In the Philippines, Buzz is for Bees. What about human lives? [Melissa Preaches Against Buzz]

Under Rodrigo Duterte there have been 27,832 extrajudicial killings up to December of 2018. President Duterte was just joking about that yesterday. And rape. Everyone in the room laughed. I gagged.

The United Nations Human Rights Commission is going to spend millions investigating extra judicial killings in the Philippines.

“And folks can’t raise a few hundred dollars to get another incubator for a raped child’s premature cesarean-delivered baby,” muttered the boss when he asked me on the phone to write this story on my last day in Toronto before heading for Syria.

Feminine-Perspective MagazineThis is not about a drug war it is about killing to increase terror and elevate the power of a ruling class.  Among these Children there is not a drug user nor a drug dealer.

“Despot-devalued human life.” 

by Melissa Hemingway in Toronto, Canada

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Stop Evil Men Crossing Red Lines With Impunity

Crossing red lines

It’s about despot-devalued human life. It’s not just about President Duterte, there are thousands. Thousands. And thousands.


The leader of the free world rips babies from the arms of mothers while 40 million cheer and Duterte shoots kids in the head in order to punish family members he hates. Ninety percent of PH supports him.

Let’s be honest, ordinary lives don’t matter to rich people who rule. They then spread the doctrine.

How did they get that rich? They were born without a conscience. They will hurt, maim or kill anyone to keep their power and terrify others. If you ever lived under ISIS you know how that works.

There are other indicators of devalued lives: The exploitation of children in the Philippines.

For sure sexual violence in the Philippines is the bigger problem. It’s leaving millions of traumatized people alive.

Nobody can help dead people but the tens of thousands of sexually violated children and women this month can be helped. Many are in big trouble from sexually transmitted diseases including morbid hepatitis and HIV, or in the alternative or with a blend of STIs, pregnant also.

Some small girls are pregnant and cannot naturally deliver their babies but they also don’t want anyone to know they are pregnant. Fetuses and living babies are being found in streams in the provinces.

A little girl, 12 years of age, whose mom is working as a domestic in Kuwait and sending her money home to the men in her family, says she is being raped by the father of her dad. Her dad is long gone, remarried and far away. The stepdad is also raping her. There is also a male person in the same town who has raped her.

She is a small person. Coitus results in tearing and bleeding. There is a transfer of fluids including blood. Do you know what that means? There is a multiplicity of sexually transmitted infections (STI) now spreading like wildfire.

According to nurses working for The RINJ Foundation,  their data shows that there is a very high percentage of males in the Philippines who rape.

Not just girls but boys too are often victims of this crime. But more than that, and more importantly, these rapists rape often and they rape numerous victims. This creates a vicious expanding circle of disease.

The fastest spreading of the morbid illnesses in the Philippines is HIV/AIDS. It is going to spread all around the world.

In the Philippines, Human Life has a low Value. Getting shot in the head is not such a big deal.

A dead person isn’t going to be washing up one day in a not-so-clean stream and see a drowning newborn floating down the river. Or find out that somebody at the Barrangay hall is raping his little girl.

Do you know what a little girl who has been raped is told by her family and community in the provinces of the Philippines? “Shut up.”

Eight out of ten children in the Philippines confirm they have been subjected to sexual harassment, sexual touching, incest or rape.

Sexual violence toward children is more common than clean air. It is something that is actionable,  however, meaning there is something one can do about it.

Extrajudicial killings (video) in the Philippines have been investigated for the past twenty years and there has been nearly enough “Buzz” about Duterte and this topic to wake the dead, but no actual action. Buzz is for bees.

Buzz is big money and great attention getture. But nothing changes for the victims and their families.

Rappler web site reports buzz with Duterte wrong doings. Rappler is a business intending to make millions.

Read: WeAreMaria: Duterte Govt jails Journo Maria Ressa

Amal Clooney to lead team of int’l lawyers representing Maria Ressa is the latest buzz. The world is focused on the buzz but the killings are increasing and little girls go to sleep tonight without a daddy to protect, or rape them.

It gets that complicated while millions of moms are working outside the country for up to three years at a time.

Meanwhile two operators from RINJ’s security team working behind the scenes just chased down a scumbag and his friend who were trying to kill a girl who was within a hundred meters of a courtroom, ready to testify against the rapist.

Iceland Cares

The United Nations Human Rights Commission barely passed a good resolution advanced by Iceland this week seeking a full report on extrajudicial killings at the end of a year from now. Wow. Another year. Are they joking?

More buzz.

By that time as sure as God made little apples, there will be at least two thousand more persons murdered by state-sponsored killers on motorcycles, often bought for them from a special account, along with A-frame .45 cal. handguns and a prepaid vintage cell-phone.

The UN Human Rights Commission has no authority over neither Rodrigo Duterte nor the Philippines. Mr. Duterte has made that clear on a number of occasions.

The facts of the Philippines case.

Extrajudicial killings are occurring in a ratio of about four for every thousand rapes. Can you believe it, Duterte is behind the increase in both crimes. The man encourages Filipino men to rape women and kids. Often. He even told the Armed Forces of the Philippines members in Mindanao to each rape three Muslim women there, for which they would have impunity.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

She is not a drug user nor a drug dealer. Gone but not forgotten

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Feminine-Perspective Magazine Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

I want these people killed.



Feminine-Perspective MagazineAbove 2016/2017 Plea for Help brought thousands of death threats on Facebook. RINJ Women’s Group Membership in the Philippines is in the hundreds of thousands and growing madly.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Thousands of Filipino males and a few women are extrajudicial killers. It’s a job. Many are police officers or Barrangay captains.

Meanwhile according to a 2012 survey there are an estimated 15 million rapists in the Philippines.

The age of consent in the Philippines is 12 but for some reason many victims are between 9 and 12. The RINJ Foundation does not accept that a 12-year old child is able to consent to coitus and considers every sexual encounter with a child as rape.

The age of criminal liability will soon be 9 and the death penalty will mean a firing squad according to Duterte and the former police captain of the Duterte Death Squads who is now one of the super-majority Duterte Senate Slate.

And the UN Human Rights Commission wants to have a study of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? More buzz.

The RINJ Foundation workers in the Philippines have direct experience in countless court appearances and document filings trying to get rape and incest cases prosecuted with a good result. It is impossible to find justice for raped children and women in the Philippines. Impossible. It’s a waste of words trying to describe the legal system in the Philippines except to say that Duterte, the President is so frustrated with the justice system that he tells people to simply shoot the criminals and he will back up the shooter. It actually makes sense down on the ground. When you stand beside some sh*tbox courthouse with a tin roof in the middle of nowhere and watch a rapist who has been nailing kids walk away… Can you feel my rage?

If it takes as long as it has taken to bring Omar al-Bashir to justice, Rodrigo Duterte will be dead, buried and forgotten by the time anyone is in a position to execute a warrant of arrest based on an International Criminal Court indictment.

If Duterte died tomorrow from a massive MI, it would make no difference.

Additional reading. Both sides of the story. It’s more complicated than just ‘Buzz’.

China Plans to Save the Philippines after watching it drown itself for a while.

What may happen,  is that Beijing will take over the Philippines and improve Filipino lives a thousandfold.

By jailing a million corrupt scumbags and psychotic murderers, China will clean out the Philippines.

Government in the Philippines has done nothing for the provinces. There is no infrastructure. China has a plan.

Ending the outrageously corrupt gambling infestation that began in 2016 in Manila, a disease that is sucking up the cash of Chinese tourists, a million gamblers per quarter, China will impose a strict new code.

Like it has done in China, the Chinese Communist Party will build a functioning and prosperous middle class, and gradually raise the enormous poverty levels in the Philippines to better than subsistence living — three meals a day plus clean water for everyone.

Duterte’s cops and courts suck. So he is taking the easy way out. He kills criminals. Donald Trump said he approves. Xi Jinping frowns.

The Philippines has never been good at self-governance. It has been run best by other countries like Spain and Japan. America occupied the Philippines twice. If you look at the infrastructure, the best work was done by the Japanese and the most artistic by the Spaniards. America sucked it dry for its own purposes.

America is trying to use PH for a base of operations to go to war in the South East of Asia, but China may have the leg up on the US. That would be much better for Asians in fact.

America getting the hell out of Asia with its guns and bomb sellers would be better for the whole world. A hundred thousand American military people in South Asia are a breach of the peace and a demonstration platform for selling weapons systems into an already saturated market place. Then the Americans stir up trouble like Trump, Pompeo and Bolton are doing today to start wars and consume consumable ordnance so they can sell more far from their shores. Go home. Don’t come back.

Buzz is for bees.

Another extrajudicial killing study in the Philippines is just  “buzz”.  It will not change anything. But go ahead and ‘buzz’. Iceland has a good heart and it is in the right place. But, oh dear. A year long “study” is an insult to those who will die next. Priests, mayors, journalists, political opponents, human rights defenders, they won’t be thankful for any studies.

The whole world needs to change, have fewer babies, love them more and love each other. Human development was the plan, I thought, not exploitation.

Mankind should never have shot Abraham, Martin and John as they began their careers. Did Dag Hammarskjöld really die in an accidental plane crash? Do you miss Kofi Annan’s softspoken words? What would they all be saying now. It wouldn’t be ‘buzz’. That’s for bees. What about human lives?

I am off to Syria, where it is maybe safer because you know which ones are likely to kill you. In the Philippines its always a surprise. It’s just anybody. Watch this video. It is a stereotypical DDS killing.