Three women medical workers inside Gaza speak out. Video.

Ceasefire & Open Egypt to Gaza is the message of Civil Society fully supporting UN Secretary General António Guterres and his plea for humanitarian relief for civilians in Gaza, nearly 5,000 of whom have been killed by Israel.

Arguably, “because of despicable Hamas conduct, mostly women and children are among the deceased according to hospital medical personnel and not Hamas officials who tend to be rude, untruthful, uncooperative and antagonistic, most of the time,” says Behar Abbasi from Gaza who has now had two violent run-ins with Hamas crew.

RINJ Women have a small OB/GYN  team in Gaza of fourteen specialists including 5 team-lead practitioners in this de facto Gaza-Strip-prison, among that five, two doctors and three nurse practitioners plus nine local medical interns.

Without medical supplies, food, water and fuel, Gaza’s hospitals have been turned into emergency housing. al Quds Hospital now has over 12,000 refugees.

“We have 50 to 60,000 babies to deliver in the coming weeks or months. Please stop bombing us,” says nurse Ai’sha.

Watch Video of Latest Updates: The Gaza victims are women and children. Graphic images of injuries.

“We have our ways to get a few supplies in after a full decade here in Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem. Our connections include medical teams inside IDF, ex-IDF, health departments, hospitals everywhere and more things we don’t say anything about,” says nurse Ai’sha. “We are not on any side except the patients’ side and that is mostly women and children and men with broken limbs from digging their kids out and getting crushed in the process as happened today, often,” Ai’sha added.

“Shireen Abu Akleh was our friend. Because of her murder we refuse friends here now except each other. Loss of patients to Israeli violence in the West Bank is all anyone can stand. Losing friends is beyond explaining,” adds nurse Ai’sha.

“We are Dr. B from Syria, Ai’sha from East Jerusalem, two ladies who wish not to be identified, from The West Bank; plus the indefatigable Behar Abbasi from Iran/Yemen; plus nine University Medical Students from West Bank, East Jerusalem, Israel and Gaza,” says nurse Ai’sha.

“Behar is our hero by far. We have no security staff with us. We saw Behar literally pick up a rude Hamas who grabbed my bottom. I could hardly believe what I saw. Behar grabbed him like a dog by the scruff of the neck trundled to the door, and shoved  him out the door to the grass. She is our big girl and the gentlest caregiver to babies. I can hardly believe what I saw. Still angry because of yet one more assault of myself and the others too. We do work here the men are not allowed to do for Muslim women and girls. We must not be mistreated like that. At the Baptist and Anglican hospitals that does not happen.”

“We provide OB/GYN care, prenatal and postnatal care, deliver babies and treat rape survivors, where the request from family and community is “women only”.

“We believe everyone who kills civilians including children is a terrorist.”

“Hamas fighters are pigs. Israeli fighters are pigs. Most female humanitarian workers in the regions have been raped. Do you really think Hamas and Israelis behave differently? We fear them all,” adds Behar Abbasi who took the satphone while nurse Ai’sha was called away.

UN Guterres

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres briefs reporters on recent developments in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory. UN Photo/Paulo Filgueiras. Photo is cropped.
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“It is likely true that ‘No Apartheid = No Hamas’ but that is somebody else’s problem,” say medical workers in Gaza.

Secretary General Guterres

A Plea for Unimpeded Humanitarian Access to Gaza

“We need these [humanitarian aid] trucks to enter every day,” U.N. Secretary General Guterres appealed, calling for rapid, unimpeded humanitarian access. He urged all parties involved in the Gaza conflict to clarify and lift the block on aid deliveries, emphasizing the need for immediate and sustained efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

Mr. Guterres called for a ceasefire and the release of hostages taken by Hamas during their attack on October 7. He further urged Israel to allow immediate and unrestricted access to humanitarian aid, as the ongoing siege and bombardment campaign have led to an increasingly dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Speaking at a press conference, Guterres said, “No solution is possible without the creation of an independent Palestine state”.

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