Britain and America must get out of Chagos Islands. [Analysis]

Lessons from the Weekend

A tiny percentile of large groups might be willing to break the rule of law. Those few dozen scoundrels who behaved in an unruly fashion this weekend in Hong Kong, thus disrespecting their fellow citizens, tried to taint the good work of a million peaceful demonstrators.

Hence the unruly must be held accountable. According to the Hong Kong Police Chief, that small few of a huge demonstration will be prosecuted. It is in everyone’s interest to help the Chief with evidence where they can.

[Update and Analysis] by Micheal John | Editor Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The United Nations may be powerless but the people are not as was shown over the weekend by the population of Hong Kong. Hong Kong’s united organic action was what authoritarianism begged. China backed off its extradition law and says the massively dis-likable Extradition Bill will die on the books next year in July. Kudos to China: its well-behaved people were heard. Kudos to the people of Hong Kong. Calm down. Go home. Mission accomplished. Congratulations.

But while Beijing earns some credit, London and Washington dive into the dumpster and are becoming indiscernible from the trash.

Britain and America’s despicable despotism in the Chagos Archipelago deny them credibility for a trusted role on the world stage. Both are becoming global pariahs. It has come to pass that neither America nor Britain are trusted, over China.

Chagossians demand their rights. July 2018, Trafalgar Square Chagossians demand their rights. They have been awarded the return of their Chagos Islands by the global community and the International Court. Britain defiantly says it can do as it wishes regardless of the crimes against the Chagossians. July 2018, Trafalgar Square Photo Credit: David Holt/Flickr
Photo Art/Crop/Enhance: Rosa Yamamoto

UK and US Crime Against Humanity. An overwhelming UN vote on 22 May 2019 in favour of booting the Americans and Britains out of the Chagos Islands was done with the full knowledge that the two nations had commit horrific crimes against humanity in the radical and forced depopulation of the islands. While many families died in the forced depopulation many lived on in poverty Mauritius to protest every single day of their lives since their homes were stolen from them. They watched and shuddered in horror as a million Iraqis were killed by bombers flown from Diego Garcia from 2003 to 2011. Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto

Global Community Sides with Chagossians

The global community feels that a huge crime against humanity must be undone. Killing or purging 1500 families from their homes in order to obtain a strategic military stronghold far from their own territories from which to fight wars or sell weapons is indeed a crime against humanity.

The United Nations various elements including the Secretary-General’s office were empowered on 22 May 2019 in a landslide vote of the UN General Assembly. That vote demanded Britain and America return ownership of the Chagos Archipelago to Mauritius and the islands’ former residents. Meanwhile Britain has been threatening Mauritius to “shut up or else”.

But this is not the only consensus. A 3-1 verdict at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague found Britain’s imperial colonial rule in the Chagos Archipelago  absolutely unlawful.

No investigation into international law reveals exemptions for America’s and Britain’s piracy in the Chagos Islands. In fact at every plateau of digging into the matter, another global statute has been broken in the worst possible ways.

Moreover, at this juncture, international law empowers any nation states to take whatever level of force-of-action needed to evict the transgressors.

Britain has no status, hence the world barfs at its arrogance and stupidity.

Britain’s permanent representative to the UN, Karen Pierce, has arrogantly said that America and the United Kingdom have no doubt about sovereignty over British Indian Ocean Territory in defiance to the world community of nations and the International Court of Justice.

Their cavalier attitude toward the suffering of the Chagossians is comparable to the Trump administration’s cavalier killing of separated children in Migrant Concentration Camps. That should be enough to motivate a call to action.

Worse than that, all of Africa is offended because of the nuclear stockpiling in the Chagos Islands Archipelago which flagrantly violates Africa’s 15 July 2009 Pelindaba Treaty declaring Africa as a  ‘Nuclear-Free Zone‘.

Britain and America have no colour of right, in fact their conduct is not only unlawful it is outrageous and scurrilous.

Karen Pierce is an Offensive Arrogant Fool Thinking she is PM

This woman proves Britain incapable of playing an enhanced independent role in the world. Her iconic statement condemns Brexit.

The unmitigated stupidity of heartless, arrogant, selfish fools like Karen Pierce is harmful to the world but more harmful to Britain. Here is why.

Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Japan in the South China Sea would be ROYALLY SCREWED by Pierce’s logic and attitude that Britain and America can do whatever they please, anywhere, any time, regardless of the global community, irrespective of international law and no mind to common decency. That same logic is China’s precedent for “claiming a whole ocean”, citing President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines.

Pierce is the kind of swollen-head arrogants who start global upheaval and major wars. Britain is not what it once was and never will be again. It needs a real leader; it needs the European Union because it no longer is an independent actor on the world stage; and maybe a figurative smack in the collective head (sanctions) from the global community. Enough is enough, Britain.

The Court Ruling

THE HAGUE, 25 February 2019.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ), the principal judicial organ of the United Nations, has today given its Advisory Opinion on the Legal Consequences of the Separation of the Chagos Archipelago from Mauritius in 1965.

In that Opinion, the Court,
(1) unanimously, finds that it has jurisdiction to give the advisory opinion requested;
(2) by twelve votes to two, decides to comply with the request for an advisory opinion;
(3) by thirteen votes to one, is of the opinion that, having regard to international law, the process of decolonization of Mauritius was not lawfully completed when that country acceded to independence in 1968, following the separation of the Chagos Archipelago;
(4) by thirteen votes to one, is of the opinion that the United Kingdom is under an obligation to bring to an end its administration of the Chagos Archipelago as rapidly as possible;
(5) by thirteen votes to one, is of the opinion that all Member States are under an obligation to co-operate with the United Nations in order to complete the decolonization of Mauritius.

Read if you wish the Court’s Decision and Reasons: 169-20190225-PRE-01-00-EN

  1. China may not claim as sovereign-to-China  the South China Sea; and

  2. Britain and America may not claim for themselves the Chagos Archipelago.

Africa, Russia and China could be asked to Create a Transition Infrastructure to Hand the Islands Back to their People

Since these countries are threatened or offended by the British and American nuclear weapons build-up (in violation of Africa’s 15 July 2009 Pelindaba Treaty declaring Africa as a  ‘Nuclear-Free Zone‘) on the islands they seized; (in particular, from Diego Garcia) and since Russia and China are the only two nations that have provided humanitarian support, moral support and generous immigration assistance to the displaced peoples of the archipelago, it is befitting they be asked to do the property management the global community currently so desperately needs.

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Map location of Diego Garcia
Photo Credit: GoogleMaps
Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto

Lawyer for the Chagos Islanders who had been threatened with bombing while their food supplies were removed. An entire population was written off as expendable. They were deprived of basic supplies. The policy was to terrify the simple people into leaving. Troops killed every dog on Diego Garcia in 1971. American military vehicles were used in 1971 to gas thousands of the pets. THe people were told that the people were going to suffer the same fate. Islanders who wanted to go to the Capital City in Mauritius were blocked from doing so. They were loaded onto ships and expelled.
Photo Credit Granada TV – Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto

The Chagos Islands that Britain and America stole from Mauritius include US and UK Air Force Base Diego Garcia plus US Navy Camp Justice Naval Base. The base is a nuclear outpost that was already used to bomb and kill probably millions. It is currently intended against China. It is cited by China for its current militarization of islands in the South China Sea. Photo Credit: Pinterest – Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto