If Russia made G7 G8, that would be Gr8. G9 to be?

Despite many a thrust and parry between the leaders, the G7 Summit of 2019 was full of the expected. It wasn’t boring, and Trump’s hint that truce with China and peace with Iran might be in the offing helped Monday markets calm down after a crashing Friday.

Host Emmanuel Macron was brilliant. His efforts to broker a peace between Iran and America are deserving of the highest accolades. Macron has the touch of success. His record shows when he goes after something he most often rings up a big success. His remarkable, meteoric rise in the French establishment to become President of France at a very young age is testimony to that.

The US President dropping occasional contradictions and fictions was expected and no less entertaining than usual. Trump is fun to watch, when not mind-bendingly frightening. (Serrated grin.)

[FPM.news Analysis] by Micheal John

G7 Highlights

Feminine-Perspective Magazine D’elegance. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau greeted by French Republic President Emmanuel Macron and his remarkable wife, a highly respected school teacher in some of France’s most elite academic institutions, Brigitte Macron.
Photo Credit: VOA Video Capture
Photo Capture/Crop/Art Rosa Yamamoto FPM.news

Feminine-Perspective Magazine Macron is a smart guy, putting Trump Front-and-Center all weekend. The G7 Family should never forget each other. Back: David Lipton (IMF), Moussa Faki (AUC), David Malpass (World Bank), Scott Morrison (Australia), Secretary-General Antonio Guterres (UN), Narendra Modi (India), Guy Ryder (ILO), Pedro Sanchez (Spain), Angel Gurria (OECD), Akinwumi Adesina (African Development Bank). Front: Boris Johnson (UK), Cyril Ramaphosa (South Africa), Paul Kagame (Rwanda), Abdel Sisi (Egypt), Shinzo Abe (Japan), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Canada), Donald Trump (US), Emmanuel Macron (France), Angela Merkel (Germany), Macky Sall (Senegal), Roch Marc Christian Kaboré (Burkina Faso), Sebastián Piñera (Chile), Guiseppe Conte (Italy), Donald Tusk (EC) — Photo Credit: Andrew Parsons/PA


New fires are burning in the Amazon and nobody has stepped up to actually do something. New fires are burning in the Amazon and nobody has stepped up to actually do something. Photo Credit: Video Capture from CNN Video in aircraft over fires yesterday. Photo Capture/Crop/Art Rosa Yamamoto FPM.news

G7-2019 The US President's empty chair during talks on Amazon fires & Climate Change G7-2019 The US President’s empty chair during talks on Amazon fires & Climate Change.
Reuters Pool Photo

Trump: “I feel the US has tremendous wealth … I’m not going to lose that wealth on dreams, on windmills – which, frankly, aren’t working too well,” … “I think I know more about the environment than most.” “Than anyone”

Macron: “We must respond to the call of the forest, which is burning today in the Amazon.”

Three takeaways from G7 2019 that are positive, sort of.

  1. Nobody got an actual bloody nose that we know about and we were there. If the Brazilian President had been there, FPM.news would maybe have been tempted to stand in the long line to capture a pic of that schnoz getting a pop. Instead of fighting the fires in Earth’s lungs President Jair Bolsonaro spent his weekend blaming environmentalists for allegedly starting the fires and insulting France’s first lady. FPM.news‘s Michele Francis in South America suspects that “Bolsonaro himself is responsible for some of the fires and the deforestation of the Amazon”. She says she is not alone in that widespread view.
  2. The President of Chile and Host Emmanuel Macron announced a $20 million assistance plan for Bolivia and Brazil to help fight forest fires in the Amazon. That has been criticized as too little but in fact it is meant as an incentive, fueling airplanes and paying pilots to launch their water bombing on the fires. $20 Million goes a long way in that context, say experts, but more would be better.
  3. Trump talked about wider inclusiveness for the next meeting of the group to be hosted in America. That’s positive.

Donald Trump advances a valid group change: Inclusiveness

US President Trump made a good case for inclusion. He talked about Russia being part of the group in 2020. This is one of Trump’s attributes: inclusiveness.

Vladimir Putin has said, on the other hand, that there is no longer a G8 hence he cannot join that group, but he is open to suggestions.

The 2020 G7+1 = Gr8 opportunities for sensible dialogue in the hosting nation, America. This would be a coup for Trump. Of course, being America, and run by a reality-show TV host, there will be razzle dazzle at 2020 G^*. If it is indeed held in Florida at one of Trump’s hospitality centres, so be it. Laissez-faire? Not really.

An American 2020 G8 would then have the very big players in world economics except China.

Don’t be surprised if Xi Jinping comes to Florida in 2019. He should have been there in France. G9 would be better.

Russia was kicked out of the G8 group because of the Crimea Incident. That left the most important actor in the Crimean situation, outside of the room. As a constituent of these men who made that decision, no voter should be happy. It’s childish boy-play nonsense.

Fact check the Crimean situation. Then ask how else could this have gone. The Crimean people are more than 80% where they want to be. If Russia fiddled those polls, then Russia fiddled the polls like every government. But there is not a shred of evidence to say that is truth. Hence, it isn’t.

Most of Crimea joining Russia is not something that happened without reason. According to the Gallup’s survey performed on April 21–27 (2014), 82.8% of Crimean people consider the referendum results (97 percent voted favoring secession from Ukraine) reflecting most Crimeans’ views, and 73.9% of Crimeans say Crimea’s becoming part of Russia will make life better for themselves and their families, while 5.5% disagree. — Gallup, Forbes and Wikipedia

Source: Gallup Source: Gallup

G7 Leaders Really Suck at Understanding Democracy

Crimea is a dark reflection of how G7 leaders think. It’s like Hong Kong. Our leaders are not listening to the people. They blab about the 1% bad boys in society who make trouble at Hong Kong demonstrations, likely Communist Party embeds, and exploit that to diminish human rights and silence the voices of dissent which voices are speaking sensibilities we all need to hear. Those voices of families holding hands in the streets of Hong Kong make perfect sense and they, like the people of Crimea must be heard. Mr. Putin did hear those people and he acted. Who will act for the crying families in Hong Kong? Who? Xi Jinping needs to step up with dialogue and conciliation.

The rights of the people of Crimea have been ignored in the West. This injustice  enables them to say something foul about an old enemy, Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Meanwhile, we Jews are brothers and sisters to the Russians who lost 25 million of their family members to Hitler’s Nazi slimeballs. Next year, the world will shed a few tears when it comes to realize, as the stories are told, some grave and ignored truths.

As Russia’s remaining few survivors cry for their losses, then cheer for their victories during the the 75th year anniversary of the end of Russia’s holocaust that killed 25 million,  20 million of whom were mothers and children awaiting the return of their men, 5 million of whom died trying to protect their families from the bloody Nazi onslaught.

In 2020 the world should finally embrace our brothers and sisters and offer them inclusiveness as the US President has just done.

Let’s Make 2020 the Best Year Ever for human kindness

The splits need to end and all nations need to develop their population’s prosperity as quickly as possible, with the help of each other.

Our worst global challenges can only be conquered by unified peoples of Earth and hopefully everyone brought up to the speed of the most advanced communities, or at least given that opportunity. Who will be that leader?

Heads of government try too hard to shine within their own time but abandon forward thinking.  Human development needs to be thought through generations ahead for every decision that is taken. If grandpas are going to be at the global meeting table, there’s nothing wrong with that, but they should all be there.

Mankind has enemies and they are mostly spawned by its own folly. Not all, however. Climate control, pollution, poverty, bigotry and unfairness are the enemies of 7 billion ordinary people.

President Trump is 100% Correct

Everyone needs to be at the table to successfully conquer significant challenges humankind is facing.