Five-Year Formula for Fixing Venezuela [In-Depth]

The Crash Course on a True Despot

Take it from humanitarian workers who eat granola bars, are typically vegan, and would never harm a bug except in self-defence, Nicolás Maduro is a pure scumbag.

Feature Article by Micheal John

Corruption in Venezuela from Marco Antonio Rubio is an American attorney and politician currently serving as the senior United States Senator from FloridaSource: Marco Antonio Rubio, American attorney and politician currently serving as the senior United States Senator from Florida

Nicolás Maduro the Quintessential Scumbag

This man did not EVER win an uncontroverted democratic election in Venezuela. His partners in election-fixing should back off because they risk exposure, says a close-to-the-action source.

A former bus driver, bouncer, blackjack dealer and bodyguard, Nicolás Maduro is more than familiar with the criminals and crime bosses in Caracas, Venezuela. He once helped Hugo Chavez get out of jail in 1992.

Chavez was grateful for his street-savvy friend and his way of bribing government officials. Eventually Chavez sought election and Nicolás Maduro was there for him to do some campaigning and “fix things”, says Theresa who is one of the quietest workers in the Venezuelan Ministry of Interior, Justice and Peace. That’s because she is gone.

Hugo Chavez won on 2 February 1999 and brought Maduro with him at first as a “flunky” and “fixer”.

Maduro would eventually manoeuver himself into the Vice-President’s Chair in 2012 as Hugo Chavez died gradually. About a month after Chavez’s death with the country embroiled in corruption and growing poverty, an election was conducted on 19 April 2013. It was a controverted election in which Maduro allegedly won by 1.4% but his opponent, Henrique Capriles filed a controverted election petition which he later backed down from under sinister circumstances. Source is a RINJ Foundation Woman close to the information.

Theresa worked for Néstor Reverol. She did not like her work since Mr. Néstor Reverol first headed the Ministry of Popular Power for Interior, Justice and Peace, in July, 2016, and it only got worse from there.

This article has been held up, awaiting for news from workers of The RINJ Foundation that our source is free of the country and free from recrimination. She had asked for this help long ago by contacting the civil society women’s group on Facebook.

Her matter was of a personal nature that RINJ would normally deal with when asked.  Her recent departure from her job and her home had been postponed last year because of an illness that befell the leader of the RINJ humanitarian group in Venezuela who was making arrangements, and as an agent, obtaining travel documents and visas.

This was once a beautiful country,” say both Theresa and RINJ workers.

The man that Theresa worked for is alleged to be a criminal (Mr. Néstor Reverol) who has commit crimes worthy of international attention. Arguably he has commit crimes which are in violation of the International Criminal Court’s Rome Statute.

But that is also true of a number of  Nicolás Maduro cabinet members, like Tareck El Aissami who is the vice-president of Venezuela.

According to Theresa, a group of men associated with a Mr. Bello whom Theresa describes as a close friend of both Mr. Aissami and Mr. Reverol, runs a business in Venezuela with an office and a condominium in Hallandale, Florida, not far from South-Beach Miami. Mr. Bello is probably Samark López Bello who has also been accused of laundering monies obtained by crime, probably converted oil money belonging to the people of Venezuela and also drug money earned by the Venezuelan military.

Her story is corroborated by public records.

The governments of The United States, Panama and Canada have placed sanctions against some of the named parties or their associates. There are allegations of a wider range of criminal activities including the manufacture and distribution of narcotics in factories either run by or protected by the Venezuelan military or, in the alternative, rogue sections of the Venezuelan Army run by military Generals, friends of Reverol and Maduro.

According to Theresa, “everyone knows this”.

Venezuelan Military is Actually a mule, a pusher and drug manufacturer

Why does the military (Army and other ground forces) support Maduro? (The Air Force does not.)

Well, the head of the reserve military forces is none other than, Néstor Reverol. He was a General Officer in the Venezuelan Army until it seemed more advantageous to become a cabinet minister of Maduro which according to Theresa occurred in mid 2016 but public records suggest that was not official until August. In any case, Reverol became the Commanding Officer of the Venezuelan Army Reserve and stayed involved with the military.

Maduro is a rabble-rousing disturbance of the peace around the world.

This guy owes China and Russia $billions, USD. The loans seem legitimate. The two countries propped up Maduro in order to counterbalance the sway that America was building.

Talk about anti-socialism should be a non-starter because the heavy lifting in Venezuela was done under the Obama Administration which was certainly not anti-socialist.

Those two countries need to check the credentials of the persons liaising with Maduro. According to “Dave” who is a Colombia-based guide RINJ works with, “you need to be drunk on Tequila and a half-wit in the first place to loan this man money, or a person who is making deals with a thief to line his own pocket at the expense of his own country’s leader?”.

Nicholas Maduro, Non compos mentis RINJ-Press-FPMag-Non-compas-mentis-Nicholas-Maduro-screen-cap-BBC-2016

No matter who supports this Nicolás Maduro, he is indeed a scumbag. He is a kleptomaniac, a drug dealer, a liar, and has the traits of the entire list of personality disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition.

It matters less what his traits are and more what he has done. Deeds speak. Chavez, is clearly a criminal, just on the evidence of the oppressed people humanitarians meet as a foreign NGO trying to bypass the cheats, robbers and bribe requests and deliver humanitarian goods donated by well-intentioned expatriates in Canada and the USA to the needy in the middle and north of Venezuela.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Protest Against Maduro – Photo Credit: Hugo Londoño

Maduro and his confreres reportedly conveyed billions of dollars apparently to themselves through banks around the world, and destroyed the economy of the oil-rich and very affluent Venezuela, say Panamanian officials who exerted a series of sanctions against various officials in Venezuela.

Say workers, there was nothing untouched in Venezuela by Maduro-inspired corruption.

“The head of law enforcement is the dirtiest of the dirty”, agrees Theresa.

China and Russia make no sense. None at all.

Russia’s population is not growing. It is not taking any leads in innovation lately and it is dependent on a doomed form of energy: fossil fuel.

China on the other hand is growing in leaps and bounds and if not today, will soon become the lead economic powerhouse in the world.

Why would these two countries prop up Maduro? Somebody has duped these two very wise leaders? Or do they just hate America so much they are willing to blast holes in their own shoes with six-guns in order to create a disturbance to draw attention to America’s roguishness?

Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Look at this. RT is rabble-rousing the obscurity of Juan Guaidó

The normally well-briefed and mostly very factual Russia Today has been running blurbs to say (paraphrased:) that Maduro should be President of Venezuela because the interim President is barely known by the people. This disingenuous logic elevates all the worst propaganda methodology of somewhere between that of the Soviet Union and Ugandan strongman Idi Amin.

The leader of the elected Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan [Gerardo] Guaidó [Márquez], was sworn in on last 23 January as Interim President of Venezuela based on a proviso of the Constitution for when an election has failed (any power-vacuum howsoever caused). He is a nice man who comes across as a human rights defender. He seems to be competent, if not too naive for lack of experience, enough to run the country with help from the international community until elections can be properly held.

President Juan Guaidó could be Frosty The Snowman‘s dad for all the difference that makes because he is only an administrative interim President based on the law of the land. He will call elections once the United Nations has been brought in to oversee the poll, and he may or may not run for election.

The National Assembly of Venezuela is an elected body of representatives that Maduro sidelined by appointing fellow criminals and other persons without discretion. As a sidelined elected body, only the districts would know their own elected representative. The Assembly received next to no media attention because that too, the media was also oppressed by Maduro and the military.

That Russia would try to make hay from the fact that Mr. Guaidó is obscure is not just disingenuous but insulting to the audience and of itself plain stupid and uncharacteristic. Mr. Putin would be wise to double check on who has been working with the corrupt skunk, Maduro. (Likely an arrest would follow?)

Agreed, the Popular Maduro-Recall in Venezuela is partly about Oil.

American buffoons like National Security Advisor Bolton must be kept away from Venezuela. If that is what Russia is trying to do, with China’s help, they would be more on point sending men in white coats with a net.

According to  al Jazeera the “US White House seeks to overthrow the governments in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua,” and it is all about oil reserves.
[Ed. That may be a little too cynical, considering lack of evidence.]

Says US National Security Advisor John Bolton, in a televised interview on Fox News , “It will make a big difference to the US economically if we could have American oil companies really invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela.”

Backing Maduro is an epic fail no matter the reason.

The governments of China and Russia have a fiduciary responsibility to their publics to recover the funds loaned to Venezuela. That does not require backing Maduro. He is an incompetent and criminal dictator.

Who will:

  • Back the Interim President of Venezuela with 190-250,000 troops (security, riot-control, engineering, logistics and airborne/overland humanitarian transport)
  • disband and arrest Maduro and the General Staff of the Venezuelan military,
  • structure the humanitarian relief distribution (and make it work), and
  • help the UN and Venezuelans hold elections?

Answer: China, America and Russia, backed by the UN Security Council can do this job.

In the alternative, after Bolton’s leak of Trump’s intentions, to pilfer Venezuela, American boots need to leave the country.

Anything in the way of regime-change that the USA attempts ends up in a humanitarian disaster wherein millions lose their lives.

Tumultuous America today is in no condition to even help an elderly grandpa and his puppy across the calmest of streets without scoffing grandpa’s wallet and puppy losing its Walmart collar.

China alone is more than capable of handling the job. That is a lot to ask. Perhaps Russia could partner the task with China. Between them they have extraordinary infrastructure building capability and they have a record of trying to help Venezuela and not pilfer the nation. They are both risk-sharing partners in the future of Venezuela.

Democracy or Authoritarianism?

It makes no difference if the population of 35 million is starving to death, or dying from other health-related issues because there are no medicines nor jobs for health care practitioners.

Until properly managed and overseen elections are held, Venezuela will likely have a benevolent dictatorship assigned by the people of Earth.