USA Violence grows as a percentage of seeds Dems Sow. Part 2

A GOP theory suggests unprosecuted violence in the USA is a tool for getting re-elected, keeping power. That also applies to uncontrolled illegal migration. The Democrats are building a constituency this way, a constituency which will vote for the Party that allowed them into the country and overlooked their worst deeds, like looting. Some Republicans, theorize that’s what is happening in U.S. Democrat  Party controlled U.S. States. See the video below but be aware of the violence warnings.

For these alleged facts, it is likely that the disenchanted or over-flogged populations of developing nations and rogue states are encouraged to pour in the millions into the United States over Republican barriers of razor wire.

Feminine-Perspective Analysis: Some takeaways from The Dying Citizen which exists today in the midst of the environment its author predicted in 2021. Watch the author’s interview below.

The Democrats, with abysmal losing poll numbers are growing their base as fast as they can with migrants and with constituents built using impunity for crimes like looting and other forms of violence. A constituency based on lies?

Additionally the Democrats are using the trappings of power to annihilate the competition, in this case, Donald Trump. These are all totalitarian moves by anyone’s definition. That’s why in Part 1 of the “Violence in America” series, FPMag claimed that America is not a true democracy.

Video: The looting, the violence to persons and the violence toward property.

Watch the video above without any visitor tracking or on YouTube. Video first Shown in “As Washington expands its chaos and violence abroad, US citizens become more violent too. Part 1″

Warning: Video above shows details of extreme violence toward an American  teacher; shows the shooting of a friendly parking enforcement officer in November 2022, who after a close call survived his injuries; and the video shows outtake footage of extreme violence towards property as well as theft of property in the USA.

Suggested to parents, age restriction of 18 with significant parental guidance if viewer is between 14 and 18. Children younger should not watch this video.

“The only thing that matters to Democrat Party planners is keeping power in order to keep their wealth. The American political system is about wealth and not about public policy. The US internal hegemony is based on the rich getting richer thus more powerful and the poor becoming poorer, thus less powerful,” suggests Monique Deslauriers, a human rights defender from Calais, Maine.

“It’s a streaming whirlpool wherein the rich cling to the sides and the masses are spun around in circles down the drain into a quasi-subterranean common sludge of subsistence and inequity with the rich,” argues Monique Deslauriers who is the USA executive director of The RINJ Foundation, a global women’s rights and safety CSO.

The Dying Citizen

The Dying Citizen. How progressive elites, tribalism, & globalization destroy the idea of America. By Prof. Victor David Hanson Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Democracy is a flawed idea. It doesn’t exist in reality.

“The American political system is about wealth and not about public policy.”-Just one theory of four not one of which hugs democracy.

Video: Extremely important to Americans. Tucker Carlson interviews Professor Victor Davis Hanson (Sandford)