"Don’t Buy a Kid ~ End Child Sex Trade" RINJ 7th Campaign Theme is "Put Family First"

Have you read: Jane Doe vs Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein

Update 7 July 2019.New criminal charges against Jeffrey Epstein may involve Donald Trump.

The indictments comprise a sealed Grand Jury envelope.

This is a child sex trade case involving Jeffrey Epstein’s  alleged sex trafficking of minors that The RINJ Foundation has been tracking and complaining about for years. The case implicates many high-profile personalities including two American presidents and a former Secretary of State.

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Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged crimes committed between 2002 and 2005 in both New York and Palm Beach, Florida may also have extensions to an island that Epstein owns and to Switzerland where money was transferred.

It may mean nothing at this time but there is a quasi-celebrity on the prosecution team at this time. Maurene Comey is the daughter of former FBI director James Comey.

Outside of home, do not take your eyes off your young children for one second. That will help end child sex trade. Put family first.

Today in North America and elsewhere, criminals want children for:

  1. soldiering ($50-150.00 USD),
  2. slavery ($150 – 10,000USD),
  3. child sex trade as sex workers ($300 – 20,000 USD, and
  4. organ trafficking (in total, sales to recipients could be hundreds of thousands to millions).

The order indicates the value of the child. Persons who steal children from the streets and from their families can earn the most money selling to individuals in the illegal human organ trade. Sometimes the prices paid for children’s organs are colossal.

by Sharon Santiago, Feminine-Perspective Magazine

It has been instructive reviewing the files and records of The RINJ Foundation which is currently launching its seventh consecutive year awareness campaign against child sex trade. The women speak passionately about this aspect of their work.

Volunteers, they say, in any and every community are needed and welcome to do some volunteer work in summer 2019. ->  VOLUNTEER

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  2. Expose & End Child Sex Slavery. It is Rape.
  3.  RINJ Case proves ‘Porn’ Drives Child Sex Trade
  4. MeToo Works for Adults but not for children. Children are the most impacted by sex crime.
Outside of home, do not take your eyes off your young children for one second. That will help end child sex trade. Child Art: D. Rose Grade 3 -

Outside of home, do not take your eyes off your young children for one second. That will help end child sex trade. Child Art: D. Rose Grade 3 ~ Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

The picture and its story: If you don’t think losing a child to a snatcher  can happen to you, the world is not the place you think it is. Look at the names of the once little girls that people like Jeffrey Epstein has bought and sold right under the White House staff’s noses.

Whatever you think you have in your life, it will mean nothing if you lose a child. Hence, The RINJ Foundation is asking you to not take that cell-phone call or in any way be distracted from caring for your children while away from home.

Put Family First ~ before you take that Mobil Phone Call from the office or in the alternative, delegate your responsibility for watching the children to a responsible and trusted person before you 'call back'.

Put Family First ~ before you take that Mobile Phone Call from the office or in the alternative, delegate your responsibility for watching the children to a responsible and trusted person before you ‘call back’. Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag


Summer Months in North America are Dangerous Months for Unsupervised Children.

The summer months of North America present new dangers for children who are out of school and unattended during parts of the day.

That’s the first mistake parents make. Children need to be monitored 100% of the time they are outside the home and 100% of the time they are near a computer connected to the internet, at home.

Small children are spotted by perverts the instant they appear in places to which they wander away from minders.

Criminals who know the child sex trade will set up a surveillance on a local child’s sporting event. To give you an example of how it works, they’ll watch the bathroom, the drinking fountain or the ice cream truck in the parking lot. They are counting on parents not being there but being “at the game” and sending the siblings on their own to the bathroom, water fountain or ice cream truck.

They will pick a place that has good masking; easy egress; and plenty of traffic with no cameras.

It doesn’t take long to make a hook-up and figure out a price for kidnapping the children these persons see in their surveillance efforts. By the time they grab a child, they know their plan. They are just an incipient stage of a horrible chain of events that each person in the chain knows only their own part.  They will sell the little one to a criminal who acts as agent for a larger ring.

Widespread Poverty hits Criminals Too ~ They become more daring.

Today young boys are in demand by pedophiles all over the world for the lucrative child sex trade. Girls may fetch a slightly lower price because for reasons no one seems to understand, they are more available.

Teen and pre-teen girls are found working in the Philippines, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, and actually, all around the world. The source of trafficked children is largely from the aforementioned countries.

Says one RINJ worker named Sonya, “Missing children as young as 2 years  are locked in rooms as sex slaves and regularly there are 8 to 12-year-old’s who are made to take care of the tiny ones or be punished.”
The older girls look after the younger ones.
“We have been in three of the four worst countries for child sex trafficking: Cambodia, India, Philippines and Thailand. In Cambodia if a child enters the sex trade prior to their 18th birth day there is a 90% chance they will come out with AIDS.”
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I would rather be the nurse delivering the baby of a raped teen we rescued than the nurse who must tell a family, “we have found your dead child”. — Nurse Practitioner Behar Abbasi

Jeffrey Epstein, a target of RINJ Investigators

The allegations are against a convicted sex offender Mr. Epstein. But Mr. Epstein is not the only player.

* He is a major donor to The Clinton Foundation.
* Epstein is a convicted buyer of adolescent children for sex.
* Bill Clinton has been the guest of Epstein at least a couple dozen times and Hillary was no stranger either.
* Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that Epstein is a ‘friend’ and that he has been to many ‘parties’ Epstein has hosted.

In response to Trump’s allegations of Clinton’s insensitivity in the 1975 case, Clinton supporters rigged the “Jane Doe” case along with a few others maybe? It doesn’t matter. Both sides are doing horrible damage to the concept of the rights of women and gender equality. Think about it.

FBI Jumped Through Hoops Gathering Evidence on Obvious Crime

Epstein’s butler has been charged by the USA Federal Bureau of Investigations FBI for concealing evidence (which he tried to exploit for financial gain) that would have assisted in additional charges against Epstein who has something like a dozen outstanding civil cases pending or in the process of being settled out of court last year.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine


Clearly Epstein has earned his level 3 Sex Offender classification. Moreover it is clear that the nature of Epstein’s crimes are known to the public, including the Jane Doe who waited more than eight years after Epstein’s conviction, imprisonment and release all of which were public events, well- noted in the general media. It is not unusual for victims to be terrified all their lives.

According to nurse Behar Abbasi, survivors hate themselves more than anything.

“Psychologists will tell you that the most demeaning acts against a person translate to self-worth. Like putting a dark thing into a closed box in ones mind, women defer horrors they cannot possibly face during the post traumatic anxiety following their rape which can last for years. When they open that box again, they are a mess again,” is the succinct explanation of nurse Behar who has been working with traumatized women and children in Syria and Yemen.

It is so hard to authenticate an old case when the evidence is buried in the dark cobwebs of decades ago.

“Thank heavens the FBI stuck to this case. I hope the Court stops this evil man’s sex trade industry which by now is in the hands of other people, flourishing,” added the experienced nurse.