Our men will be the death of us.

Men run the world. Badly.

Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, the 4th and current Chief Executive of Hong Kong since 2017 speaks with the voice of Xi Jinping. She sounds like the new totalitarian shift in Beijing and she has been spotted as a puppet by Hong Kong’s university students protesting in the streets.

by Melissa Hemingway

Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, the 4th & current Chief Executive of Hong Kong since 2017, speaks with the voice of Xi Jinping say HK protest students.

Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, the 4th & current Chief Executive of Hong Kong since 2017, speaks with the voice of Xi Jinping say HK protest students.
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Clearly the standoff in Hong Kong is not going well. In the dispute in Hong Kong streets, there is no starting point for negotiation and nobody has spelled out specific demands. It’s just a fight for the sake of fighting although the students in the street say they want a better democracy or leave China. This follows Beijing’s draconian move to usurp the justice system in Hong Kong.

Trump’s Trade War with China is killing the world’s economy and adding to Climate Change and Hunger Woes

A decrease in China’s economic purchasing power is slowing down the sales of goods to 1.4 billion people. How can that be good?

Goldman Sachs is predicting a global recession unless something breaks in the US-China trade war stalemate.

The war in Yemen, is run by men of Saudi Arabia, the United States, Britain, Iran and the UAE

Numerous humanitarian entities have been outspoken about the prospect of literally millions of people in Yemen perishing from hunger and disease as a result of the war.

Singapore’s Economy is in a dive thanks to the US-China trade war

According to reports, Singapore’s economy is in its worst state since 2009 when it was struck by a smashing blow as America’s economy tanked over Fanny Mae and other economic fraudsters.

Russia’s Economy is weak as the country reaches for the worst weapons humankind ever possessed.

On the weekend a Russian made cruise missile using some kind of nuclear engine blew up about 500 kilometers north of Moscow at a missile test range. There was a nuclear explosion that has begun to distribute radioactive fallout.

On August 2nd and 3rd respectively the United States and then Russia withdrew from the Intermediate Nuclear Treaty INF. Since then they have been moving at breakneck speed to disrupt the world’s peace by building and distributing the worst nuclear weapons known to mankind.

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“Let’s be clear about this, we are not talking about conventional weapons.” U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper
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Condolences to good people lost on a bad cause

Not just disappointment because their bomb broke, but Russia is experiencing the loss of scientists who had families, friends and their own communities. It’s very sad. Five specialists from the Russian federal nuclear center in Sarov (Nizhny Novgorod region) were killed following the rocket explosion at a naval test range outside the city of Severodvinsk, and will be recommended for state awards, center’s Director Valentin Kostyukov said in a speech on local television.

“The death of our staff members is a bitter loss for the nuclear center and the Rosatom state corporation. The researchers are national heroes. They were the elite of the Russian federal nuclear center and sometimes they were carrying out tests in extremely difficult conditions,” the director said. The five specialists have been recommended for state awards, he said.

Even more sad, the Kremlin says Russian missiles remain world’s best despite US developments.

“Russian developments in this area are so far considerably outpacing the level, which other countries have been able to achieve,” a presidential spokesperson said.


Time for peace talks? Join Voices.

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Feminine-Perspective Join VoicesFeminine-Perspective With Civil Society

FPMag with several partners has formed a global member-driven women’s action group called  Voices .

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According to Sharon Santiago of The RINJ Foundation, “our goal is to assemble members around the world, led by the best and the brightest to promote and achieve global nuclear disarmament and demilitarization of space in concert with the UN Secretary General”.

“Our method initially,” she said,  “is to support the UN Secretary General’s 5-Point Plan for nuclear disarmament plus further initiatives we (you and other members) may decide by vote. We shall challenge commitments of political candidates and government representatives on our aims for a more peaceful Earth through a viable and sustainable nuclear disarmament process and the same for the demilitarization of space.”


China. Operational test of troop multitasking in live fire intermediate range target acquisition and tracking; guidance and fire control air-defence missile tests.

The world is changing rapidly. Somewhere between 12,000 and 20,000 nuclear weapons exist on Earth and we believe as a result of research that there are some in space.

Meanwhile, “the growing despotism of a malignant patriarch has put more wars and armed conflicts on this planet than ever before,” adds Santiago.

She believes the countries which have nuclear weapons are bullying those that don’t, with their nuclear bombs and economic sanctions, to prevent weaker countries from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Today Pakistan and India are nuclear armed and they are at each other’s throats according to numerous media reports.

Russia and China are at loggerheads with the United States and all three have enough bombs each to destroy the entire world. Their conflict has alarmed many people around the world and that is evident from an abundance of reportage and op-eds from ‘think-tank’ experts.

Britain under the urging of the United States is leaving the European Union (‘Brexit’) solely because it wants to sell weapons systems to places the European Union would not permit to have such weapons. Those two countries’ weapons and lust for war have put 15 million Yemenis in jeopardy.


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If populations are slaughtered by atomic weapons, or starvation what is the moral difference?

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Above, DPRK Yongbyon nuclear facility.

North Korea has said it wants a seat at the table to talk about global denuclearization instead of unilateral denuclearization. That makes sense. Let’s do it.


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