Trouble ahead as Biden pushes for war with China and Russia

USA / Philippines vandalism to China buoys amounts to minor cost to China’s people but it exposed the folly of this fake conflict—there are no islands. It’s a big sandbar covered in two meters of seawater.

China “Military exercises will be conducted in some waters of the South China Sea and navigation is prohibited,” was an announcement in late September by China’s authorities that may have prompted the Marcos/Biden attack on China’s Coast Guard buoys. Hence, backed by the U.S. Navy, a Philippines Coast Guard shallow-running boat delivered swimmers who walked and swam to cut the lines from the buoys marking off a no-go area in very shallow water. They brought home one of the two Chinese anchors that moored one end of the 300 meter line of vandalized or stolen buoys.

“This exercise accomplished nothing except annoyance using common-criminal vandalization tactics against China Coast Guard marker buoys.The water over the sandbar in question is too shallow for large vessel navigation, only very small boats,” noted Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst based in Tel Aviv.

“This guy Marcos is 110% White House puppet and if it were not so tragic for the Philippines population which has been set up as cannon fodder for the Americans and Chinese, it would be hilarious as two old crooks manipulate each other and bait the Chinese into a war for which America believes it now has China surrounded, having occupied militarily the Philippines,” Mr. Baldock added.

“There is nothing in these waters that makes war worthwhile. The greed for oil and gas which are plentiful in the region (190 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and an estimated 11 billion barrels) is criminal greed because mankind is in the process of ending its use of fossil fuels for producing electrical energy or the living creatures on the planet face impending death.

“Ask the people of New York City today and the people of Pakistan, if they now believe the climate crisis is real?

“And in the Philippines, people may not know but they are breathing some of the most polluted air anywhere on Earth,” added Mr. Baldock.

“Philippines air pollution is the 3rd highest risk factor driving death and disability due to non-communicable diseases (NCDs), and is also the leading environmental risk to health (IHME 2020). Its costs are not limited to the individual or community level, but also nationally, as air pollution-related health impacts yield corresponding financial and economic costs, which are often unaccounted for in policymaking.”—Estimating the Health & Economic Cost of Air Pollution in the Philippines

“The Philippines is one of the biggest plastic pollutants on the planet, with 0.28 to 0.75 million tons of plastic escaping into the waters each year from coastal locations in Manila Bay together with hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic waste that are dumped in the country’s rivers.”—Water pollution in the Philippines – DevelopmentAid

Violence in South China Sea Expected

Scholars say violence in the South China Sea is expected at any time. Here in this US Navy photograph, the Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Ralph Johnson (DDG 114) and the decidedly geriatric Canadian destroyer (over 4000 tons) HMCS Ottawa (FFH 341) conduct a replenishment-at-sea with the USNS Yukon (T-AO-202) in the troubled South China Sea, 25 September 2023.

Ralph Johnson is assigned to the Task Force 71/Destroyer Squadron (code DESRON) 15, the U.S. Navy’s largest forward-deployed DESRON and the U.S. 7th Fleet’s principal surface force. Photo credit: Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Jamaal Liddell. Photo is cropped. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Editor’s note: 4 Canadian naval vessels have been named HMCS Ottawa, over the course of history. The earliest three are as follows. | HMCS Ottawa was a C-class destroyer commissioned as HMS Crusader in the Royal Navy before serving with the Royal Canadian Navy from 1938 to 1942. | HMCS Ottawa was a G-class destroyer commissioned as HMS Griffin in the RN before serving with the RCN from 1943–1945—Source: Wikipedia

USA / Philippines vandalism on China buoys amounts to cutting and setting adrift expensive buoys at the cost of the Chinese people but that vandalism is a massive signal to the folly of this conflict. There are no islands, it’s a sandbar covered in one to two meters of seawater and any average sized teenager could have punked the China Coast Guard by walking and swimming around on the sandbar cutting ropes that were holding the buoys together across 300 meters and setting them adrift across the Pacific.

Allegedly the most dangerous liar in the world Mr. Biden and alleged tax-dodger Mr. Marcos, are geriatric leaders elected by social media lies—using the term leaders loosely. Men this old begin to act like a child and get progressively worse, like vandalizing another country’s marker buoys like the ones setting out a swimming area or a no-swimming area as was the case here,” notes Dr. Buni in Syria who is facing off against the elderly gentleman Bashar al Assad who while vandalizing women’s health care wants the good doctor tossed in prison for handing out free contraceptives to Syrian adolescents and women.

In the week following the Philippines and American September 2023 vandalism of a Chinese buoyed marker line marking off a 300 meter section of submerged shoal that did not qualify for any ownership by anyone under the UNCLOS law of the sea conventions in a region of the Asian Seas.

RINJ Women members in China associated with the Demilitarize South China Sea movement have been reporting increased chatter and activity related to militia and military personnel headed to the Chinese military base at Mischief Reef island which is a man-made island built by China about a decade ago.

Experts in the law of the sea say that because the shoals are barely showing terra firma in low tide and are completely uninhabitable (with the rare exception of China’s man-made islands which China indisputably owns, say scholars, but has no territorial water rights “based on current laws which are vague on this situation”), there can be no claim to this real estate. This assertion was also made in a non-binding decision by a tribunal convened in 2013 at The Philippines Request and issuing a report in July 2016.

America sends more tanks and missiles as Britain sends more troops to Ukraine as angry Russians mutter about ‘nuking London’

“If Russian President Vladimir Putin is truly on the hot seat, it’s because he has been too tame, too patient and so very cool about blowing up some NATO cities, after our soldiers continue to catch British and American troops using British and American weapons to kill our Russian husbands and sons in the ethnic regions of Russia on the other side of the Azov Sea,” said Svetlana in a long awaited conversation from Moscow. She chairs a north Moscow chapter of The RINJ Women and has been the most willing to speak to media since 2014.

“I think everybody is drinking too much Vodka in America. Have you seen the craziness in that Washington?” quipped Svetlana as she decided to ring off and said “good night,” abruptly.

Relations between Russia and England have been several shades worse than broken, Svetlana has suggested previously.

The spread of alternative media reports of massive numbers of Ukrainian Soldiers are untrue claim Humanitarian Workers across Ukraine and Donbass.

Propaganda Drivel calling Trudeau a dictator and insulting Brits,” says Alona Adamovich, a senior Director of The RINJ Foundation in Ukraine providing help to women and girls in scores of women’s shelters and clinics.

The stories of massive numbers of Ukrainian soldiers surrendering to Russian forces is “untrue” say locals.

“I wish this would be true but nothing is saving Ukrainian lives. Ukrainians are dead in the hundreds of thousands. Of course when a unit of soldiers has been losing the fight, the soldiers, men and women, have a choice to run away and risk death from Ukraine for desertion or they can surrender to Russia as a whole unit and be treated according to war rules. That part is true of course. Those are rules. Surrender or die is a powerful incentive,” says Alona Adamovich, a humanitarian team leader in Ukraine. “I think that is what these propaganda people who have no information about real military activities would be talking about, but the rest is —t,” Alona said.