G20: Deal with Climate Change. End wars. What about Jamal?

What the G20 group of nation’s leaders should be doing is focusing on the issues of real people who put these Osaka, Japan gadflies now buzzing China’s powerful President, in office.

Many of these people need to put their personal greed in check and make up their minds that they will work to stop the burning of fossil fuels at every opportunity as if it were an emergency and they couldn’t breathe.

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In China people are wearing serious respirators. In China people are wearing serious respirators. Some 4.5 billion people worldwide are exposed to concentrations of airborne particulate matter (PM), at twice the level the World Health Organization considers safe.
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Each of the G20 themes should include climate change and pollution control.

  • 01 Global Economy
  • 02 Trade And Investment
  • 03 Innovation
  • 04 Environment And Energy
  • 05 Employment
  • 06 Women’s Empowerment
  • 07 Development
  • 08 Health

It is not important who gets the best slot in the group photo, near or beside Xi Jinping or the world’s most accomplished statesman, Vladimir Putin, it’s what you do to get an agreement among each other on immediate carbon footprint reductions.

Feminine Perspective:

Electorates will soon be holding these G20 politicians to account for not correctly dealing with the issue of climate change. 2019 Is already a year to remember. 2020 Will be worse because that will be the year that 7.7 billion people realize how badly their leaders have screwed up the planet. This year’s G20 had better not have even a whisper of oil and money. Safety, breathing clean air, and eating safe food have become more important.

Forget Donald Trump and America and pursue real change. This year it is expected that hurricanes along the Eastern Seaboard of the United States will be the worst ever.

If high winds and baseball-size hail stones are not convincing enough, heat waves strong enough to broil everyone at Mara Lago are expected this year or next. America will learn the hard way.

Heat Wave

Record temperatures around the world are placing the very young and the very old in morbid danger. What is the G20 doing?


And here is something else that the G20 attendees should be talking about.

Ms. Agnes Callamard notes with concern that so few States reacted to Mr. Khashoggi’s death.

America’s de facto endorsement of this murder indicates how vile America has become under Donald Trump. Another nation must take the global lead. Photo Credit: Original, Twitter Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPM.news