SNC-Lavalin cannot possibly get a fair trial now.

Here is the recipe for repairing Canada’s #LavScam, the boring election-year tempest in a Shimmer ‘n Shine teapot.

A glaring problem is the combination role of the political Justice Minister and the solemn Attorney General in the British parliamentary tradition. Add American interference.

by Micheal John and Melisa Hemingway

Canada, Former home of SNC-Lavalin
Photo/Art Credit: Rosa Yamamoto, Feminine Perspective Magazine

  1. Canada’s Minister of Justice is Canada’s Attorney General. That clearly does not work. Justin Trudeau must create two separate cabinet positions.
  2. Gerald Butts should be made a Senator or Governor General as quickly as possible before SNC-Lavalin hires him away from the service of Public Policy and flees to the UK. Mr. Butts’ honest and sober second thought is needed in Canada. Don’t let him get away.
  3. Two female Liberal ministers, surreal Shimmer and Shine buddies, apparently have quit their posts to protest the Prime Minister in a moment of something other than chutzpah. Good riddance. Their public hanging should be cancelled so they can enjoy a short life in the far rear of the House of Commons, as it is, until their riding associations deal with the rumours that their candidate papers will not be signed.
  4. The SNC-Lavalin case is a boring, stupid case that has something very fishy about it. American interference? Is the RCMP getting some back prodding from the US? This is rumoured. Apparently the CIA was not thrilled with Lavalin helping its enemies build infrastructure at a time when the US wanted the Libyan government beheaded. This was a very dirty mess. Punishing SNC-Lavalin for a very dirty mess made by the USA and the Harper government is not even slightly appropriate. More than that, American interference in Canada is becoming a bad and nauseating habit.  A deferred prosecution option is the only option. It is the only possible option and any kind of delay makes things worse.
  5. If Canada continues to prosecute SNC-Lavalin, the company should leave the country completely and head to the UK or wherever it wants to go. Thanks, and good luck.
  6. As it stands now, SNC-Lavalin cannot possibly get a fair trial in Canada due to the great yakking out-of-school-gob of the Member for Vancouver-Granville who has violated a lot more than peer loyalty. The Caucus quietly wants her booted. Good idea. Loyalty and trust is everything. Wimping and whining is for losers.
  7. The men who a decade ago did the alleged bribes and fraud should be prosecuted. Those cases will reveal a lot of important information Canadians want to know if they proceed fully.
  8. SNC-Lavalin should be given the deferred prosecution option and Andrew Sheer and the surreal princesses of Shimmer and Shine can all take a Valium, together or severally.
  9. SNC-Lavalin’s deferred prosecution arrangement should include an undertaking that it will not make any political donations in Canada for the next 36 years–or something like that.


Staying in Canada or leaving is a coin toss.

SNC-Lavalin has now come to a crossroad after cleaning up its reputation. The past is catching up with the company’s fresh new CEO.  In this context, changing the location of its headquarters and moving to the UK does make a lot of sense.

But SNC-Lavalin’s top management needs to realize that its 100+ years of success has had Canada very much in the formula. Changing that successful blend, no matter how tempting it may seem, could ruin the recipe and turn the outcome upside down.

Photo Credit: SNC-Lavalin

Photo Credit: BC Government Project Office – Art: Feminine Perspective Magazine Rosa Yamamoto

Three teams are shortlisted for B.C.’s $1.4B Pattullo Bridge contract including SNC-Lavalin. A decision will be announced this year and work will begin in 2019. Completion date is to be 2023.