can even be available, let alone cope. The death rate caused by the spread of SARS-CoV-2 is the same as anywhere there is a weak or no health care system.

“For every 24 cases of illness there is a death in Iran,” say a number of statisticians watching the global COVID-19 outbreak.  That is  not exactly what the country is reporting but close.

FPMag is partnered with civil society groups of medical researchers maintaining a watch on every single reported case around the world. Readers can see the five-times-daily updates here.

by Melissa Hemingway

These researchers have been calculating the case count and death rate in Iran since January.

They do this work using data supplied by RINJ Foundation members in Iran and NWOB nurses in Iran as well as information from other sources. Researchers talked to officials in Iran and showed their data and calculation methods and suggested that the Iranian government get caught up.

Coronavirus special section at Hezar Takhtkhabi Hospital

Coronavirus special section at Hezar Takhtkhabi Hospital in Tehran, Iran
Photo Credit: Fars News Agency.
Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

61,938 severe COVID-19 cases in Iran and over 2524 deaths is what researchers estimate for Iran’s COVID-19 outbreak.

“We hope we are wrong,” says medical statistician, Moshe Karem.

“These estimates include a coefficient for the marginally improving efficiency of the Iranian healthcare system and also a significant factor for the fact that the population of Iran is younger than the basis for other models, say for example Italy, which has roughly a 5% death rate among serious reported cases,” say the data scientists.

Researcher Moshe Karem explains that “Compared to Italy’s 5% mortality rate, in China that number was 3.4% and in South Korea that number is 0.6%. That is an astonishing range that indicates effectiveness of testing and isolation as well as contact tracking and isolation.”

“Iran is not telling lies,” he continued, “it simply has lost control. Many of Iran’s officials are sick or dead.”

Disinfection of Sadeghiyeh, Tehran Tasnim News Agency

Disinfection of Sadeghiyeh, Tehran
Photo Credit: Tasnim News Agency
Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Iran is overwhelmed with illness.

Iran has nothing to lose hence America pushing Iran toward war will bring war. Where that would go is anybody’s guess.

“The American military antics in Iraq,” notes security analyst Simon Baldock from Duhok, Iraq,  “are seen here as reprehensible and point to a major war. They must cease immediately.”

“Iraq has asked America to remove its troops from Iraqi soil, and that is their right as a sovereign nation,” continues Baldock,  “and that must happen fast or in the alternative both NATO and the UN must take action against their rogue member.”

“The dangerous precedent of mass murdering a dozen Iraqi and Iranian officials in Baghdad on 3 January has created a wave of red rage that has now reached even the Kurds. Americans are not welcome by the ordinary people. The officials they bribe are OK with the American presence lining their pockets but while their benefactors are not listening, the bribed officials change their stripes,” Baldock observed.

Iran’s Troubles are all consuming for medical workers but not for a struggling government.

At some point recently, Iran began to catch up on transparent reporting but it has not done that retroactively. The nation state of Iran does not know how many cases of COVID-19, the illness caused by SARS-CoV-2, the country has experienced.

That should include persons who succumbed to the illness in the city of Qom. That number is thought to be about 12,343 cases and nearly 450 deaths. This estimate is an amalgam of reports from dozens of medical sources.

“There may be religious reasons why this information is not sought by the Tehran government but it is colossal. No country in the world could have handled this situation but in the case of Iran which has been, as reported repeatedly by FPMag over the past couple of years, particularly since May of 2018, suffered drastically from sanctions such that its health care system has more than just floundered,” notes Michele Francis, a nurse practitioner currently on assignment in Venezuela.

1) Solidarity: Lend Iran the money to buy the meds and supplies it needs and then sell Iran those items.

2) The sanctions must end.


Iran is in big trouble.

The same is true of America but it has medicines and money which so far its President has mismanaged but that will change as the best and the brightest of America running the hierarchical levels of government right down to the local elected Mayors, Reeves or Counsellors take charge and help Americans.

America in three months has not done COVID-19 testing and contact tracing. It’s government clearly has blood on its hands.


Iran has the know-how to create nuclear weapons. It may be well on its way to achieving that. It is one of many nations with nuclear weapons and none of those nations has any kind of moral high ground to claim that right. So what difference does it make?

There is a consensus among analysts FPMag surveyed. The Iranian people cannot change their government policies if they are deathly ill or dead.

  • America’s bullying of Iran must stop immediately. Sanctions must end.
  • The world needs to rescue its Iranian sisters and brothers before it is too late.
  • And the people of the world need to figure out a way forward to human solidarity.