Why is China so angry about the Meng kidnap?

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According to Forbes, 40% of Huawei’s $108 billion in revenues in 2018 came from the good people of China who love and are glowingly proud of Huawei.

News and Comment by Melissa Hemingway Senior Staff Writer

Meet the Huawei Mate20. It is a mobile computing device that is packed with innovation by people who seriously commit to knowing what the customer wants and then delivering higher intelligence.  That includes the President of China. Huawei is a Gem in the Orient and its women leaders are China’s Princesses. When a slippery, shady character in the White House spotted the vulnerability these women presented, he attacked these icons like a thug in an alleyway.  Sane, rational, good people became outraged.

Meng arrest is disingenuous.

The United States character has changed under Donald Trump. The things America does are both tacky and stupid. And it’s getting worse. It’s getting shitty in every aspect. So many agreements broken; human rights violations; the diplomacy of random Trump brain-farts and insults is what Trump’s image is all about.  Last December Trump said he will wheel-and-deal the life of Ms. Meng for trade-deal points with China. He is despicable to all women.

Not just Xi Jinping is angry. Women around the world are Furious at Trump’s Misogynistic Antics

America’s bullying is intolerable. The attack on Sabrina Meng is both racist and misogynistic. It is also claptrap having no evidentiary merit. It is a bogus case. The undertone is all about America claiming Meng interfered with America’s desire to hurt the good people of Iran.

It is all so blatantly immoral, unjust and insincere.

The US has lost its technological and industrial advantage to an Asian country that has stormed through a difficult century and risen above poverty and strife in just a couple of decades. Instead of inspiring innovation in its own country in order to compete Trump’s strategy is to tell lies about a competitor. George Washington must be doing insomnia rollovers in his grave.

Americans say they hate China because it is a communist country.  But not America nor any nation’s leaders offer an alternative suggestion on how to run the affairs of  a country bigger than 1.4 billion people.

This matter is only about a very popular Chinese woman the people of China are rallying behind.

A couple of Chinese women have trounced America in its own game: Sun Yafang and Meng Wanzhou, Chair and Vice-Chair of Huawei with their co-rotating Chairs have led Huawei to the the leading position in consumer-oriented communication-electronics.

The Huawei approach to doing business has been typical of women-led businesses. They favour inclusiveness for all stake-holders, sharing with, and caring for, their partners and customers. The best and the brightest 5G – AI – IoT experts in Canada love Huawei. That is also true in Europe. Huawei is partnered with the best and the brightest in the world. America is seething with jealousy.

America’s lies in this matter are unbelievable. The propaganda assumes everyone else in the world is stupid. The nonsense about Ren Zhengfei, Sabrina Meng’s father, being some kind of super spy for the People’s Liberation Army is another American lie. The guy was a plodder, a technician with a freshly minted  engineering degree looking for a job until he finally joined the Army. His family background is aligned with the Kuomintang party which is based in Taipei, Taiwan and no friend of the mainstream body politic in Beijing. For much of his life in the Army Mr. Zhengfei wasn’t allowed in the Communist Party and hence he had no promotions. As Beijing shed some of its darkness and modernized, old rivals became tolerable. But he never became an officer although he was made a deputy plant manager for a small manufacturing plant making synthetic fiber in Liao Yang, China.

Ren Zhengfei learned how to run a factory while doing his crappy job in China’s “Siberia” and when he left the military he started up Huawei as a tiny company reselling electronic components. He is a hard-working techie. His company did well and attracted the good people: Chinese engineers and innovators

Huawei is NOT spying. It’s Trump’s America & friends.

The culprits are Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. Each of these nations are making a big fuss about China in order to distract from their own scurrilous conduct which constitutes a privacy violation in every instance. Should anglo governments have impunity for human rights and privacy infractions Read:  Beware Five-Eyes Anglo SmartPhone spies. Not China.

Apart from Ms. Meng’s complete innocence, there is a Light in the Forest of Dishonesty. A diplomat who loves China, speaks out.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine
John McCallum is Canada’s Ambassador to China.  On Tuesday the diplomat gave some comforting counsel to China as China’s friend and Canada’s representative. Regrettably, although his government doesn’t admit the consensus that Canada was hoodwinked by the White House in all this, that’s the mess the Ambassador has been left to stand within.

McCallum has a manner of speaking that is down-to-Earth. This very likeable diplomat, a former Member of Parliament for the Markham riding, delivered a pragmatic assessment of the Meng case from his personal opinion. He said more or less what the Chinese said from the outset, that the Court should deliver a good outcome for Ms. Meng because she is innocent and doesn’t deserve to be hijacked for political gain in an abuse-of-process by America.

Ambassador McCallum delivered this speech to media at a news conference with Canadian and Chinese media in Markham, Ontario, Canada, on 22 January.

These remarks follow a spate of American hyperbole in the press bragging that America has the winning formula for its attack on Ms. Meng.

Mr. McCallum walked the high road. He talked about “political involvement by comments from Donald Trump in her [Sabrina Meng ] case”. He noted that,  “there’s an extraterritorial aspect to her case, and three, there’s the issue of Iran sanctions which are involved in her case, and Canada does not sign on to these Iran sanctions. So I think she has some strong arguments that she can make before a judge.”

Feminine Perspective:

The wisdom of China is based on personal and governmental morality, correctness of social relationships, justice and sincerity. Canadians may be learning from China’s amazing people and that is a blessing. That will lead to much better understanding and prevent misunderstanding. China and Canada must become good friends once this stupidness is put to the past. That might be true of America if it ever manages to fix its own current silliness.

Sheroes becoming political prisonersCanada claims to be shocked that women are becoming political prisoners as their careers become more influential as a result of their pursuit of gender equality, then naively captures and holds a political prisoner as a surrogate in the US war against China’s innovation. US President Donald Trump made clear his valuation of Trudeau and Canada when on 11 December 2018 he said he would intervene on behalf of Sabrina Meng if it would get him a good trade deal with China. That makes Meng a political prisoner and turns the whole affair into the most blatant violation of human rights in the 21st Century, outside of Saudi Arabia.