US has 300-Plus shootings per day. Can you duck a bullet? Limit your travel to the USA.

If you wish to visit America, don’t be Muslim, non-white or have Asian eyes as if you are a Chinese spy working for Huawei Technologies. Stay out of public places, especially children’s schools. Don’t be a journalist who exposed American war crimes in Afghanistan. Don’t be someone who has accused a GOP financier of trying to overthrow the Turkish government. Don’t be someone MbS hates. Don’t be an International Criminal Court investigator, a UN Human Rights Rapporteur or a human rights activist. Don’t work for RT.

A pantomime: why you should not come to America.
By Lady Smith, Guest Author

Once, my puppy ran away from home. I am sure she was lured by Huawei smartphones using 5G implants in her brain to urge pre-thought nuances.

Sneaky spyware in her brain preconditioned my puppy so that when she got hungry she ran to the Chinese neighbour who was feeding her pet some of the expensive dog food hence my puppy got some puppy-chow action. This is Huawei’s doing. My complaint to the State Department got Huawei banned from doing business in the United States. MAGA MAGA MAGA

James Case from Philadelphia, Mississippi, U.S.A. - Smith & Wesson Lady Smith .38 My wife's gun. Double Action Revolver. Made in the U.S.A. AUTHOR: Smith & Wesson Lady Smith .38
Here is why you must not come to America. Lady Smith Photo Credit: James Case from Philadelphia, Mississippi, U.S.A.
Photo Art: Rosa Yamamoto

It’s those socialists at Huawei. Sabrina Meng might be a Democrat. They want unauthorized immigrants no matter how bad they may be, to pour in and infest our country. They should go back to the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came and MAGA.

Good thing I carry spare Ladysmith ammo in my purse in case those Latinos come here. And we Americans are ready if Chinese spies come here to spy and steal our jobs and our information.

The invasion on the southern border the President is talking about is real and it is scaring me. Those children could be muggers and rapists says the President. They will be taken care of — put into foster care or whatever. The MS-13 people and the rapists are hard to spot. But I know an Hispanic illegal when I see one. They are criminals and they are everywhere.

Some Americans will not be able to see what is wrong with Lady Smith’s diatribe.


by Melissa Hemingway

Here is why things will get better some day. Meanwhile, don’t travel to the USA unless you must. Travelers are typically in public places which are dangerous.



A conservative Republican was once known as a person who:

  • believed in a strong and secure nation;
  • believed people should benefit from their own achievements; and
  • believed in minimum government intervention in the lives of ordinary people.

Power in Washington held by supremacist regime that makes its money selling weapons.

Today the Republican Party has been hijacked by supremacists who don’t value human life because they are extremely old and on death’s doorstep themselves. They in very many cases make their money selling the technology of death that killed dozens of children on 9 August 2018 when an American bomb was deliberately laser guided into a school bus in Yemen.

Some governments sense the problem but seek to couch their terms for fear of US Reprisals. It is worse than they say.

Germany, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, Venezuela and Uruguay have been carefully wording their warnings to their citizens about travel to the United States.

With more guns than there are citizens (even infants have guns so if someone sees your Hijab or thinks you act gay and reaches into the baby stroller, duck and seek safety) and with over three hundred shootings each day, you don’t want to be one of the people who stops a bullet.

One more thing. If you are a Latino or non-white living in America, please keep your head down and avoid trouble. Do not engage strangers. Move on. Staying home for a while is best. Always be courteous and kind. Avoid conflict. Move on. Don’t go to the shopping malls, airports or concerts unless you must. When you do, dress neutrally and always try to be out of line-of-sight. Where possible walk using stairwells, columns and other structures as masks between you and the main crowds. Move quickly through open spaces and be very alert to your surroundings.

These people are in grave danger from the violent rallying cries of their US President.  Someday, ordinary Americans who love all ordinary people will seize power from the reprehensible patriarch the GoP has become.

These people are in grave danger from the violent rallying cries of their US President. Someday, these ordinary Americans who love all ordinary people will seize power from the reprehensible patriarch the GoP has become. Meanwhile, America and its institutions are not safe. Civil war is a possibility, racism and gunfire everywhere is random and dangerous.