Value of human life: Abortion is not a human right, it is a Patriarchal Safety Net, says policy group.

This is a news report on an emergency meeting of medical professionals in South Asia. The medical policy report tends to lean toward an essay on the value of human life and how that value has been downgraded in 2020.

Democracy has become less popular than dictatorships among sociopaths of the global patriarch. Concomitantly, men like Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte, Xi Jinping, Choummaly Sayasone, Alexander Lukashenko, Adama Barrow, and Bashar al Assad, have given their mass murders impunity.

Women may need to leave child rearing behind and assume roles in business, academia and government before the value of human life is returned to an acceptable level.

Photo credit: Melissa Hemingway. Photo Art/Cropping: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The picture and its story: Women may need to leave child rearing behind and assume elevated roles in business, academia and government before the value of human life is returned to an acceptable level.


A global civil society community of women is now vowing that, “the universally decayed value of human life must be reversed and moreover, the global fake-impunity for state-sponsored murder does not extend to medical practitioners”.

  1. In order to placate their main investors, some male dominated human rights groups and political movements have been campaigning for induced abortion for birth control as a human right, but “using the murder of babies as a method of birth control is not anything but murder under any circumstances,” say doctors and nurses.
  2. Government agencies eager to show off what their weapons can do have been murdering people their task masters dislike. As an example, the RINJ Women‘s group says that, “Iranian-directed militias are led by Hassan Rouhani no matter how many limited liability virtual shields these malign groups hide behind.”
  3. Notwithstanding the recent International Court of Justice decree (without enforcement) the world has looked the other way as Myanmar slaughters a race of people it dislikes. The light in the forest of this dark matter is a small West African country, The Gambia, which paradoxically did a nearly miraculous thing in bringing the case to the ICJ and winning. (The paradox is that The Gambia’s president, Adama Barrow, is clearly guilty of leading a government that commits human rights abuses  including arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances and extrajudicial killings.)
  4. The Western media ignores America’s mass murder of over a dozen persons in Sana’a and Baghdad on 3 January 2020 and talks only about an alleged pariah, Qasem Soleimani as a righteous killing.

by Melissa Hemingway

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Practitioners in South Asia meet for an emergency discussion of medical practices in the context of changing values of human life, an HIV and HBV epidemic, plus the CoronaVirus scare.


One of the most dangerous outcomes of rape and rape as a form of genocide for survivors is infection by morbid viruses like HIV.

“This crisis type,” says Sharon Santiago, a specialist in gender-based violence cases, “has become paramount in dealing with female survivors of the Islamic State’s raping scourge across the Middle East and in the cases of rape of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya women, about 80,000 of whom became pregnant, in Myanmar, from 2017 to this time. This genocidal crime was directed under orders of some six generals of the Myanmar military. The quantum of this epidemic is, while still under study by RINJ in cooperation with three partners in three different countries, still unknown.”

The RINJ Foundation has advanced an aggressive and ambitious program of testing and treating HIV patients, with good result. The emphasis, says the global women’s group on its web site is on “beginning HIV/AIDS antiretroviral therapy (ART) immediately upon testing positive”.

“The result in most cases is a suppression of the virus to below detectable levels and a normal life if the chronic illness is managed with continued treatment. In the meantime, other developments are being exploited in test laboratories wherein some experimental vaccines have hunted down the remaining elements of the virus and killed the virus completely in mice,” said the RINJ CEO in a recent presentation to African doctors interested in participating in the “Test and Treat” project.

Men: Please value human life and protect the dwindling numbers of children.

Men: Love the little boy you once were and realize that's you now, just bigger. Men: Value human life and protect the dwindling numbers of children. Love the little boy you once were and realize that’s you now, just bigger. Photo credit: Melissa Hemingway. Photo Art/Cropping: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Policy Meeting to discuss energizing life-saving research in the context of diminished values of human life.

In a recent medical policy meeting for the South Pacific Region of The RINJ Foundation, a group of medical experts assembled to discuss the efficacy of permitting the release of stores of two specific prophylaxis drugs (ARVs) used in HIV/AIDS antiretroviral therapy (ART) for experimental use in the fight against the Wuhan novel coronavirus.

ART is a pharmacological ‘protective’ or ‘prophylaxis’ therapy used to help HIV patients prevent disease progression, improve clinical outcomes, and limit transmission.

Notes Sharon Santiago who was at the meeting, “In very simple terms ART protects human cells from the virus which is why it has become interesting to researchers solving problems with other viruses. There is no cure for viruses. The treatments are all about preventing access to the human body.”

While many new developments are taking place, “antiretroviral agents remain the cornerstone of HIV treatment and prevention,” says the published 2016 Recommendations of the International Antiviral Society.

When used effectively, currently available ARVs can sustain HIV suppression and can prevent new HIV infection.

Says Santiago, “The most profound thing that can be said about ART is that with these treatment regimens, survival rates among HIV-infected adults who start treatment immediately after diagnosis and maintain their treatment regimen, are high and general outcomes in terms of lifestyle and life expectancy are identical to those of uninfected adults.”

How RINJ HIV Treatment relates to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus 

Some scientists have suggested that they infer useful information from test data gathered during the time period of the SARS and MERS outbreaks. Although unproven, that data, they say, suggests a better outcome than non-treatment for some aggressive coronavirus infected patients treated with prophylaxis medications.

Decision reached: Proof needed that ART would help 2019-nCoV Pts in Wuhan.

The group decided, according to spokesperson Katie Alsop,  “that because no proof exists to support the theory of ART for novel coronavirus, and further, that HIV patients have substantially proven positive results with ART, we will not reduce precious drug inventory on experimentation except after proof of efficacy, which as yet such proofs do not exist, but we hope for the best outcome and will be guided accordingly. Resource management of scanty resources is our biggest issue.”

“Abortion is an enormous attack on human life and may be changing human life values,” says policy meeting summary.

Three questions headline an internal RINJ report obtained by

  • Is declining abortion rate attributable to better pregnancy prevention or changing attitudes?
  • Is a cavalier attitude toward abortion as a method of birth control, even to the third trimester, allowing mankind disdain for children’s lives.
  • Americans seem to be unflinching as the Trump administration snatches migrant children, holds them in detention while the bureaucracy sexually molests these kids.

According to the CEO of The RINJ Foundation, who spoke openly in a telephone conversation with FPMag, “the world does not need to worry about overpopulation.  Women are solving that issue by moving from rural to urban areas and entering the workforce; joining the higher levels of academia; and entering politics.”

“That must terrify the patriarch proponents among Kim Jong-un, Donald Trump, Rodrigo Duterte, Xi Jinping, Choummaly Sayasone, Alexander Lukashenko, Adama Barrow, and Bashar al Assad,” adduced to the women’s group’s chief administrator.

“Probably,” the CEO replied simply.

“This movement to urban centres by women,” continued the RINJ CEO, “results in a choice for women not to have children of their own, or to have fewer children, and devote more time in their lives during child-rearing years to professional pursuits. That’s their decision and it is a very good choice favouring global gender balance which needs to be initiated now and sustained far into the future by perhaps its own momentum and successfulness.” Read: Women can make you rich.

“Whatever is in people’s minds, however, the outcome is indicated in statistics indicating the total fertility rate in developed nations is in freefall. Developed nations, say statistics,  do not sustain a population replacement birth rate. In other words, notwithstanding the horrendous potential harm of climate change, the population explosion of the post-WWII portion of the twentieth century was reversing slowly in the late twentieth century and that reversal will continue more decidedly to a stabilized level of TFR now and well into the twenty-first century.”—RINJ Foundation CEO

“Stop worrying about overpopulation. Women have that under control with a sensible solution that balances gender parity with natural human development.”

According to Sharon Santiago, regional director for the South Pacific area RINJ operates within, the topic of “Amnesty International and the American Democratic Party have a vigorous and misguided campaign to promote the concept of using abortion as a form of birth control.”

Santiago said, “the policy meeting members emphatically reinforced a standing policy that the abortion procedure is a radical medical procedure used just like others, amputation for example, when the procedure is indicated in a triage emergency,” she recited from her notes.

“The procedure is contraindicated when patients present simply looking for late birth control, she continued with emphasis.

Doctors must stop using the abortion procedure in place of pregnancy prevention. In the 21st Century, Pregnancy Prevention is simpler than ever before. Get into the 21st century, doc.

“At some point the human race must re-assign a higher value to human life,” said the CEO of the global civil society women’s group following a policy conference on global values and the value of human life.

“Men who want a quick out for an impulsive sex act need to be set aside from this discussion. Their ideas are outdated, outrageous and patriarchal manifestations of misogyny.”

“US President Trump’s March For Life speech was his staggering reversal of personal views on abortion. Without a doubt it was a ‘Hollywood’ style event that moved Americans.  Is this the president who inspired the “Where Are The Children” crisis and who continues to snatch children from the arms of migrant women and interns them indefinitely where they are raped or molested?” asks RINJ’s Katie Alsop rhetorically.

This speech is worth watching and listening to carefully. If Trump means what he says, he has many policies to reverse.