Valerie and her Daddy will not be separated by Trump.

They never made it.

A mom weeps for lost baby and husband.

Valerie’s Dad believed his daughter was safer anywhere but ‘here’. He left grave danger in their turbulent home nation, for America.

A proud daddy and his beautiful baby daughter will never be separated and suffer as thousands have in Trump’s migrant concentration camps. They died in each others arms crossing a river trying to get to Brownsville, Texas.

Oscar Alberto Martínez Ramirez and 23-month-old daughter, Valeria, were found in the Rio Grande on Monday close to Brownsville Texas.

They never made it. Mother weeps for lost child and husband. Valerie's Dad believed his daughter was safer anywhere but 'here', & left turbulent home nation for America. Proud Daddy & Daughter will not suffer in Trump's migrant concentration camps. Feminine-Perspective Magazine Click to enlarge. Photo Credit: Julia Le Duc/Associated Press
Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto