Idlib is becoming a 6,097 km² Cemetery.

There is no escape for the orphans, the infirmed, the disabled and the aged

Nobody really knows the exact numbers of migrants who this Spring have fled from Idlib governorate in Syria since the bombing began.

Bombs have been slamming and killing two dozen hospitals, schools, farmland, water purification and distribution systems, and basic infrastructure needed by 2.5 million civilians to survive.

The bombs are also taking out the children and their families.

What you hear and read in the media are best-effort estimates. The number of people fleeing Idlib is more like everyone who can.

by Behar Abbasi, Micheal John, Sharon Santiago, Katie Alsop, Cathy Williams and likely all of Civil Society.

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Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Idlib is being bombed to death.Photo Credit: source supplied ~ Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

“Those who can leave” means people who have a place to go and some nest egg money somewhere with which they can restart. For most people who are indigenous to Idlib, their lives are attached to something they have built and the only things they have. Many cannot leave.

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Idlib Region in the context of the Syrian Civil WarClick to enlarge: World Needs Idlib Peace say Medical Workers, Part II –  Read Also the report of Medical workers Part 1 Map: Wikimapia, Photo Art: Rosa YamamotoFPMag

Day and night the bombs will fall, targeting mostly the terrorists among us. But they are indeed moved in among us. And there will be civilian casualties in Idlib that the enemies of Syrians and Bashar al-Assad will exploit.

Everyone who is neutral to this fight should leave Idlib.

We ask politely for a 7 day cease fire to allow people to leave Idlib.

  1. Clearly, not everyone is going to be polite. We know that and will set a better example.
  2. We agree that Idlib needs to be fixed and the interlopers must go away or go to prison. How can we help?
  3. Neither is true for ordinary children and their families in Idlib.
  4. Six countries are responsible in Syria for the continued warfare and civilian deaths.
  5. You must stop this now. You bomb here, send your missiles here and sell your godforsaken weapons here. HTS does not make their own armour, guns and missiles. Some of these six countries sold them this paraphernalia of war.

Today Russia, Iran, Turkey, America, Britain and Israel  no longer have the color of right in any manner whatsoever.

  1. Russia,
  2. Iran,
  3. Turkey,
  4. America,
  5. Britain and Israel…

must each stop their violence; stop selling your weapons here and go arrest Bashar al-Assad and his cronies both Syrian and Iranian and convene a tribunal.

Iran, go home or face the consequences.

End the violence now.

Claiming that what Russia is doing is no worse than what America and Britain did in ar-Raqqa the Russian side has issued a defiant statement in response to a UNSC condemnation of the Idlib bombing by Kuwait, Germany and Belgium.

Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations
“In regard to the Security Council draft press statement on the situation in the North-West of Syria

We did not find it possible to support in the Security Council the draft statement for the press on the situation in the North-West of the SAR, proposed by the informal penholders of Syrian humanitarian dossier (Belgium, Germany, Kuwait).We do not agree that the situation in the North-West can be viewed separately from situation in other regions. Besides, the document under consideration absolutely ignored the fact that Idlib was controlled by terrorist group ‘Hayat Tahrir al-Sham’.

We regret that our colleagues in the Security Council preferred to stick to the biased approach towards what is going on in Syria. The so called humanitarian ‘troika’ showed no worries when the illegal coalition that is deployed in Syria was razing Hajin and Baghouz down to the ground. The ‘liberated’ Raqqa is still lying in ruins.