Seditious attacks of D. Trump on America set to overthrow elected government

Donald Trump lost re-election in the 2020 vote. In part, here is why. Women turned against a misogynist, accused rapist and a child torturer.

Women defeated the despicable Donald Trump who now tries to overthrow the elected USA government.

by Sharon Santiago and Micheal John

Many Americans wanted Trump out of the White House. A considerable amount of animus existed among voters of colour and women voters who had protested Trump’s policy of snatching children from the arms of migrant mothers. Trump was throwing even infants into cages and into a system that according to the ACLU, mistreated, raped and killed a number of them—hundreds of them lost by now and never returned to their families and many sold into the child sex trade.

Why women turned against Donald Trump is not just about his misogyny or his being an accused rapist, he tortured kids.

Under Donald Trump’s administration, thousands of children say they were sexually abused in Trump’s immigrant children detention camps.

Others of Trump’s reported abuses against migrant children were not only unconscionably inhumane, but “they also violated United States law and international human rights law, which give protections to migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers – no matter their country of origin”, says the American Civil Liberties Union and its affiliated organization, and the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation.

The ACLU uncovered documents showing that under Trump, various agents Trump spoke to and commanded directly, were committing the following abuses:

  • Threatening children with rape and death
  • Depriving children of food and water and holding them in freezing and unsanitary detention cells
  • Shooting children with Tasers and stun guns
  • Punching a child in the head repeatedly
  • Running over two 17-year-olds with patrol vehicles
  • Subjecting a 16-year-old girl to a search in which they forcefully spread her legs and touched her genitals

The ACLU repeatedly brought these allegations to Trump’s attention, but perhaps more importantly, made American mothers aware of what was happening.

American women turned against Trump and massively voted against him in the millions, on 3 November 2020.

It’s not over yet. “Until the day he dies, American women will hound Donald Trump until he makes reparations to the children and the families he tried to destroy,” says Katie Alsop, one of the RINJ  Women now campaigning to raise legal fee funds to go after Trump on behalf of the many families around the world who want to know, “where are the children“.

Donald Trump's Seditious attack against America Having slammed Donald Trump at the polls, American women voters, millions of whom have been suppressed during the 3 November 2020 election, are now women voters and their partners are being being disenfranchised in spirit, and if Trump’s appointees to the SCOTUS support his disingenuous claim that the court should ignore the votes of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, because some voters, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, voted by mail.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

So that is why Trump lost the election. Many more women voted than usual and they wanted Trump “out”.

But now, Trump blames his opponent for his loss, and in an effort to swindle his supporters of more money, Donald Trump has fabricated from the bully pulpit in the White House a campaign of attacks against the voting process; against Americans who call themselves Democrats; and against any person who refuses to drink his toxic Kool-Aid. Reportedly his fundraising has reached nearly half a $billion US dollars in small amounts. Trump’s lies have dropped jaws all around the world.

On behalf of Donald Trump, an accused criminal, allegedly a fraudster indicted by his state, named Ken Paxton, who oddly enough is a Texas attorney general, accused of using his office for federal criminality, has filled a case in the SCOTUS, to disenfranchise 19.6 million voters in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

With the backing of 17 US Republican states, Ken Paxton, still under indictment, Donald Trump, probably with indictments pending according to some prosecutors,  and 100 Republicans who prima facia have perhaps left their senses as some of their critics suggest but for sure left their Republican Party to join The Trump Party. 

  1. The Paxton filing to the SCOTUS can be read here: Texas-SCOTUS Filing-against-Georgia-Michigan-Pennsylvania-Wisconsin-Michigan-voters
  2. 17 States have filed amicus briefs to say they enjoin as ‘friends‘ the matter against  Georgia’s 4M voters, Pennsylvania’s 6.9M voters, Michigan’s 5.5M voters, and Wisconsin’s 3.2M voters. Read if you wish pleadings of Missouri et al. : Pennsylvani-Amicus-Brief-of-Missouri-et-al.—Final-with-Tables.
  3. And  read here: Trump’s intervention in the bizarre Texas-vs-millons-of-voters case.
  4. And Republican Mike Johnson (R-La.), who said Trump personally asked him to recruit signatures of Republicans who would support this attempt to overthrow the government. More than 100 Republicans have signed an amicus document in this latest attempt of Trump to overthrow the 3 November elected US Government.

Has America considered how this looks to the world?

Trump's seditious behaviour points to "Dicktatorship or Democrazy" says Feminists
Trump’s seditious behaviour points to “Dicktatorship or Democrazy, and neither works” says Feminist spokeswoman, Monique Deslauriers, in America. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine


Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin Fight Back against the attempted Overthrow of the Elected US Government as the Docket in the SCOTUS grows

Supported by more than two dozen US States, the attorneys general of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin have submitted on Thursday a brief to the SCOTUS asking the Court to reject the four petitions to overthrow the elected government.

“Overturning Pennsylvania’s election results is contrary to any metric of fairness and would do nothing less than deny the fundamental right to vote to millions of Pennsylvania’s citizens,” said Pennsylvania attorney general, Josh Shapiro.

“Texas invites this court (SCOTUS) to overthrow the votes of the American people and choose the next president of the United States. That Faustian invitation must be firmly rejected,” he said in this document filed to the SCOTUS.

  1. Pennsylvania-Opposition-to-Texas-Bill-of-Complaint
  2. Georgia-Brief-in-Opposition
  3. Wisconsin-Brief
  4. MICHIGAN-Brief