Visible G20 flops but what you missed is brilliant.

Posturing and politicking for home audiences among the developed wealthy 38 nations of the world is all that came out of the mainstream media coverage of the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan. That’s accurate reporting. But there is also plenty of gold from the scattered experts’ workshops operating in relative obscurity.

Despite the on-point agenda set out by presiding G20 President Shinzo Abe, the focus in mainstream media has been on conflict and on Donald Trump’s accelerating change agenda. In a separate article, FPMag talks specifics about Abe’s ‘smart plastics‘ ideas and climate change. There’s more than what meets the eye to this year’s G20.

by Micheal John

Osaka, Japan. Clean, beautiful and efficient.

Osaka, Japan. Clean, beautiful and efficient.
Photo Credit: G20 Organization – Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag


Notwithstanding Twitter chatter, this year’s G20 did assemble real experts to talk about smart plastics (governments should not ban plastics, but do what they promised and recycle); women’s increasing roles in the economy (gender equality can add 25 trillion to the global economy and enhance human development); and most importantly, Climate Change.


The one in the white, Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) is a murderer.

The one in the white, Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) is a murderer and international criminal. Photo Credit: G20 Org – Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag


Having Ivanka Trump lead the G20’s token and charade-ish agenda on woman’s rights and gender equality is like having Mohammad bin Salman speaking on safety for journalists and the woes of public beheadings. Trump policies have set women’s rights and gender equality, backwards, three decades.


Maybe the worst group of leaders in all history?

Two things stand out about the G20 leadership. Look at the people in the above picture. Ask yourself:

  1. How many are accused of serious human rights violations like the bombing of children in Yemen?
  2. How many women leaders have been elected in this global patriarch?
  3. How many of these leaders are abusive authoritarians thus forgiving, through familiarity, of each others’ abuses?
  4. How many are benevolent leaders versus kleptocrats.
  5. How many are renown for violence and abuses.

Apart from Emmanuel Macron, other EU leaders, and Justin Trudeau plus the host,
G20 President Shinzo Abe, other leaders attending the G20 pomp and pageantry showed no proclivity toward intellectual honesty about the state of the world.

 The rest of the leaders should pay their own costs and return their salaries to their publics.

Trump and other Despots Stole the ‘Show’

Vladimir Putin thinks that the world’s woes, including climate change apparently, are all about “Liberalism“, but he doesn’t define liberalism except to say it is “antiquity”.

Donald Trump says the world’s problems are caused by Democrats (another way of saying “Liberals”) led by Liberal(?) Nancy Patricia Pelosi, whom he favours as a potential ‘better mother’ in his troubled quest for affirmation.

Donald Trump is totally infatuated with Nancy Pelosi. Ok, who isn’t, but Trump is madly in love with this Joan-of-Arc in a democrat suit of armour (made of intelligence which defeats Trump every time).

This is understandable for the woman Pelosi has the wisdom of Yoda and the firebrand of Joan of Arc.

Already, Pelosi’s sisters Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are figuratively wacking Trump’s buttocks all over the American return-to-sanity platform.

Trump’s well-practised abusive narrative for women are redirected to these sheroes giving the women he has raped in the past a slight reprieve from his potty-mouth.

Another of Trump’s rape victims has recently raised the discussion of Trump’s alleged criminality in a book about Trump’s fettish for sexual violence toward women (and according to psychiatry text books about Trump’s disorders, likely men as well).

During the weekend, shown in the picture below, Trump is seen bending over to Mohammed bin Salman’s ear to whisper his latest “mommy wound” crisis to a man who well understands the problem.

They both murder children (competitor’s for the invisible mommy’s attention) and they both hate and imprison women (especially migrants for Trump and any woman who tops them publicly like Meng Wanzhou for Trump and Former University of British Columbia student (Canada) Loujain Alhathloul.)

Sidebar on Trump / MBS and women’s rights

By Unknown - Loujain Alhathloul via OTRS system, CC BY-SA 4.0, bin Salman must free former University of British Columbia student (Canada) Loujain Alhathloul  (dob 31 July 1989) Photo By Submitted – via OTRS system, CC BY-SA 4.0 She is in al-Ha’ir Prison.


Read: Proposal: Saudi Arabia Release Human Rights Defenders

Feminine Perspective Magazine-30 Oct 2018


Saudi Arabia must release human rights defenders the victims of an opaque and arbitrary judicial system.Human rights defender Israa al Ghomgham.  – Photo is Riyadh TV Screen Capture

Read: Urging for the release of Human Rights Defenders

Also read: Demanding Yemen Ceasefire, Survivor Compensation 

Release human rights defendersFree Aziza al-Yousef . Possibly still in Dhahban Central Prison, meet another genuine hero and human rights defender. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons: Joodymuhd 

List of Human Rights Defenders The RINJ Foundation, a woman’s rights Civil Society Group Wants Released by Saudi Arabia:

  • Abdullah Al Malki, academic and citizen-journalist
  • Abdulaziz Meshaal
  • Alaa Brinji, journalist for Al-Sharq, El Bilad and Okaz
  • *Aisha al-Mana, female human rights defender,  director of the Al-Mana General Hospitals and the Mohammad al-Mana College of Health Sciences. She is a feminist who has participated both in demonstrations against the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia and in the anti male-guardianship campaign. The RINJ Foundation wants charges dropped for this woman. She has been released mid year.
  • Ali Al Omari, founder of the 4Shabab TV channel
  • Aziza al-Yousef, female human rights defender
  • Eman al Nafjan, women’s rights activist, founder of the Saudi Woman blog is a school teacher and later a university teaching assistant. She earned a master’s degree in teaching English as a foreign language from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. She then taught pre-med English at a university. She was working towards a PhD in linguistics. She was detained by Saudi authorities in May 2018
  • Essam Al Zamil, economist and citizen-journalist
  • Fadhel al Manafes, a citizen-journalist and human rights defender
  • Hatoon al-Fassi was an associate professor of women’s history at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, where she was employed since 1989 and at the International Affairs Department at Qatar University.  Al-Fassi claims from her research into the pre-Islamic Arabian kingdom of Nabataea that women in the kingdom had more independence than women in modern Saudi Arabia. She was arrested in June 2018 for believing this.
  • Ibrahim al-Modaimeegh
  • Israa al-Ghomgham, human rights defender, columnist, citizen journalist, blogger
  • Jamil Farsi, businessman and columnist for several Saudi newspapers, including Okaz; much followed on Twitter
  • #HearMeToo: Loujain al-Hathloul, female human rights defender
  • *Madeha al-Ajroush, female human rights defender took part in the first protests by Saudi women against the ban on women driving. The RINJ Foundation wants charges dropped for this woman. She has been released mid year.
  • Malek al Ahmad, editor of several media outlets, founder of Al Mohayed (“The Neutral One“)
  • Mayya al-Zahrani was reportedly arrested on Saturday, hours after posting comments online on the arrest of fellow activist Nouf Abdulaziz
  • Mohammed Saud al Bishar, reporter and columnist, including for the Saudi newspaper Twasul
  • Nassema al Sadah, women’s rights activist and columnist
  • Nazir al Majid, writer and journalist for various media including Al Hayat et Al Sharq
  • Nouf Abdelaziz al Jerawi, journalist, blogger and activist
  • Raif Badawi, blogger, founder of the Saudi Liberal Network (an online forum)
  • Saleh al Shehi, journalist with Al Watan
  • #HearMeTooSamar Badawi, is an extraordinary and internationally recognized human rights defender. She was arrested by the Saudi authorities again. Canada’s request for her immediate release sparked a major diplomatic dispute between Canada and Saudi Arabia.
  • Salman al Awdah, reformist preacher and blogger with many followers
  • Waleed Abu al Khair, founder of the Monitor of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump and Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud in the Oval Office, March 14 2017Donald Trump’s man in the Middle East. From: The Freak Show: Part II – The Caliphate Root
US President Donald Trump, the man who confiscates women’s babies to scare away future migrants, speaks with House of Saud’s Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince who wants to behead women who call him out on human rights violations. Photo taken during their cozy meeting Tuesday, March 14, 2017, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, D.C. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

These two men would have better served their constituents had they listened and reacted, even joined, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Climate Change and Shinzo Abe on smart plastics and the recyclability issues around the world.

There Is Gold in the 2019 G20

Shinzo Abe is the Prime Minister of Japan and Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan since 2012. The Japanese like him and his talent for intelligent diplomacy has earned him much respect globally. He vowed to make the G20 meetings in 2019 a big success. That success was missed by many mainstream journalists attending here but Asian journos get the message. The gold is to be found within the intense meetings of experts all around South Asia.

The real values of the G20 will be derived from the minutes and the briefs of the following subset workshops of this year’s G20 meetings, which, by the way, are ongoing.

  • Agriculture Ministers’ Meeting in Niigata,
  • Ministerial Meeting on Trade and Digital Economy in Tsukuba, Ibaraki,
  • Ministerial Meeting on Energy Transitions and Global Environment for Sustainable
  • Growth in Karuizawa, Nagano,
  • Labour and Employment Ministers’ Meeting in Matsuyama, Ehime,
  • Health Ministers’ Meeting in Okayama,
  • Tourism Ministers’ Meeting in Kutchan, Hokkaido,
    and Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Nagoya, Aichi.

Each person contacted by FPMag declared that Japanese Omotenashi has shown through even with persons paying no attention to the presence of G20 participants or their events. Clean, beautiful cites and industrious but welcoming Japanese, “have made workshops very productive because they are comfortable,” said one participant who is not authorized to speak to media on behalf of her country.

The Conflicts Got the Attention but Climate and Environment benefited from hard work at experts’ meetings.

Strange but true, this weekend’s media moments included an earlier picture of Justin Trudeau with some youth at a fast food restaurant table with a spotty representation of plastic forks. Trudeau had just recently announced a ban on one-time use plastics like straws and plastic forks for 2021.

There is pure gold in this. But it isn’t obvious to many and that is sad. While Trudeau’s reactive interim ban on one-time-use plastics says he has the guts to move forward, he should have talked to Shinzo Abe first, or should have talked to the same scientists the Japanese Prime Minister seems to be befriending. The world has the plastics problem and blame game all wrong. Government screwed up, industry did what it always does, it takes care of business. Government needs to  take care of its people.  And it didn’t–government broke its promises on recyclability.

The problem with the straws and the forks is that government failed to keep its promise on monitoring and managing recyclability and on actually doing the recycling. Waste management is a government responsibility. Government members are paid by the people to provide this infrastructure system and protocols to the people. Government has failed. Corruption and accountability issues are the cause of the problem, not plastics.

Plastics permeate the Earth. They still need to be recycled over the next 500 years, hopefully sooner. Manufactures should still use plastics but smart and recyclable plastics. Shinzo Abe had planned to make this a big feature. Watch for changes in global thinking. Japan and Europe may lead the world to a better future in this issue.

The Bickering

America’s ongoing war with Iran; American complicity with the Saudi Arabia murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi; America’s trade war with China; Canada’s kidnapping of Sabrina Meng, Chief Financial Officer of Huawei Technologies (on behalf of America’s war against China); and new anti-American alliances in the making behind Donald Trump’s back all clouded the picture.

Despite the agreement being reached a week ahead of the G20 Trump claims to have mastered a deal with Xi Jinping to slow down their tariff wars (which Trump has used to unwittingly slam the US Economy by forcing mostly the poorest Americans to pay a heavy premium for China goods).

Justin Trudeau did manage to corner Xi Jinping and at least express Canada’s side on the Meng Wanzhou dispute which has resulted in an economic body blow from Canada’s second largest customer. Canada offended its most important customer on 1 December 2018 by arresting a transient airline passenger who happens to be a star performer executive of China’s foremost technology company.

Meng Wanzhou was grabbed at Vancouver Airport, 1 December 2018, by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police obedient to America, on behalf of the Trump Administration, who again this weekend announced her as being a pawn in a trade war.

G20 Summit - The one in White is a Murderer

UN and CIA have said the one in white is a murderer and international criminal.
Photo credit: AFP ~  Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag