Choking on my Kikiam I listen to Pompeo in Manila

Mike Pompeo: An arrogant ass or a foolish Trump Sock Puppet.

Another of Donald Trump’s handpicked contemptible sock puppets was in the Philippines to tell Filipinos that their trusted Huawei is dangerous. (My first Huawei is 15 years old and has never let me down.) But the truth is that America’s Facebook and Google are far more dangerous. Americans spy on Filipinos worse than any country on Earth.

News and Editorial by Sharon Santiago

Talking Down to President Duterte Talking Down to President Duterte. Trump Sock-Puppet Mike Pompeo insults Filipino President who just brought in China Telecom as a national Cellular provider by saying publicly to Filipinos “don’t buy from Huawei or  China”.  America will defend Philippines from China, says Pompeo. But China is building our new railroad, says Philippines writer Sharon Siantiago. Presumably Mike Pompeo wants PH to abandon cellular service: All of the Philippines cellular is based on Chinese equipment. Much is from Huawei, because PH telecom experts say “it is very good”.
Photo: President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and United States Secretary of State Michael Pompeo during their meeting at the Villamor Air Base in Pasay City on February 28, 2019. Photo Credit: Cropped from the original work of Simeon Celi Jr./Presidential Photo

The venerable Huawei U626 earning trust for over 15 years in the Philippines.

Those Huawei phones have been around long before the sock puppet Pompeo. Huawei and others like Gionee provided durable and affordable cellular phones from the get go.

Poor families in the provinces with no phone line wires could afford telephone communications for the first time in their lives.

It was something like a heaven to be able to coordinate with family members across the valleys about getting crops to market. I remember my mother talking to a relative with tears in her eyes because the distance that separated them had been too great until she got her Huawei.

Kikiam Tea Clutch Condemns Pompeo/Trump Arrogance

Sitting with a group of friends having some Kikiam and tea I watched this Trump emissary guy talk about what the Philippines must do and not do about cellular services.

Just that alone inspired some pretty bad language from the group I was with. Usually any talk about cellular gets a bit raunchy because people today are so unhappy with service the President had to add a service provider from China. Folks are waiting patiently for that to get started. It will be good.

The Philippines have the worst cell phone service on all seven continents. The two companies who provide services are renown rip-off artists who have been taking money from people’s pockets and delivering far less than inferior service say a few of the kikiam snackers sitting on plastic stools at a squat-and-gobble tin-roof-and-poles restaurant. has already praised the Philippines President for his move to fix this mobile phone issue by bringing in China Telecom which should be up and running by the end of 2020–thank you, President Duterte.

Providers have already started with Huawei

Globe and Smart the duo-cellular providers in the Philippines have begun to prepare to launch 5G with Huawei commercial equipment. Meanwhile they have jacked up their already expensive prices to 70 million consumers. They gouge huge profits before the China Telecom consortium seizes a huge market share starting next year.

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Globe Telecom formally announced its fifth-generation (5G) wireless technology adoption using Huawei technology in the Philippines, with the first 5G Globe At Home service to be commercially available by the second quarter of 2019.

Presumably Mike Pompeo wants PH to abandon cellular service: All of the Philippines cellular is based on Chinese equipment. Much is from Huawei, because PH telecom experts say “it is very good”.

Then Pompeo looks down his nose at President Duterte and tells him that the Philippines should not be dealing with neighbour China or Huawei for cellular services.

People who know that Pompeo said that are livid about this condescending remark.

All of the Philippines mobile services, present and planned, are based on excellent China suppliers. What are Filipinos to do? Go back to smoke signals? It’s too windy, caused by the hot air from carpetbagging Americans starting wars in East Asia and spurting hot air in Manila.

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America will protect the Philippines from its neighbour, China, in the South China Sea, says the talking sock-puppet from the Trump White House who may have just started a war in East Asia.

That’s a bit late, isn’t it? Philippines fishermen have had their butts kicked all over the South China Sea as China takes over and militarizes one after another islands. America was not present when China kicked Philippines’ fishermen from their usual fishery areas. Why should anyone believe their retroactive promises? The Philippines fixed the problem itself. China is providing huge infrastructure boosts to PH in some kind of quid pro quo. People are trusting President Duterte, not some condescending sock puppet from the Trump White House insulting the President of the Philippines.

And China is the Philippines’ neighbour. The Philippines gets along with its neighbours.

Philippines President Duterte has struck some amazing infrastructure deals with China, like a railroad across Luzon. (Miracle-level applause.)

Pompeo Says China May Block America’s Spying Equipment?

If the Philippines uses any Huawei equipment it may stop the United States from operating its own (spy?) equipment in the Philippines, says US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Perhaps Pompeo is talking about five secret US bases in the Philippines with missions aimed at China and North Korea. This has many people worried. See: Manila Times: US military bases disguised as Philippine bases are here again

Meanwhile: Indonesia Telecom Giant Partners with Huawei Too

From right to left: Richard Jin, President of Huawei Transmission & Access Product Line; Ms. Yessie Dianty Yosetya, CTO of XL Axiata; Kevin Huang, CMO of Huawei Transmission & Access Product Line – Photo Credit: Huawei

During Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 in Barcelona, PT XL Axiata Tbk partnered with Huawei to announce the joint construction of the Southeast Asia’s first 5G Ready simplified transport network. This network will cover the whole country to fully support XL Axiata’s expansion in individual, home, and enterprise services, provide ultimate service experience for end users, and accelerate the digital transformation process of enterprises.

XL Axiata is a leading mobile telecommunications service operator in Indonesia. It has extensive network and service coverage in Indonesia and provides data, voice, SMS, and other value-added services for individual, home, and enterprise users. XL Axiata is committed to becoming the most popular data communication provider and has proposed the 3R (Revamp, Rise & Reinvent) strategy to provide rich content services for users and bring digital services to every Indonesian family and enterprise by building a new business model with data services as the core. To accelerate transformation into an all-service operator, Indonesia XL Axiata is promoting unified planning and construction of the entire transport network and building a simplified 5G Ready network to enhance its leading position in the 5G era.

Sunrise CEO Olaf Swantee said in an interview with the media that Sunrise 5G is progressing smoothly and is the first 5G pioneer in Switzerland. 5G network will be launched soon in March this year, covering more than 150 towns cities/villages across Switzerland, and using Huawei Equipment. – Photo Credit: Huawei


Monaco Telecom and Huawei sign MoU – Photo Credit: Huawei

Even if America’s Request to the Philippines was legitimate, the Philippines Cannot Go Backwards or Wait for the Americans to develop 5G infrastructure technology.

The problem the Philippines face is that Huawei has maintained leadership in 5G solutions through ongoing investment in R&D and is the world leader in this technology, desperately needed in PH.

PH cellular providers have already chosen Huawei, hence the Donald Trump Sock Puppet messenger to President Duterte is an embarrassment all around the circle. A huge annoyance.

For the Philippines’ 70+ million users, the existing services are less than inadequate and 5G is the only solution. PH cannot wait until America, which only created a new 5G infrastructure imperative last month, has finally developed a competitive offering in the 5G arena. There are no assurances that it ever will or that it would be affordable. All the surveys conducted in the Philippines say that Filipinos are not prepared to do without their cell phones, as Pompeo seems to be implying.

The high 5G network performance and strong delivery capabilities of Huawei gear have made that company a partner of choice.

So far, Huawei has signed over 30 commercial 5G contracts with other operators around the world, not just the Philippines, says a company spokesperson, “and shipped over 40,000 5G base stations”.

The firm says it seeks “to help operators jump-start 5G and deliver a high-quality 5G user experience”.

It is very hard to disagree with the Philippines’ telecoms’ choice of Huawei.


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