Trump Attack on Elijah Cummings Goes Saudi-Nuclear

Donald Trump has been dumping on Congressman Elijah Cummings as if Trump were a white supremacist in a white hood chasing after a black man who was going to  become the first black President.

Wait. The first black President already happened, and that would be why Trump hates Barrack Obama so much.

010:04hrs 31 July (HKT) by Micheal John, Melissa Hemingway and Katie Alsop


In his attacks on Elijah Cummings, Trump has been like the shark in the 1975 Hollywood movie, JAWS.

Otherwise, Donald Trump acts like one of the ‘bad boys’ in teen movies, viciously attacking a person (who knows Trump showered with a Robby Weirddick-type) in order to discredit the source of truth to his posse of followers. Remember? Trump did that with Jeffrey Epstein too, in case Epstein ratted out Trump.

Attacking Elijah Cummings is  like attacking Martin Luther King. Representative Cummings is reputedly a very decent human, an adept statesman and skillful lawmaker.

Cummings is reported by political friends and foes alike to be a person with passionate love for his country who provides effective representation for his constituents.

“In Trump’s era,” old uncle Bill tells us, “what Trump did to Mr. Cummings was called putting Elijah Cummings on the grease, a very cruel thing to do.

Trump is still somewhat juvenile six decades later since his teens.

Elijah Cummings Knows Too Much Dirt On Trump

So maybe Trump has been trying to discredit Elijah Cummings because Mr. Cummings has led an investigation into the antics of the Trump family and their cronies including the 2016 campaign fundraising manager’s plans to use Saudi money to buy General Electric and using the presidency to set up a deal to sell to Saudi Arabia dozens of nuclear reactors and giving Saudi the US nuclear technology.

The Guardian explains that Trump chapter well. Read: Trump’s friend tried to profit from Middle East nuclear deal, lawmakers say.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Jared Kushner wants to make big money helping Saudi Arabia develop nuclear weapons while NSA John Bolton wants to bomb Iran but Trump won’t. Saudi Arabia would?
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Elements of the Trump administration want to give Saudi Arabia the bomb.

Saudi Arabia has two goals: it legitimately wants to modernize its power generation and it wants a nuclear bomb. There are no safeguards in place in Saudi Arabia. At an emotional level, Mohammad bin Salman would nuke Iran in a heartbeat.

Believe it or not, that is not the worst problem with the outrageous plans of Jared Kushner and a select few of the Trump Administration.

Such “extremely belligerent rhetoric” has caused heightened concern because there is a “shared interest amongst several leaders – those of Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and indeed the US – in ramping up the antagonism towards Iran,” Karim Sader, a Middle East specialist and former researcher at the French ministry of defence, told FRANCE 24.

“The US has returned to the anti-Iranian reflex of the George W. Bush era, and the Trump administration – especially its national security adviser – is obsessed with the Iranian threat,” he continued.

Is the US President Dirty?

That’s America’s internal problem. Regardless of the American electioneering and impeachment dreams, many of the things Trump is doing are dirty. For example, men like him risk the human existence by forcing the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Bullying other countries or stimulating raging conflicts between other countries, forces the victim to stand up to the bully and develop their own nuclear weapons. South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Iran, the DPRK, and Saudi Arabia are all looking closely at that option.

“The conventions of mainstream journalism make it difficult to challenge America’s self-conception as a peace-loving nation. But the unlovely truth is this: Throughout its history, America has attacked countries that did not threaten it. To carry out such wars, American leaders have contrived pretexts to justify American aggression. That’s what Donald Trump’s administration—and especially its national security adviser, John Bolton—is doing now with Iran,” comments The Atlantic, 20 June 

This may or may not be fodder for impeachment or allegations of electioneering dirty tricks but with missiles flying inbound for decades from Saudi’s crazy enemies, it’s the last place you want to place three dozen nuclear reactors.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most unstable places on Earth. Saudi Arabia has produced the greatest number of the worst terrorists to ever blow up anything. Is it really going to handle the enormous problems of managing fissile materials and also the greater problem of managing spent fuel which is a danger to all life for millions of years?


If the USA really wants Saudi to Bomb Iran, it would be safer for the rest of the world if it just gave Mohammad bin Salman a nuclear bomb or a few instead of forty nuclear reactors. The bombs are bad enough but the reactors in the hands of fools who behead people they don’t like, like gays, lesbians, and kids who misbehave, yields the prospect of pushing nuclear toxins into the environment for the next million years long after all species are dead.

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With nuclear reactors comes a huge responsibility to the 7.6 billion population of the world and all their descendants for the next million years.

Western Finland is home to what might become, in the early 2020s, the world’s first geological repository for spent nuclear fuel. Beneath the island of Olkiluoto, a four-kilometer-long access tunnel leads deep into a subsurface lab called Onkalo, Finnish for “hiding place”. Owned by nuclear waste management company Posiva Oy, Onkalo helps Finland’s “safety-case” experts estimate how future geological, social, hydrological, and ecological conditions could affect the waste-disposal facility over the coming tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years. Read: Death-and-Succession-of-Finlands-Nuclear-Waste-Experts


The Trump Administration is Completely Insane

There is no toxin more lethal to humans than what’s in the spent rods from nuclear reactors. Saudi Arabia is far too unstable in a far too unstable region to manage such a huge volume of active, thermal neutron fissile material and an accumulating irradiated deadly junk pile of radioisotopes that come from the products of the fission–spent fuel rods.

Grade 11 science: When the uranium fuel is no longer efficient after being used for a time (up to five years depending on the rate of fission)  the reactor is shut down using control rods which block neutron bombardment and the extremely hot rods are immersed in cooling water pools which are a part of every nuclear power plant. The water helps shield the radiation and cools the forever hot spent fuel rods. If the water leaks out of these pools, the nuclear material would melt its metal casings of the “rods” and emit a highly radioactive gas which would kill everything in its path.

IAEA experts depart Unit 4 of TEPCO's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station on 17 April 2013 as part of a mission to review Japan's plans to decommission the facility. Photo Credit: Greg Webb / IAEA IAEA experts depart Unit 4 of TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station on 17 April 2013 as part of a mission to review Japan’s plans to decommission the facility.
Photo Credit: Greg Webb / IAEA

Remember these disasters: Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster (2011), the Chernobyl disaster (1986), the Three Mile Island accident (1979), and the SL-1 accident (1961)?

Those were all extremely stable environments. A nuclear disaster in Saudi Arabia will kill tens of thousands if not more. It may well be the incipient stage of ending the human race.

Fukushima Daiichi is costing the Japanese government half a trillion dollars. The cooling system for the spent rods failed but the engineers were able to get the situation under control before the rods boiled away all their containment.

If that had not been true, the death count would have been unimaginable.


Saudi Arabia is no more qualified to run nuclear plants than is a Two Year old baby.

The country is a crude dictatorship calling itself a “monarchy” which is still chopping people’s heads off in bloody public displays of violence.

Another example is South Koreans having been sold advanced military assets by the United States, the country has been flying around shooting at Russian and Chinese large aircraft in the strait between Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

Saudi Arabia Cannot Manage Fissile Material and Irradiated Radioisotopes

This is the country that killed 3,000 civilians in New York City and has killed nearly a hundred thousand children in Yemen. The leadership of Saudi Arabia does not value human life enough to put in place the safeguards necessary to protect the rest of humanity.

At its current rate it could have an incipient nuclear weapons program by 2022.

The American Population’s interests are disconnected from its government which is comprised of its billionaires.

Making gobs of money without any moral compass is the root of the problem with that scenario. Lack of accountability for the rich in America threatens the entire existence of humankind.

This year Trump was given $800 billion USD as a defence budget for the coming year. Current plans include a massive build up of nuclear weapons including both long and intermediate nuclear devices and their delivery systems plus the weaponization of space.

Saudi Arabia Wants its share of the nuclearization.

For two years, has been investigating a story in Riyadh having to do with Saudi Arabia buying 16 small nuclear power plants with an option to build 24 more from a friend of Donald Trump. Currently there is a test and development reactor being built with the help of Argentina.

Yes there is a legitimate need to replace the fossil fuel burning plants and for sure, atomic energy is a great way to boil water to turn turbines, but every five years those radioactive and hot rods of Uranium 234 must be stored in such a way they do not fry the nation’s population.

Saudi’s First Nuclear Reactor is Nearly Finished

Saudi Arabia's test reactor on the outskirts of Riyadh nears completion. Saudi Arabia’s test reactor on the outskirts of Riyadh nears completion.
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Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto

On the perimeter of Riyadh at the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, the Saudi government is constructing a small Argentina-designed nuclear research reactor. Saudi seeks reactors for electricity and desalination plants.

At first this sounded odd. Then it got worse. The plan requires the transfer of American nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia but no plans for handling spent fuel. They will bury rods in the sand?

It also requires Saudi Arabia to manage and maintain cooling pool storage units for spent nuclear fuel; and long term storage. Long-term means millions of years because that is how long the rods are lethal.

No country in the world has created a permanent site for deadly spent fuel rod storage. The rods are incredibly hot, and incredibly radioactive.

Saudi Arabia is in the midst of a war and claims that it is constantly vulnerable to missile attacks.

According to the World Nuclear Power Association, “Saudi Arabia is the main electricity producer and consumer in the Gulf States, with 345 TWh gross production in 2016, of which 140 TWh (41%) was from oil and 205 TWh (59%) from gas.”

“Saudi Arabia’s fossil fuel burning electricity-producing plants consume over one-quarter of the country’s oil production, and while energy demand is projected to increase substantially, oil production is not,” sys the World Nuclear Power Association.

Its per capita consumption is about 9500 kWh/yr, heavily subsidized, so clearly it needs to modernize. Burning that volume of fossil fuels is outrageous. The impact on the environment is immeasurable. But nuclear energy is not the way ahead for Saudi Arabia.

Nuclear energy is not exactly a renewable energy, but it is a huge quantum better than fossil fuel burning. Then comes the problem of where to store spent uranium rods.