Netanyahu gives Sunak and Biden the bird

A score of humanitarian aid trucks rolled into Gaza from Egypt, in the past hour, finally after Israel bombed the hell out of the area and took out a dozen family homes further north killing everyone including 9 children.

Netanyahu is saying “screw You” to both Biden and Sunak who got two hostages, Yehudit Tai and Natali Shoshana Raanan from Hamas and no Israelis, proving there is no honour among criminals. All three men are complicit in an ongoing genocide against 2.3 million starving, dehydrated, Palestinian civilians.

Biden and Sunak who had managed to convince Hamas to release two American women hostages, but no Israelis, via the State of Qatar’s diplomacy, are in the black book in Tel Aviv say opposition members. Nobody on Netanyahu’s “murder club” are speaking out.

Humanitarian aid trucks Planet Labs PBC Satellite Imagery

Trucks waiting at Rafah border-crossing on the Egyptian side. More than 200 trucks carrying roughly 3,000 tons of cargo have been jammed up for weeks. It is possible that as many of 20 trucks have passed into Gaza. UN Officials say 400 trucks are needed daily on an ongoing basis to try and reverse the current catastrophe.

No fuel and no water. People are starving to death.

“Surgeons must continue to do surgeries using their smartphone lights,” suggests Behar Abbasi from Gaza.

And as seen in this video below, the bombs keep falling on civilians killing mostly women and children.


Netanyahu commits more crimes cutting off fuel, water, food, medicine and denying 9,000 cancer patients of their needed therapies, all to keep Palestinians held hostage in the Gaza Strip with walls, tanks, bombers, army and naval artillery.

A week ago, Antony Blinken’s false promise caused a rush to Raffah of the hungry Palestinian hostages trapped in the Gaza strip as Israel’s air force picks the civilians off, scores at a time, with fighter-bombers and American JDAM bombs and the Israeli Navy and Israeli Army loads artillery into civilian homes including phosphorus artillery rounds.

Israel bombed the Gaza side of the Raffah crossing and put the humanitarian aid process on hold. “Netanyahu is not happy that America/Qatar negotiated only the release of Americans and none of the over 100 Israeli hostages,” explains correspondent Moshe Karem who cites his inside-sources.

The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees said on Saturday at least 17 of its staff had been killed in the Gaza war, warning that the death toll would likely rise.

“To date, 17 of our colleagues have been confirmed killed [by Israeli bombers] in this vicious war. Very sadly, the actual numbers are likely to be higher,” UNRWA said in a statement.