Moms and kids have the right to connect safely online. Part 2

Even  criminals in prison are surfing the internet with unrestricted access, searching for vulnerable persons they can rob, impersonate, kidnap and sell, or even kill. Women and children are at the greatest risk because they fetch a high price on the human slave market.

The right to connect safely online is a human right. Part 1

Young women and children can safely tell themselves that if they are not careful, they could be kidnapped and sold into slavery and gone from their life within hours, forever, in this absurdly corrupted world. The RINJ Women know this only too well. They have been tracking missing women and girls and perpetrators of this  crime for many years.

“The problem is getting worse,” says Karinna Angeles who works for the RINJ Foundation in the Philippines where human trafficking is a serious problem.

When FPMag published the first part of this series The RINJ Foundation was certain it would modify its protection software used at the women’s and children’s workstatons in Women’s shelters in war zones of Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan etceteras and make the software available to RINJ Members and to donors/backers.

MyComputerCop is very good software that has been around since Windows 95. MyComputerCop, the heavy-brute steel door that doesn’t let anything from tens of thousands of nasty websites near the computer it resides on normally sells for $75.00

The software sells for $75.00 U.S. but The RINJ Foundation is offering it as a gift to supporters who make a donation of 38.95. Follow that link.

MyComputerCop is software used to protect computers in WarZone Shelters.

My Computer Cop makes surfing safer for kids & moms. It is what RINJ Women use in War Zone women’s and children shelters to protect the computers the kids do their schoolwork on and on which moms do their shopping and other work.  Photo credit:  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“The RINJ Foundation Messenger and Helpline is available 24/7 for any questions readers need a quick answer for,” offered Ms. Dale Carter. So also is Ms. Carter is the Security Director of The RINJ Foundation and is behind the concept of the NGO distributing safety software.

The right to connect safely online

All women and girls have the right to connect safely without fear of doxxing, harassment, gender-based violence, cyber stalking, and rape. Photo credit, Micheal John / FPMag Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine.
If you have children using a computer, you must follow these steps among others. If you have persons who are inexperienced computer users, the same thing applies.

Here is an important checklist to make your home computer safe.

Do use a currently supported Windows NT10 or greater operating system. Windows 7 is extremely vulnerable when connected to the internet. Windows 8 is headed in that direction. They are not supported. That means  that security updates are not available because there are no teams studying the exploits and writing new code that blocks the latest attacks. Attackers do not want people’s computers, they want to own the owner’s life—everything.

Do use your Windows Defender and or favourite virus scanner and Windows firewall and make certain your updates are complete and the settings make sense. (Go to: Settings|Update & Security)

Do install this software,, using an administrative login.

Do check for the latest version of your browser and e-mail client.

Do check if your internet service provider is throttling your connection and take a look at what your browser is telling the world. Visit:

Do use a virtual private network system (VPN) if you can. They are overly expensive.

Do look at the signature you are sending across the internet. Visit:

Don’t leave your computer unattended without logging off first.

Do use a good, safe browser like or and use the search engine. (Important.)

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Selling children is like selling blessed angels

“Internet search, find, capture, buy & sell children in slave trafficking world is the crime of a sick mind or very desperate, broken, oppressed families,” said Nurse Angeles from Manila. Photo credit: Original art “Blessed Angels”  by Anna Steinbauer Creative Commons Lic 4.  Adapted by Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine.

Video: The Online Social Media Child Selling Market

Web Browsers. Everyone has an opinion but here are the facts.

Both Brave and the DuckDuckGo (still in early development) browsers are Chrome variants and they are good. Brave is extraordinary. It is a serious contender for the best browser available on many fronts. It is a souped up Google Chrome spinoff. The DuckDuckGo browser is heading in the same direction but it has not reached the status of the Brave project which is now quite mature.

The original Google Chrome Browser will track you all over the planet. Google is not a search engine business, it is an advertising platform and as such it will suck every piece of data from your life and use it to sell ads to prospective buyers who narrow their targeting to the point of wanting to know what you had for breakfast. That is not an exaggeration.

This writer tracked the Microsoft Edge development as a Chrome variant through Beta, Dev and Canary. It was going very well indeed until Microsoft embedded its fake AI into the browser after which it locks up, crashes, destroys CRM work, and loses WYSIWYG content like WordPress with freeze-ups and hangs. Edge is the most bloated piece of junk in the list of browsers today. Even super powerful Dell workstations hate it. There are no signs of improvement.

Ctrl|Shift|Esc is the only way out. Select the process in the Task Manager and kill it (right click then select ‘end task’).

Notwithstanding all that, Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. It’s very good and if one drills down deep into settings and slashes out all spying then with MyComputerCop protection, it’s a fairly safe bet. But Brave is many times better in the context of internet safety for women and children.

Please use great care in instructing family members to never click a link in anything that arrives gratuitously in email, messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram etceteras.

Stay safe.