The trouble with China. [Editorial]

A stand-off between a Chinese exploration vessel and American and Australian Warships has been running for a week.

American Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, America’s least capable foreign affairs minister in all of American history says he is going to war with Iran because Iran launched a spy satellite.

America’s White House is trying to stir the pot to distract from Trump’s failed COVID-19 response which is turning America into a deadly respiratory disease incubator. Trump is a dangerous, psychotic moron and Pompeo is much worse.

The US Navy has deployed two warships, the USS America amphibious assault ship and USS Bunker Hill, a guided missile cruiser. More warships are on the way to join them close to where the Chinese government survey ship Haiyang Dizhi 8 is operating 325km off the Malaysian coast. Australia’s HMAS Parramatta and a third US vessel, the destroyer USS Barry arrived on scene hours ago.

US military activities have intensified on five Philippines military bases occupied by American forces despite Duterte’s ordering them out of the country. If China will retaliate militarily, that would likely be its first choice as a devastating blow for which America would not retaliate because it would suffer no loss. And China would send the message that it is willing to strike back and risk war. Meanwhile who knows how many Filipinos would be wiped out. Trump’s racist cult would be cheering their heads off.

Meanwhile a reliable source tells FPMag that a Russian warship is keeping close watch and others are on their way. Trump is a danger to the human race.

America has little business in the South China Sea. It is a guest and misbehaved guests are unwelcome.

The same is true of British, Canadian, Australian and other warships taunting China. Those countries need to realize that the people of the world do not approve of intimidation tactics that are intended only to provoke.

But Donald Trump has a big electoral problem. He has failed the American people and he thinks a war will help. His right wing lunatic friends who backed him thus far are in full agreement. Pompeo is licking his lips.

by Micheal John

The people of the world do not elect governments to create wars.

Better choices of leaders are needed as is clearly indicated by so may horrible displays of service to kleptocratic priorities of dozens of patriarchal governments having no regard for their people.

Bolsonaro of Brazil, Maduro of Venezuela and Trump for the USA have led the world’s worst examples of jingoistic, misogynistic, testosterone-driven self-benefitting leadership. Add to that the apparent problems of Brazil,  Philippines and America which policies are based mostly on lack of empathy, anti-social and in fact very serious psychopathic manifestations.

These leaders need to be replaced however that may happen. They have murdered countless of their people, endangered millions more, and deserve to be recalled by the most expedient and appropriate route possible.

Trump is looking for a diversion for his turning the United States into a giant infected disaster area.

Trump is correct in one thing inasmuch as he has warned the world to stay out of the USA.

Trump says he is banning immigration but it doesn’t seem that he is stopping any rush to its borders. America is infected massively with a deadly community-spread respiratory virus it failed to stop. Its leaders care not.

America’s craziest citizens are roaming the streets sans-masks with assault weapons claiming they have more power than their Governors because they are “Trump-inspired” and making America great again.

Meanwhile Trump has tried to start a war with both Iran and China as a diversion. Trump meanwhile is not savvy enough to see the other relationships that are building as workarounds to a failed America will prevent war.

China's Islands clearly belong to China. What it does with that territory is China's business but its violations of the Law of the Sea Conventions are problematic and open a pandora's box.

China’s Islands clearly belong to China. What it does with that territory is China’s business but its violations of the Law of the Sea Conventions are problematic and open a pandora’s box. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto FPMag

Trump criticizing China for questioning a whistleblower doctor while devastating the career of an Aircraft Carrier Captain and firing plus publicly belittling all the Impeachment Whistleblowers, destroying their careers. America is now the “shithole country” (Trump quote.) like none other.

Trump’s Navy may well be once-mighty but it is now a floating collection of incubation chambers for a deadly virus that is making crews very sick.

Any USN Captain who pleads for medical help for his crews is publicly shamed and publicly disgraced and fired.

Capt. Brett E. Crozier, who was removed from command of aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt after he pleaded for more help fighting COVID-19 aboard his ship.

Captain Crozier served with distinction. He was given a standing ovation by his US Navy crew as he was dragged off his ship by the Trump Administration.

That the US Navy allowed interference by a US Politician who draft-dodged service in Vietnam is a statement on values and discipline.

China is not a Pariah but a friend to anyone who approaches with courtesy, caring and sharing. Insults and rudeness beget a horrific response.

It has always been that way. Part of thousands of years of culture, the Chinese behave in predictable ways based on their experiences over centuries.

US President Donald Trump is indeed the laughing stock of China, his perceptions and dealings with China are so out of place; cringeworthy embarrassments to all sides.

Philippines Manipulated by America in Relationship with China

Reading the messages of rabble rousing former officials in the Philippines jumping on the Trump bandwagon, a bit of digging revealed that some are hired/paid consultants to the United States which has recently been told by the government of the Philippines, in much the same manner as it was told by the government of Iraq, to “get out” of their respective countries. The USA under  Trump has refused.

Whatever else Duterte may be, he certainly has managed the concept of getting along with the neighbours better than previous governments.

Nevertheless, the Americans still occupy five Philippines military bases and if Trump gets his way, will drag the Philippines into war with China as a giant diversion of Trump in an effort to avoid being dragged kicking and screaming from the White House by the American electorate.


China owns islands inside the economic zone of the Philippines.

In a July 2016 decision the World Court (of no jurisdictional authority but able to deliver opinions) suggested that it could not comment on ownership but did reprimand China on its proclivity for preventing law of the sea conventions, like reasonable access by Filipinos to their own waterways which China has the right to claim for access-only to its islands but does not have the right to claim as its own economic zone, which frankly is an outrageous and childish claim.

China could take a lesson from Duterte on getting along with the neighbours. Arguably, any Chinese vessel acting aggressively toward a Philippines flagged vessel or a vessel operating with due authority assigned by the Philippines could justifiably be sunk by the Philippines Navy.

The 2016 Hague decision does not have the kind of weight that Filipinos seem to believe but it does have the aforementioned meaning. When China acts against a Philippines-flagged vessel in Philippines waters, it does so as an egregious act of aggression and could be subjected to any measure of violent defence commensurate with the event. That has always meant a sinking of the offending vessel or a boarding and seizing of the offending vessel so long as that takes place in the waters of the respondent.

Just like China does not want to be insulted or dealt with rudely, the Philippines has an identical cultural attachment to national honour. China needs to respect that or surrender the islands within the Philippines economic zone or in the more likely scenario make an arrangement for cooperation. Without that cooperative arrangement, this festering situation will be the boil that causes gangrene and China will lose the entire limb.

China has erred and profoundly sounds like an illogical five-year-old.  It’s a Chinese negotiating ploy used only to frustrate.

Approaching each other without insult and rudeness is the only way ahead. Give and take. Something must give, but there is no point in destroying relationships with a neighbour, and this is the Philippines closest neighbour within 200 kilometers, hence Duterte, wins the apple. Maybe the whole apple. China has been very good to the Philippines to some extent. It needs to create a genuine friendship inclusive of trust. Without that there is trouble, big trouble in the wind.

The Philippines Population get to deal with China’s Criminals.

Rules are strict in China and criminals there have a hard time doing their crime, hence they love the new relationship with the Philippines and especially love how greedy and corrupt its government has become.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has recently exposed numerous scams including immigration-visa payoffs in the millions and corrupt gambling syndicates that have taken over the Manila night  life and exploited gullible, greedy Filipino officials.

The public is unhappy with these happenings and the whole bale of hay is starting to rot.

“America’s interference is a lot like a fat man taking a dump in a clean bathroom and leaving a mess,” says one Chinese fisherman FPMag spoke to about the concepts of cooperative sea lanes navigation near the referenced islands of the Scarborough and Paracel reefs.

“Our officials think that if they bend to the wishes of neighbours when the neighbours are saying the same thing as the Americans or vice-versa, they would be giving way to America’s insults, rudeness and aggressions of which there are many every single day,” speculates Mr. Huang Ji Xuan who has sailed and fished the China Seas for forty  years, he says.

“I have seen their big warships in Chinese waters and it makes me and my crews very angry,” notes Huang Ji Xuan.

China claims certain islands in The South China Sea legitimately based on long-ago wars with the Spanish and the British that decided ownership. China has exercised its sovereignty in unequivocal terms over barren, unpopulated reefs.

America has been accused of invading the Chagos Archipelago and torturing the people there, forcing them to leave.

Read if you wish: US Nuke Base for bombing Iranians illegally occupies Chagos Archipelago

Peaceful Demonstration by Chagos Refugee Group

Photo Credit: Stealing a Nation Video Screen Capture (see

China did not invade thousands of people and torture them, then force them to leave their homes the way the Americans treated the Chagossians at Diego Garcia which is what they call the islands they stole from the people of the Chagos Archipelago.

Yes, the other side of the China argument is American misconduct.

“They are not welcome. The Americans are leaving a trail of pregnant 12-year-olds and at some point are going to face the wrath of many fathers,” says Karrina Angeles, a Filipino nurse.

Contemporary social high-bar paradigms based on class, wealth and personal appearance are isolating masses of people into socially dysfunctional classes.

Failed COVID-19 Response ended up in heavily armed cults supporting Trump and taking to the streets with loaded assault weapons to challenge Democrat governors. In all history, America has never been this destabilized. Contemporary social high-bar paradigms based on class, wealth and personal appearance are isolating masses of people into socially dysfunctional classes. Twitter Image


The war with China that Donald Trump is trying to start is not the answer to America’s failed COVID-19 response.

FPMag interviewed computer scientist Fred Harris who has been tracking the global COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the outbreak, since December 2019.

“The People’s Republic of China was hit hard in its Wuhan city within Hubei province by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, notes Harris.

While the initial response by local officials, who could barely believe the data they were given by local health care responders, their performance in dealing with the initial outbreak was less than stellar,” notes Harris.

Several scientists have been critical of that response because the Wuhan region has at least three significant health science facilities where universities and their scientists have access to dangerous pathogens for study purposes.

Shouldn’t an emergency response plan have included a lot of training in advance of a potential outbreak?

Harris responded saying, “Within short order the response mechanisms to the disease outbreak of what became known as COVID-19 were shifted to federal agencies in Beijing and the President of China took an immediate and total control of China’s response to the outbreak. Measures became strict and even draconian insofar as the marshalling of suspected cases was concerned. But the underlying objective and the overall conduct of law enforcement and medical response teams was for the best outcome for civilians. That was always quite clear to researchers.”

FPMag has explicitly responded to a number of requests about its data collection with partners and has never raised any doubt about the truthfulness and validity of data coming from China. As was noted earlier, according to Professor Neil Fergusson of the Imperial College of London, China has focussed exclusively on severe cases only.

Harris commented, saying, “Insider information from Wuhan suggested that unless a somewhat symmetrical pattern of ground glass opacities was found on lower lungs of a patient, the patient was not diagnosed with COVID-19 in the absence of a test.”

“Early tests were not altogether reliable,” FPMag was told, hence a positive test was not a certain diagnosis unless radiology or symptoms confirmed the test. That strategy was common in many countries as well because the early part of the year was a part of a season wherein many pneumonia cases presented as an outcome of influenza and the cold coronavirus.

Since those days, FPMag researchers with its partners have evaluated China’s medical response outcome in comparison to other nations. China is among the most successful respondent nations to the crisis. But it is not at the top of the list. That may be because some time was lost from the outset, a common occurence on being the first nation to identify a disease, but nevertheless, the data over time implies that even though very tough and arguably draconian, the isolation steps and the massive amounts of tests and contact traces China conducted, the outcome was extraordinarily good.

“Those nations that responded to the outbreak,” said Harris,  “with coordinated efforts gaining the experience of Chinese scientists and medical experts or with the scientists who in their country did that, delivered the best outcomes against the disease, some of which are in fact extremely good, many levels better than China’s response. That would indicate that their cooperation with China caused their good outcome.”

“Correspondingly, there is no reason to believe that any nation deliberately lied.”

“It was clear that some nations like Iran,” he added,  “had a terrible time dealing with the outbreak at first but before long, got their processes in order and functioning well. Those nations with economic difficulties already hampering their health care system were having grave impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. In Iran’s case, it was suffering extreme bullying from the international community. There needs to be some compensation to the Iranian people for what has been done to the country. More will be said on that at a later time.”

Listening to all this it seems the world’s leaders and institutions must use extreme caution in hearing the social media campaigns of disgraced leaders who failed to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak causing widespread death, pain, suffering and long-term respiratory difficulties. Some are now trying to put blame on other nations to distract from their own criminal negligence.


Donald Trump appears to be in the incipient stages of beginning a war. He wants to be a hero as a war-time President. He believes this is the only way to win the next election. He has said as much.