Global despots spurn Venezuela Maduro-Recall. Why?

Nicolás Maduro & his crime syndicate had to be recalled. He turned life in Venezuela into a nightmare for women and children. Ask any Human Rights Defender.

We try here to encapsulate a very complicated story and sadly leave out many important footnotes of brave Venezuelans who have tried to help their country’s people from near and afar. What is positive about recent events is that Venezuela may be a good example for citizen journalists, activists and opposition leaders dealing with similar problems around the world. In other words: criminal despots begone.

News and Analysis by Editor Micheal John with files from Katie Alsop, Sharon Santiago and South American coordinator ‘Danny’.

Solving the problem of unwanted oligarchs and despots who have weazled their way to power is not easily accomplished in the context of descent people who have been exploited for being nice. Activists shout and complain and the despot uses the nation state’s apparatus to detain or murder brave critics. It’s an epidemic in 2019.

Women say he may be a Kid President but he is the world's kid. Art by Feminine Perspective Rosa Yamamoto: Photos of Pres. Guaido by AFP Women say ‘he may be a Kid President as Maduro claimed but he is the world’s kid’. Art by Feminine Perspective’s Rosa Yamamoto: Cropped and Retouched Photos of Pres. Guaido, Original by AFP

As days go by, despotic rulers further expand their regime with blindly devoted supporters. Those zealous opportunists share in the booty and entrench their extraction-mentality institutions to draw the wealth of the whole country to their pockets and war chests, buying more support and building bastion walls to keep their stuffed suit in power.

The human rights fiasco such psychopaths create keep human rights defenders busy until they themselves are in harm’s way similar to or worse than the civilian population of the afflicted nation.

Today, around the world, thousands of reporters, citizen journalists and human rights defenders are held in horrid prisons or just missing, presumably killed. Seemingly that won’t end until the last shovel of dirt is tossed on the last despot’s grave. How does that get done?

In a strange way, Venezuela may be a beacon to the world.

This thought may perish if Venezuela’s current promise for democracy and the rights of its people fails.

The Venezuelan Constitution has what looks like a “recall mechanism”. It is not bulletproof and needs some work but if the world can settle down and study the prima facia situation in Venezuela, the long and difficult road to Venezuela’s recovery could begin now with President Guaidó.

In Venezuela, when a President goes off the reservation after a botched election, claims ‘democracy doesn’t matter, I am the President’, there is a power vacuum. The Venezuelan Constitution offers a solution. The leader of the elected Venezuelan National Assembly becomes President under such instances. The despot who we know to have caused the raping and killing of outspoken women and girls has been recalled. He has been treated too kindly by the world, say many women.

The suggestion of granting prosecutorial amnesty to Nicolás Maduro and his henchmen Diosdado Cabello and Tareck El Aissami who are flagrant drug traffickers may serve the people of Venezuela at the moment but international tribunals should hold these bastards accountable for their  extreme human rights abuses which the United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Prince Zeid bin Ra’ad Zeid al-Hussein of Jordan has clearly documented from 2014 to 2018.

Thug  Maduro thought he had Kyboshed the Elected Body

Nicolás Maduro knew about the Constitutional mechanism. Since he took power after Hugo Chavez died in 2013 (he was Chavez’s vice-president from 2012 to 2013) he sidelined the people’s elected National Assembly.

He created a cadre of cronies to symbolically replace the National Assembly. He put a gun to the heads of some of these people to keep them from getting too big for their britches and seek a takeover against him.

Meanwhile the National Assembly politicians formed an alliance of several opposition parties from the left and the right and decided to appoint a leader of the coalesced group of parties which appear to represent most of the country. Now President, Guaidó  was a brave man because those opposition leaders who went before him have been detained, banned from politics or forced into exile.

Maduros ran with Criminal Syndicates Pushing Venezuela into the dirt.

How do we know that? In short RINJ was allegedly smuggling donated clothing and some dried beans and rice plus baby diapers (one delivers whatever one can get donated to help women and children keep their families well) up north in Venezuela say some of Maduro’s secret security agents.

The RINJ Foundation does not admit any such events as smuggling but has indeed  heard reports of local volunteer humanitarian workers (perhaps those invigorated by telenovela star Carlos Montilla’s grassroots humanitarian campaign) and some Venezuela expats from Canada encountering quasi law enforcement (Maduro’s crime syndicate or obscure militiamen?)  in mountainous areas while both sides were operating some boats.

The militant’s side claimed the humanitarian workers were Americans planning some kind of Coup d’état in an alleged failed state. Since the humanitarian workers were needed for causes the paramilitary group was sympathetic toward, the matter became friendly and assistance was provided to the militant’s preferred needy families (who were starving hence the militants’ suggestion of where the goods were immediately needed was legitimate) in that particular incident. Otherwise the mission of delivering goods to needy people went OK for a period of time but still there were far more goods donated than what could be easily delivered past the Maduro’s syndicate, such was the state of Nicolás Maduro’s paranoia and ensuing excessive security against humanitarians.

The stories of many humanitarian aid groups are horrific. It is safe to say that the complaints of the Venezuelan people fleeing their country, are legitimate complaints and even the starker details are only half the real story. Those that can tell that part are in prison or dead.

Feminine Perspective:

The paradox was that Nicolá Maduro said he wanted Venezuelans to come home but he made home inhospitable.

Venezuela’s 21st-Century thus far is a story that will need many books for it to be told completely with all sides represented. For the time being, the Venezuela people need international assistance and those things which stood in the way must be retired.

How did this Recall Mechanism Work?

That Maduro’s opposition politicians used a legally questionable trick by withdrawing opposition followers from last year’s election there is little doubt.

But the legitimacy came about when the people of Venezuela chose an action to boycott an election of their own free will. It was then no longer a matter of a tricky suggestion by opposition leaders who warned of a rigged election. Nevertheless they would know. They had to fight election battles to win their seats and would see what was happening.

1.) Once the public or any significant percentage of the public is discouraged from going to the polls, there can be no valid election and it must be called off.

2.) Nicolás Maduro’s actions were predicted by the opposition. Even though there had been no legitimate election to declare a win for Nicolás Maduro’s candidacy for President, he tried to use the apparatus of government to take over his seat in January 2019.

The National Assembly he had tried to sideline still existed and President Guaidó  in accordance with the constitution assumed power. In a manner of speaking, as leader of the chamber of the official people’s representatives, Juan Guaidó  is now the elected President.

How can we help President Guaidó  assist the maligned people of Venezuela and restore safety for the women and children in Venezuela?