Solidarity: China sends a crew and tons of medical supplies to Italy

“Tonight, Italy is not alone,” says its foreign affairs minister.

As the United States President sends his “nasty” travel ban message to over two dozen European countries without notice, Beijing with fist to heart sent the modern equivalent of a giant Saint Bernard with the proverbial wooden barrel of curative relief to Italy.

An expert team of 9 members with 31 tons of medical supplies from China arrived in Italy Thursday. Photo courtesy China Daily/Twitter Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

A story of solidarity by Melissa Hemingway, Sharon Santiago, Rosa Yamamoto, Katie Alsop, Micheal John et. al

Solidarity is an awareness of shared interests, objectives, standards, and sympathies creating a psychological sense of unity of groups or classes. It refers to the ties in a society that bind people together as one.

Hours ago an Airbus A-350 wide body jet airliner of China Eastern Airlines, landed in Rome and rolled into the cargo zone of the airport with a team of doctors and 31 tons of medical supplies.

Greeted by the Italian Red Cross plus officials of the Italian Foreign Ministry and delegates from the Chinese Embassy to Italy, the group was joyous.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio has enthusiastically and perhaps a little emotionally, expressed gratitude to all Chinese people.

“Another lesson comes from China, during these days in which Italy is facing great difficulties: solidarity, with messages, aids, medical equipment, and doctors,” wrote Beppe Grillo, former leader of Five Star Movement, in his blog late on Thursday.

“As one of our proverbs says: A friend’s love is forever, he is born to be friend in misfortune,” he added.

Francesco Rocca, Chairman of Italian Red Cross, said he appreciated the Chinese experts who, after their arduous work in the front line for over a month, chose to move ahead by flying all the way to Italy to offer help.

“Tonight, (we had) the umpteenth proof thanks to the Chinese Red Cross that has arrived with a team of experts, and aids,” his organization posted on twitter.

One of the nurses without borders, nurse Sara Qin, who has been providing FPMag with source data from Wuhan, China says that this is not the only “mercy mission” Chinese medical crews are signing up for.

“I will be leaving soon to go on another that has not yet been announced. I was chosen because my section had a very good outcome for all patients,” says the fearless Chinese medical worker.

An expert team of 9 members with 31 tons of medical supplies from China arrived in Italy Thursday. Photo courtesy China Daily/Twitter Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Why is America not testing? America had no functioning RT-PCR tests for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

According to an interview published on National Public Radio:

Citing Twitter: NPR: “Trump did not push to do aggressive testing because more testing might have led to more cases being discovered of the Coronavirus outbreak, and Trump made it clear the lower the numbers on Coronavirus, the better for the president and his re-election this fall.”

“Our Chinese sisters and brothers are more in our hearts than ever,” says Rosa Yamamoto

Current COVID-19 Case Updates Indicate a Global Crisis

GMT 24-05-2020 Time: 21:12: In all there have been 5,496,025 reported COVID-19 cases of which 232 territories report 2,854,735 active cases with 2,294,686 recoveries and 346,618 deaths.

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