Pangolin COVID-19 Pandemic?

Pangolins, as an already endangered species, according to significant research, suffer coronavirus which researchers believe responsible for dwindling the numbers of Malayan Pangolins.

When pangolins are captured by criminals to be brought to illegal markets as unlawful food, they feel awful and curl up into balls. They seem terrified and worry as their runny noses share the extremely contagious COVID-19 with everyone they come near. That’s the theory of some scientists which has been gathering momentum and credibility. Probably the Chinese government in Beijing knows this already.

The COVID-19 virus is highly contagious and thus far it is suspected of having infected over a quarter million persons as readers will see in the statistics that follow this article.

by Melissa Hemingway

Pangolins and bats as a food source do not pass food inspection, testing and evaluation regimes, because the only regulations in existence anywhere, ban their capture and consumption. Nobody but greedy criminals would tolerate these wild creatures being caught for human consumption so their existence in markets of Laos, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, China etc., is illegal.

Meet the Pangolin, a harmless, docile, shy, nocturnal endangered scaly mammal from Asia.Meet the Pangolin, a harmless, docile, shy, nocturnal, endangered, scaly mammal from Asia. Public Domain Photograph. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag


The essence of the word “contraindicated” is the trouble one can get into, eating the coronavirus-infected meat of a rare animal. It’s all bad and could be a death sentence for a guilty party and as many as three to five other people if R0 (infection rate) estimates are accurate.

“Somewhere back a few thousand years perhaps, Asian people came to the belief there is medicinal value in the scales of the pangolin and also that there is some value to eating wild things like bats and pangolins,” says Wuhan nurse Sara Qin with a shudder. She is a volunteer with The RINJ Foundation, a global civil society women’s group. She says she is a herbivore or in other words, a vegan who eats only plant-based food and has subsequently led a very healthy lifestyle, which is presumably a good example for a nurse to set.

Despite there being no categorical proof that pangolins have been carriers of the COVID-19, an intermediate species between humans and bats, many scientists in China strongly pitch that theory.

Three things make this scientific theory seem perfectly sensible.

  1. Some carnivorous connoisseurs of illegal eats around the world have a seemingly unquenchable hunger for wild creatures. Bats and pangolins may be high on their list. Notable among the animal lovers opposed to this behaviour, is the British Royal Family’s Prince William. But there are also many notable personalities who have been vocally opposed to this thinning of the animal kingdom in favour of exotic meats and alleged medicinal elixirs made from animal parts, including some Chinese medical scientists researching the COVID-19 spread, and by now, thousands of COVID-19 survivors.
  2. COVID-19 is a new and very contagious coronavirus according to the US Centers for Disease Control and the WHO. The genus coronavirus exists widely in the animal kingdom. Humans are mammals, so too are bats (placental mammals) and pangolins (pholidota mammals) according to National Geographic and Wikipedia. Read if you wish the recent scientific research results on the COVID-19 here (pdf): genomic-characterization-of-2019-nCoV-Lancet-1-29-2020.
  3. The scientists who insist on this theory on the mammal spread of the COVID-19 virus seem highly credible.  Many are from Guangzhou, China, close to the information at the epicenter of the apparent  pandemic.

According to the latest research jointly conducted by researchers such as South China Agricultural University, Lingnan Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Guangdong Laboratory, “Professor Shen Yongyi, and Professor Xiao Lihua shows that pangolin is a potential intermediate host for new coronaviruses.”

“This latest discovery will be of great significance for the prevention and control of the origin of the new coronavirus, said Professor Xiao Lihua in a statement issued 2020-02-07 on the South China Agricultural University website.

“This is an extremely interesting observation. Although we need to see more details, it does make sense as there are now some other data emerging that pangolins carry viruses that are closely related to [COVID-19],” Edward Holmes, an evolutionary virologist at the University of Sydney, Australia, said on the 8th of this month.

Eating protected species is a crime in China. Chinese Authorities are reportedly angered by the outwardness of some criminals

Pangolins are a protected endangered species that really stupid peole boast of eating.

The picture and its story: In this graphic put together by art director Rosa Yamamoto for this FPMag article, Rosa makes it clear using a history of Weibo images going back over eight years, that Chinese social media users have long boasted their ability to obtain and eat pangolins. Are the pangolins distributing the COVID-19 virus?

“To put it bluntly,” says Rosa of her research, “Pangolins are a beautiful, protected and endangered species that really stupid people all over the world boast of eating.”

“This theory of Chinese scientists doing the investigation certainly dispels many of the crazy bio-weapon myths being advanced by social media trolls,” notes Rosa Yamamoto about her research work. “But as yet it is not proven beyond a doubt,” she added.

This 2015 Pangolin Documentary by Sky News is a good source of information on the scaly mammal.

Very latest COV-19 Statistics

Data does not reflect cases which did not present at a medical facility. Included are the persons aboard The Diamond Princess cruise ship docked at Daikoku Pier in the Japanese port of Yokohama, attributed to Japan. Cases are being handled in Japan medical facilities.

February 17, 2020

Known Current Serious COVID-19 infections around the world.

Recovered Patients 11,029
World 71,3341,775
Australia 150
Canada 80
Egypt 10
France 121
Germany 160
Hong Kong571
Italy 30
Japan 4161
Macao 100
Malaysia 220
Singapore 750
South Korea 300
Sweden 10
Taiwan 201
Thailand 340
United Arab Emirates 90
United Kingdom 90
United States 150
Vietnam 160

Additional notes.

Did we make an error? Quick contact. Upload data. Share a view.

FPMag has learned of two cases in the DPRK (North Korea). Since this is such scanty information it is not considered to be newsworthy until the universe of COVID-19 is officially stated by Pyongyang. The world should be ready to assist.

Important: 29 Countries have had COVID-19 cases. Some countries have verified as recovered all COVID-19 patients. Belgium, Cambodia, Finland, India, Nepal, Philipines, Russia, Spain, and Sri Lanka have been removed from our list. In each country there are no longer patients reported as infected with COVID-19.


The Chinese are focussed on identifying only severe cases. It is possible that there are as many as 50,000 new cases each day in China says Professor Neil Fergusson of the Imperial College of London. The vast majority of these cases look like a mild version of the common cold, he says.

The government of China confirms that there are hundreds of thousands of other possible cases.

The effort that is made to report the numbers of significant COVID-19 lower respiratory (pneumonia) cases around he world, and their outcome, is extremely important to researchers and nobody FPMag is talking to sees that any other way. We trust our sources are doing their level best to state the true facts.

China Medical workers

* Over 1,716 Medical workers in China have become COVID-19 patients. 6 have died.

China Patient Serious Lower Respiratory COVID-19 Cases

At 04:00 on February 16, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps reported 2048 new confirmed cases and 105 new deaths (100 in Hubei, 3 in Henan, and 2 in Guangdong). 1563 suspected cases were added.
On the same day, 1,425 cases were cured and discharged, 28,179 close contacts were released from medical observation, and 628 severe cases were reduced.
As of 24:00 on February 16, according to reports from 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, there were 57934 confirmed cases (10644 of which were severe cases), 10844 cases were cured and 1770 were dead A total of 70,548 confirmed cases were reported, and there were 7,264 suspected cases. A total of 546,016 close contacts were traced, and 150,539 close contacts were still in medical observation.
There were 1933 newly confirmed cases in Hubei (1690 in Wuhan), 1016 new cases of cured discharges (543 in Wuhan), 100 new deaths (76 in Wuhan), and 49847 confirmed cases (36385 in Wuhan). Among them, 9797 were severe cases (8056 in Wuhan). A total of 6639 discharged patients were cured (3458 in Wuhan), 1696 deaths (1309 in Wuhan), and 58182 confirmed cases (41152 in Wuhan). There were 909 new suspected cases (338 in Wuhan), and 4826 suspected cases (1971 in Wuhan).
A total of 87 confirmed cases were reported from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 57 cases in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (2 cases discharged, 1 death), 10 cases in the Macau Special Administrative Region (5 cases discharged), and 20 cases in Taiwan (2 cases discharged, 1 case died ).

* USA: GMT: 2020-02-17 Time: 03:18
* In the United States there are 81 patient results awaited. That includes specimens received and awaiting testing, as well as specimens in route to CDC. By this time 347 cases had been tested as negative and the patients were discharged with good outcome. 15 Cases inclusive of some cases in each of 7 states are reported.
Philippines: GMT: 2020-02-17 Time: 03:18
* In the Philippines there are 171 patients awaiting results from test labs. By this time 347 cases had been tested as negative and the patients were discharged with good outcome. 42 people who came in contact with the first 3 COVID-19 patients are showing symptoms.
* Singapore: GMT: 2020-02-17 Time: 03:17 Confirmed cases: 75 | Cases tested negative: 871 | Cases pending test results: 119 | Discharged: 19

* These are reported examples only. We have not obtained information from all countries.

The following sources are available to readers. Additionally FPMag and The Nurses Without Borders make direct contact and interview colleagues and sources close to the information around the world to track events and statistics. Information about China comes from the official website of the National Health and Health Commission and from direct contact with health and other officials, patients, doctors and nurses.

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