USA/Britain Armed Attack on Iran is Genocidal

The United States has brought the world to the brink of global war and has become a global pariah.

The food and medicine deprivation of civilians in Iran and the DPRK along with Venezuela and some other nations like Yemen, has a common genocidal thread.

America’s government blames these populations. They sound like Coca Cola which has blamed consumers for its plastics pollution. It’s a rabble-rousing brainwash of the great American unwashed who slurp up the blarney like lap dogs.

The starvation and death of ordinary non-white civilians in these aforementioned countries is being done at the hands of genocidal bullies who think that their ethnic race is superior and that other races must perish. In some cases they are kleptocracies that seek to generate wealth, build dynasties at the expense of those who trusted them, and murder or imprison any empowered opposition, like Jamal Khashoggi and Julian Assange.

[News and Analysis] by Melissa Hemingway in Toronto.

Armed attack on 'Grace 1" tanker by British "pirates" under US orders has Tehran fuming. Armed attack on ‘Grace 1″ tanker by British “pirates” under US orders has Tehran fuming.
Photo Credit: Screen Capture Al Jazeera Youtube Watch?
Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto

Since WWII ended the United States has led the world in genocidal killing of hundreds of thousands, millions even, of non-white Middle East Muslims, Africans and religiously undefined Asians.

Behind the violent thinking and actions of people like US President Donald Trump, US National Security Adviser John Bolton and US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, is genocidal murder. And let’s point the finger of guilt to Vladimir Putin for getting these psychos elected. Not funny, Mr. Putin.

These men deny that accusation. They don’t comprehend the vein of thought or the overwhelming evidence because they are so seriously obsessed with a paradigm of racism. Their two-dimensional personalities are so disordered, they simply cannot feel true compassion for their fellow man. The Pope might call them “workers of the devil”, but the real-world truth is, they are maladjusted humans willing to commit crimes against humanity. They belong in prison and most certainly should not be in positions of authority wherein they are nuclear-armed.

America is working hard to start a war in the South of Asia where its various planning scenarios suggest hundreds of millions of Asians will be killed. Apparently the US government accepts these risks because it is provoking war all across Asia.

In the context of global human development, America is actually the Enemy of the People. There is no doubt around the world of that being fact.

War Criminals cannot be trusted just as Human Rights and Treaty Violators cannot be trusted. Iran has a point.

  1. There are no “Good Guys” in the current armed conflict between USA/Britain and Iran.
  2. The bad guys in the Britain/USA conflict against the people of the Chagos Archipelago are the United States and Britain.
  3. The  bad guys in the conflict in Yemen that is slaughtering countless civilians are Britain/USA/Saudi/UAE and their raping, pillaging partners like Omar al Bashir and his thugs.

On 4 July 2019, British Royal Marines boarded an Iranian flagged oil tanker named Grace I off the coast of the British territory Gibraltar on Thursday and seized it over accusations it was breaking sanctions by sailing with oil cargo to Syria. The vessel sailed from Khargo Island on April 17. The armed military unit attacked the vessel by landing a helicopter on its deck during the night.

The ship has been seized and will be held for an indeterminate period of time. The allegation is that it has broken American sanctions pushed through the European Union and the UN Security Council.

Iran has declared this to be an unlawful act of armed aggression and has threatened significant retaliation.

On 5 July, yesterday, U.S. Ambassador to International Organizations in Vienna, Jackie Wolcott, requested a special meeting of the Board to discuss the IAEA Director General’s latest, concerning report on the Iranian regime’s nuclear program.

Despite America’s complete violation of the JCPOA the USA is demanding that the international community hold Iran accountable for its announced intention to abandon some of its obligations under the JCPOA.

If Iran wants Nuclear Weapons, it’s because its perceived enemies are nuclear armed. Hence, end the ‘enemy-osity’, don’t make it worse like Britain and America are doing today.

  • Nations possessing nuclear weapons are today bullying those nations that are not nuclear armed. That is today’s biggest problem.
  • The simple reality is that until the world is willing to deal with nuclear disarmament, there will be no nuclear disarmament.
  • If humanity reduced its spending on all weapons, human development would be colonizing other planets. We have spent too much of our precious resources on killing each other.
  • Without nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation will not be effective because it is inherently unfair. The NPT may have worked when what Donald Trump calls “sh**hole countries” were under-developed nations but today there is not much of a Third World left to worry about. Notwithstanding, religious fundamentalism is a more serious reason to fear nukes in the wrong hands and that is the strongest reason for global nuclear disarmament.
  • In WWII, Russia lost 20-25 million of its people to Nazi massacres. China lost over 80 million. In the Korean war, the DPRK lost one third of its entire population of civilians. These countries have populations who are terrified of being bullied. They have nuclear armed themselves commensurate with the only threat that has ever killed hundreds of thousands of civilians using nuclear weapons. America.
  • America is not a valid enforcer of arms limitations because it is an abuser. The country has a rampaging issue of gun violence against school children and blacks. It separates and sends children of migrant mothers to concentration centers along the USA/Mexico border where many suffer and some have died. In other words its culture has a bullying mentality cooked right into its core of existence.
  • A nuclear weapons free world, in which nuclear weapons are completely eliminated is the ideal way ahead.
  • All UN and various unilateral sanctions against Iran are invalidated by the United States violation of the JCPOA.


There is a lot of talk about the JCPOA but how many people, including the persons in the White House, have read the agreement? Clearly Donald Trump has not read the treaty or in the alternative he does not have the acumen to understand the international treaty agreement that he violated. Read if you wish: The Iran Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) Iran Nuclear Deal Of July 14, 2015

Iran does not trust the party that violated the JCPOA

In Syria, Israel, and in Iran, women are hearing chatter that implies a will and the means exist to retaliate brutally against Britain and Gibraltar.

Iran needs to show restraint, even though its population is being bullied mercilessly and unjustly.