Israel targets and kills family of al Jazeera Journo

Al Jazeera’s Wael Al Dahdouh lost most of his immediate family to a targeted Israeli attack today while he was on the job reporting for his employer from the destroyed Gaza Strip.

Son of Wael Al Dahdouh
Dear little one, may your memory bring your daddy and extended family years of joy,” eulogized nurses at al Shifa Hospital in central Gaza who know al Jazeera Bureau Chief Wael Al Dahdouh. Current information indicates his son, daughter and wife were bombed and killed in a refugee camp that was supposed to be a safe haven for people told to leave north Gaza. Three of his children survived. Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine.

“We know Israel is targeting journalists following the empty decision and badly worded announcement of the United Nations Human Rights Commission that Israel used ‘lethal force without justification(?)‘ when they murdered Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in the occupied West Bank, violating her ‘right to life’,” said Behar Abbasi from Gazi via satellite phone.

“The killing of Shireen Abu Akleh in Jenin is a direct result of Israel’s militarisation of law enforcement operations in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem,” said Navi Pillay, Chair of the UN Human Rights Commission.

“What ‘justification’ would there have been for Israel to target and murder a veteran al Jazeera woman journalist?” asked Katie Alsop of The RINJ Foundation about the bizarre announcement a week ago most journalists have ignored because of its marginalization of women deaths and journalist deaths at the murderous hands of the Israelis.

Wael Al Dahdouh

Wael Al Dahdouh. al Jazeera. File photo.


RINJ Women urge Cease fire

The RINJ Foundation is urging an immediate Ceasefire in Gaza.