Canada sent Canadians to kill Canadians. The genocide continues. [Editorial]

The RCMP has a systemic culture as a male-white supremacist group with tens of thousands of serious unanswered complaints of rape, murder, perjury and collusion, particularly against indigenous Canadians; particularly against women and girls.

Further FPMag investigation yields some very disturbing information in the matter of the Wet’suwet’en. Male RCMP members have been told not to talk to anyone about this and to destroy records and notes. Women members have different integrities.

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Attack on the Wet’suwet’en indigenous people seen in the context of Inquiry that reports of “Genocide in Canada” Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

[Editorial] by Melissa Hemingway

Canada’s reputation for genocide against indigenous Canadians is a shameful thing. The willingness to kill Canadians over Wet’suwet’en land requires many arrests and imprisonments and a disbanding of the RCMP.

We read the comments section in the Vancouver Sun  and begin to see the disdain for indigenous Canadians is prolific. America’s fierce male-white-supremacist infection has spread to Canada—or is it the other way round?

What stands out is that Wet’suwet’en are among true “First Canadians” who own their own land hence the ‘Court’ may not have established any jurisdiction. That the Federal government sent Canadians to kill Canadians is a horrific fail.


The federal government has much work to do. Finding an easy way out by planning the killing of First Canadians is beyond unacceptable. Sending combat arms paramilitary against them for expediency sake in the pursuit of greed, money and natural gas is also disgusting and reprehensible.

Claiming that an agreement with some First Nations had been reached does not suffice. The Wet’suwet’en have made their position clear for a very long time and the RCMP’s armed action against the indigenous Canadians represents a cavalier approach to Human Rights that is consistent with strong-arm tactics taking place against civilians around the world where an autocratic ruler has little political credibility but has significant delusions of grandeur.

Federal agencies are supposed to exist for the good of the Canadian people. That the Canadian government bears arms against Canadians so that it can better exploit Canada’s natural resources for profit is a failing of democracy far beyond just cheating at the polls.


This is exactly the same conduct the writer has seen personally in Myanmar against the Rohingya and in Xinjiang against the Uighurs to mention only two.

Planning violence against the Wet’suwet’en will lead inexorably to the same result. How could anyone think this would be any different? No pipeline is worth elimination of Canadians’ right to life.

A thing that stood out about the Oka crisis in 1990 was the refusal of members of the Royal 22nd Regiment attached to the 4-CMBG and then reassigned to Oka, Quebec was that officers and men REFUSED to bear arms against Canadians and would not fire upon Canadians. This of course is the correct attitude.

That the paramilitary white-supremacist misogynists of the RCMP enthusiastically speak of killing Wet’suwet’en imply an US-vs-THEM scenario building between Canadians and their Federal Government. Gas pipelines are no longer important if being a living, breathing Canadian in Canada is an expendable thing.

Shame on the federal government of Canada for taking such a cavalier approach to the value of Canadian lives and shame on those racist Canadians who do the same.

Watch and learn about the Wet’suwet’en


RINJ Women, a global civil society women’s group has campaigned for years for a resolution to the rape culture and the racism within the RCMP that has led to the rape and murder of thousands of indigenous Canadians.

On its web site the women’s group has set out reasons why the RCMP ‘must be disbanded’.


RINJ Women say RCMP earned their formal complaints to international human rights tribunals and the ICC.

What RINJ Women know about the RCMP, a rogue Canadian federal government paramilitary unit.

  1. Tens of thousands of rapes and / or sexual misconducts against Canadian women and girls have been done with impunity by the RCMP.
  2. RCMP officers murder with impunity, perjury and collusion.
  3. RCMP officers will shoot to kill indigenous Canadian demonstrators.
  4. RINJ  Women will file formal complaints to international human rights tribunals and the International Criminal Court in the reasonable belief that the Canadian federal government operates a rogue paramilitary element against Canadian civilians in violation of the Canadian Constitution; in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; in violation of the Rome Statute, and as in the past, since 1974 when these crimes first surfaced to the knowledge of the Canadian federal Parliament, it did not remediate.
  5. In the past, the Canadian Federal government from the Pierre Trudeau McDonald Commission to this date have done nothing effective to stop the violent crimes, particularly against women and girls,  and moreover has not ended the traditional rape culture and the misogyny of the RCMP.
  6. Despite valiant efforts from within a malignant patriarch conducted by Commissioner Brenda Lucki, a bonafide Shero, RINJ members know first-hand that RCMP officers laugh at her efforts and continue sexual harassment, misogyny, rape, murder, perjury and collusion.

Sharon Santiago
Katie Alsop



Too often have the needs of women and girls in conflict settings been side-lined and treated as an afterthought.

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