Healthy Women: Deadly Distractions. Stop. Text. Walk.

According to National Safety Council Injury Facts, of the 438 pedestrians in America ages 5 to 19 who died after being hit by a motor vehicle in 2016, 269 of those, or 61%, were 15 to 19 years old. We also know that about 44 USA pedestrians age 19 and younger are injured every day, often during the hours before and after school and peaking in September. Over all age groups, since 2009, pedestrian fatalities have risen 46%, with nearly 6,000 people struck and killed in 2016. We think it is because of texting. In any case, those numbers need to be reduced or eliminated.

by Cathy Williams
 Stop. Text. Walk. Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway Stop. Text. Walk.
Photo Credit: Melissa Hemingway Simplify your life safely with modern creations.

One of the greatest inventions of our time is the smartphone. We can now take photographs and videos with our smartphone, track the children, video-conference teachers, kids and family, monitor appliances and wearable devices, play games, text, and of course talk. How awesome is that!

But there is a danger. Smartphones are at times all-consuming. When taking our smartphone when we leave home, one of the most dangerous things everyone does is text while walking, or worse, text while driving. Injuries and death can result.

You have your mind fully concentrated on texting with your smartphone. This leaves you distracted, not fully aware of your surroundings. Suddenly you find yourself in the path of traffic or bumping into people or worse, falling off a bridge or an open manhole. It  may sound unlikely, but does one really want to let that amazing device put them in the hospital? It’s happening.

When you leave home, yes, take your smartphone. But when you need to text, find a nice area to sit and text all you want. Maybe sit with a few friends and do this. If you can’t stop texting while walking I suggest keeping your smartphone in your pocket for emergency only so you are kept safe. You will be better off for it.

There are certain places that have designated areas for walking and texting, but until this is in place everywhere, play it safe! Stop. Text. Walk.

Happy, safe texting! ~ Cathy Williams