Video rapeday game has players rape and kill women

A BalanceforBetter action against at least one gaming distributor, Valve Corporation (@steam_games), has succeeded, but the developer, “Desk Plant” says the rape game will be sold on other venues. Valve operates an online game distribution site and has agreed not to sell Rape Day.

The WAR on Scumbag Rape-Game Developers. Photo Art by Feminine-Perspective Magazine's Rosa Yamamoto The RINJ Foundation WAR on Scumbag Rape-Game Developers.
Photo Art by Feminine-Perspective Magazine‘s Rosa Yamamoto


“I will … find an alternate way of selling and marketing my games”, wrote the developer before the Rape Day web page was taken down.

by Melissa Hemingway, Senior Staff Writer, Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Video game has players stalk, rape and kill women. Art: Rosa Yamamoto, Feminine-Perspective Magazine Video Rape Day game has players stalk, rape and kill women.
Art: Rosa Yamamoto, Feminine-Perspective Magazine

As 40% of women in South Africa suffer rape crime, sexual violence crime explodes in South Sudan, and former ISIS women are being raped in Syria and Iraq, a brain-dead money-grabbing video Rape Day game developer wants everyone to become a virtual rapist and murderer.

Rape is not a game and the makers of this should not be allowed to make money promoting the rape and killing of women,” the petition declares. “How is this allowed to happen?”

Rape Day Rules

In the words of the publisher:

“Control the choices of a menacing serial rapist during a zombie apocalypse. Verbally harass, kill and rape women as you choose to progress the story.”

It’s a dangerous world with no laws. The zombies enjoy eating the flesh of warm humans and brutally raping them but you are the most dangerous rapist in town.

Rape day is a choice driven visual novel. It does not include grinding or any other time wasting activities so skip the foreplay and enjoy your rape day. You deserve it”

Rape Crime Pandemic Gets Encouragement from Rape-Day Video Game

“The volatility of the situation in South Sudan combined with the lack of accountability for violations and abuses committed throughout Unity, likely leads armed actors to believe that they can get away with rape and other horrific forms of sexual violence,” said Michelle Bachelet, the UN high commissioner for human rights.

While the “rape day” game heads to underground gaming sales outlets at a higher price, at least one outlet will not sell the game.

Rape Day will not ship on Steam

Over the past week you may have heard about a game called ‘Rape Day’ coming soon to Steam. Today we’ve decided not to distribute this game on Steam. Given our previous communication around Who Gets To Be On The Steam Store?, we think this decision warrants further explanation.

Much of our policy around what we distribute is, and must be, reactionary—we simply have to wait and see what comes to us via Steam Direct. We then have to make a judgement call about any risk it puts to Valve, our developer partners, or our customers. After significant fact-finding and discussion, we think ‘Rape Day’ poses unknown costs and risks and therefore won’t be on Steam.

We respect developers’ desire to express themselves, and the purpose of Steam is to help developers find an audience, but this developer has chosen content matter and a way of representing it that makes it very difficult for us to help them do that.

Rape Day was taken off the Steam Site RINJ Confirms Rape Day was taken off the Steam Site – Photo Credit: Image from web Site

Global Civil Society Women’s Group vows to block the sale of Rape-Crime-Promoting Video Games

The RINJ Foundation‘s Katie Alsop told FPMag that any internet service provider caught offering content for and about rape video-games that encourage youth to rape and kill women would face harsh legal and extra legal action from RINJ and via RINJ legal complaints to jurisdictional authorities.