Stand-with-China should be going viral too.

This article seeks to share some feelings of the medical professionals that speaks to every single day.

According to one hospital administrator spoke to in a rush, “Caregivers, I always took for granted that they are loving and caring people, but now we appreciate their gift more than ever.”

“Getting right to the point, the hearts and minds of these doctors and nurses are with the ordinary people of China who in the millions have suffered so much in this latest novel coronavirus outbreak that their President Xi Jinping emotionally describes 2019-nCoV by saying ‘The epidemic is a devil. We will not let it hide.'”

A global civil society NGO that has tens of thousands of members in China has launched an awareness campaign based on an idea of simplicity.

This is simple. We are one with you,” medical workers say to China’s people.

How can we help, asks civil society,  “We stand with China. This is simple. We are one with you.” The RINJ Women from all around the world, in every country, are saying with love, “We Are China.” (More will Join. Yes. More will Join. ) We agree with President Xi: “The epidemic is a devil. We will not let it hide.” Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

by Rosa Yamamoto An artist and author with a lot of heart.

Public Health Emergency of International Concern

The Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the outbreak of 2019-nCoV constitutes a PHEIC and he accepted the WHO Emergency Committee’s advice and issued this advice as Temporary Recommendations under the International Health Regulations. 

“That sounds like bureaucratic mumbo jumbo, but it clears up many things,” says the hospital administrator, in Mandarin, as he went running down a hallway with an armload of boxes. The full WHO statement is here.

“Even many government officials are stirring up myths about the Wuhan nCoV but fortunately the WHO  PHEIC clears things up about what officials must do to contain and isolate the virus,” says Doctor Buni, working in south Syria near the Euphrates river.

“Social Media is always Crazy. So what? Everyone knows it is crazy,” says Michele Francis, a highly respected Nurse Practitioner in South America.

“Social media viral videos of persons including Chinese, Cambodians, and Filipinos eating rats and bats are getting too much attention. Look at the messages of caring and sharing too, says Sharon Santiago, the South Pacific Regional Director of The RINJ Foundation who is currently reassuring children who have a parent working on the 2019-nCoV crisis.

Viral videos of Rodent-Eating gangsters are not all Chinese.

Humans are omnivores hence they have choices to be carnivore or herbivore (vegan). Carnivores eat the meat of living things and herbivores eat only plant-based food.

So yes, online videos of a Chinese street gangster man trying to look very tough and intimidating by biting into a rodent looks awful to many people, especially vegans. Maybe it tastes good?

“Have you ever noticed the things a toddler puts in their mouths, yet they are nearly gagging at the thought of eating a plate of vegetables?” reminds Santiago.

“In America they show biker gangsters in videos doing that kind of thing. In South Asia the Triad goons and wannabes do videos to appall their own posse and imply they are tough and scary bosses,” she added, speaking from her own observations. She has worked on a number of articles to dispel 2019-nCoV myths.

2019-nCoV is really just another nasty virus that has come from the mammal kingdom, and humans are mammals. Our focus in this article is the mindset of the people who are helping the patients,”  said my / Feminine-Perspective Magazine Editor.

Watch this Xinhua News video that tells the real story.

This is a very simple and real anecdote of a real Chinese doctor mom talking via her Huawei smartphone to her baby from the hall of a hospital where she has worked one-week straight. Baby now seeks out grandma and has transferred from the mom. Doctor mom at the end says, she will get this fixed when everyone is going to be alright.

“We should stand with her,” says her hospital administrator.