Tsai Ing-wen vs Xi Jinping. Beauty vs the Beast? It may be a good ending.

Here we go. Election Taiwan watches Hong Kong.  The polls will open in hours. Tsai Ing-wen, the President of Taiwan has bounced back from a slide in the polls to look like a winner in Taiwan’s presidential election. “That’s a miracle, says a Taipei watcher, because Beijing has worked hard to beat her down!”

Beauty comes up against the Beast of Beijing. China has tried to clobber Taiwan's President during the Taiwanese Election, for the people and by the people. Beauty comes up against the Beast of Beijing.
China has tried to clobber Taiwan’s President during the Taiwanese Election, for the people and by the people. Photo Credit: MiNe (sfmine79)  Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

“This is not just an election,” says Monique Deslaurier, a feminist who has worked for the RINJ Foundation, a civil society global women’s group, since 2011.

“It is a plebiscite on Hong Kong and on Taiwan’s independence,” she insists. “That’s Beijing’s business until the safety of women and children are threatened. That has happened and now it’s my business,” said the women’s rights activist.

“China’s bullying is the concern of every human rights believer and defender on the planet,” she added with adamance.

by Melissa Hemingway

“This referendum on freedom of the people to self-determination is a good thing”, says Dale Carter, a feminist who is a director of government affairs for the Civil Society women’s group, The RINJ Foundation.

future of innovation, opportunity and safety of children and their families “Ensuring Taiwan’s Future of innovation, opportunity and safety of children and their families,” says feminist defender of human rights. Photo Credit: Youtube. SCMP (Watch) Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The world needs stability in Taiwan at the present time,” she said in a vigorous emailed interview exchange.

“Changing leaders would be a dangerous gamble, she asserts. Ms. Carter’s background includes working in several UK government departments in the category of foreign affairs. As well she has as a masters degree in political science with Asia as a focus.

“Not only has Tsai Ing-wen gained relevant leadership experience in a high-skills retention environment,” says Carter, “she is current and has shown steadfast determination in fighting for the safety and continued prosperity of her constituents. Under Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwan has been a beautiful place to live and she has created an environment for the Taiwanese to raise their families with a reasonable belief in a healthy future.”

When FPM.news pointed out that there were at least two very capable male opponents, the feminist bias of Ms. Carter showed through strongly.

“Tsai Ing-wen has smoothed the path of humanity for a future of innovation, opportunity and safety of children and their families, and she needs to continue on that path, a stable direction for Taiwan.”

“With Trump and Xi Jinping man-bitching about Taiwan,” she emphasized strongly, “another dose of testosterone in the confusion is not needed.”

“Tsai Ing-wen has effectively maintained the straight and narrow focussed only on what is best for her people,” insists Carter who has spent years championing the rights of the ordinary constituent from behind the scenes.

“Changing leaders now is dangerous,” insists Carter speaking from Taipei.

“Xi Jinping is waiting to pounce on a neophyte because he cannot stand up to the strength of Tsai Ing-wen. He has deliberately spent a fortune on social media campaigns trying to destroy Tsai Ing-wen, hence that is the candidate about whom the Chinese Communist Party is terrified. Xi Jinping wants to push creeping controls over Taiwan and the entire world is in fear of that happening, especially after seeing for over half a year the former nation of Hong Kong come apart at the seams.” —Dale Carter, The RINJ Foundation

Carter’s arguments are strong.

She sounds like the Tawan voters if the polls are correct. 

The Taiwan electorate, if polls are getting it right—but nothing anymore is predictable about elections—the “country” will return Tsai Ing-wen to her presidency and give her political party a majority.

According to Wikipedia, the trivia about Tsai Ing-wen is fascinating, but irrelevant says a feminist political expert.

The online encyclopedia as well as a couple others set out that “Tsai is the seventh president of Taiwan under the 1947 Constitution and the second president from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). She is also the first president of Taiwan to be of both Hakka and aboriginal descent (a quarter Paiwan from her grandmother), the first unmarried president of Taiwan, the first to have never held an elected executive post before presidency, and the first person to be popularly elected without having previously served as the Mayor of Taipei.”

“These trivial facts could not be more irrelevant, but they are somewhat fun,” says Monique Deslaurier of the RINJ global women’s group which clearly has been cheering for this women since she was first elected in May 2016.

Beauty and the Beast?

Tsai Ing-wen vs One-China-Policy, says it better. But what comes next?

What is it about Tsai Ing-wen that terrifies Xi Jin Ping?

Taiwan as a concept in democracy has prospered. Does that issue a message to all of China?

When asked about that, Carter’s sage advice was, “Take it one day at a time. The election is not yet over. Much depends on Tsai Ing-wen’s performance and the voice of the people of Taiwan.”

Hong Kong, Tibet, Taiwan, One China? Really? It’s a paradoxical lie.

“Tsai Ing-wen has made her democratic country even better,” says Dale Carter. But the Hong Kong situation plays into the story in a big way. China could lose both “countries” [?].”

“This American theory cannot become reality, either,” says Carter about the American concept of China’s impending political implosion.

“Taiwan may relish the American theory of U.S. neocons predicting that China’s Communist government will self-destruct. No doubt, if you tell someone what they want to hear enough times, they will buy in. Taiwan has bought into the American nightmare of a collapsing country of 1.4 billion people. Nice. They say China is on its way to distinction.” From: USA, Canada Assail One-China policy. Headed for War.

“Money and power root the worst possible conflicts,” says Carter. “Taiwan is America’s big client and it backs Taiwan’s freedom to buy big things like an Army, Navy and Air Force, to the hilt,” she notes cynically.

“That may not be a good thing because it has polarized Beijing which seems to believe that it must now fight a proxy war in the current election and do it against Trump and the Hong Kong freedom campaign.

The World’s Patriarch is messy. Donald Trump vs Xi Jinping. Which autocrat will win?

“Hopefully neither,” says Carter who claims she grimaces at the thought of either man finding themselves in a true globally dominant stature. “Neither one has enough strength in their theories to blow a hole in a wet paper bag.”

“But isn’t it horrible that the Taiwan election has entailed so much of the personal rivalries of Trump and Xi?” she injected.

The United States is the primary arms seller to Taiwan and in early 2019 closed a big deal for $2.5 billion to buy 108 main battle tanks, and Stinger low level air defence missiles.

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said in March 2018 that the US was likely to sell the island a new batch of very advanced weaponry, including F-16 fighters.

Arming Taiwan is all about promoting Taiwan’s war for independence from China. Xi Jinping won’t hear of it.

Such an armed fight will kill countless numbers of Asians on both sides and could expand to a much wider conflict.

The US neocons say it is a war that is good for their arms business. Read if you wish ->  USA-2018-National-Defense-Strategy-Summary That’s not necessarily a good endorsement of anything, but it is no less true for being sketchy fact.

Warmongering Neocons Ruin Trump Presidency and send the world spinning out of control toward war. Warmongering Neocons Ruin Trump Presidency and send the world spinning out of control toward war. Trump is already in the dog house and an endorsement from him in any election is a kiss of damnation. Photo Credit: AP / Alex Brandon  (June 13, 2019) Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPM.news

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Canadian warship makes rare antagonizing  trip through Taiwan Strait as BEijing seethes in anger—18 June 2019. Photo Credit: Canadian Department of National Defence. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine