Editorial: Was Hamas attack hijacked to create a political pretext? Too many lies.

Why is Israel destroying the airports in Aleppo and Damascus? The Americans are not trying to prevent a regional war they are attempting to start one and oust Bashar al Assad is what some outlying scholars are saying.  Nobody has really made sense of all the conflicting stories.

Convoys of relief are trying to go from Egypt into Gaza.

Video: Desperately needed relief from dehydration and hunger is blocked by Netanyahu.

One thing is sure, Joe Biden has a fifty-year record of being a sneaky liar.

“That may be a good idea, booting Bashar al Assad, but America’s regime changes always result in total regional disaster,” suggests Simon Baldock, an Israeli security analyst.

“I am becoming more convinced that the war in Israel was started only as a pretext for the return of the United States to the Middle East, ” says Israeli political scientist Simon Tsipis, an employee of the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University.

Professor Tsipis believes that the Hamas attack on Israel will be eventually followed by the outbreak of a war between Israel and Lebanon in which Syria will also become a participant and will be subject to attacks.

“Most likely, an American landing force will land there, which will have to complete the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad,” Simon Tsipis has said in interviews.

“I am confident that American and Israeli intelligence had and still have resources in the Gaza Strip. And these special services could not help but know that such an operation was being prepared. Moreover, it is known that 10 days before the start of this intervention, Egyptian intelligence transmitted information to Israel about Hamas’s plans,” Tsipis noted.

7 October 2023. How much is false flag?

Truth about 7 October 2023 in Israel is not clear.  How much was false flag? For sure some was.  Biden’s beheaded babies never existed but Biden said he saw them. Is it all lies? Photo is a capture from a 7 October 2023 EMS video. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has harped on the need for America to increase again its presence in the Middle East so that those governments hostile to Israel do not try to take advantage of the current Gaza Genocide situation.

“The Israeli armed forces bombed the airports of Damascus and Aleppo and Aleppo for sure is still not operational after being hit a second time,”  says Dr, Nassima al Amouri from Aleppo where she is attending meetings of humanitarian CSOs.

What has really been happening in Irael/Gaza. We know Biden and Netanyahu are compulsive liars and both are complicit in the murder of a veteran woman journalist who maybe knew too many truths, Shireen Abu Akleh.

 Nothing really adds up, yet. Netanyahu is not in jail. Israel was on the brink of civil war but the massive demonstrations against him have stopped.

Benjamin Netanyahu, despite his troubles, by curbing the Israeli Supreme Court has become an absolute dictator in Israel. He may never face another election.

Netanyahu is no longer worthy of anyone’s respect and to humanitarians he is no different than the mass murdering prick, Bashar al Assad. What’s the difference?

Mr. Netanyahu relies on extreme right wing factions to maintain his democracy facade while courting moderate Benjamin Gantz, a good man in most eyes, an Israeli former-opposition politician, and a retired but distinguished army general who has helped Netanyahu create a War-Time Government Cabinet for a while.

Prime Minister Netanyahu who has been alleged as corrupt and has criminal proceedings in the wings, is on the evidence of his obvious war crimes seen as corrupt and as slippery as any politician in the region living next door to Bashar al Assad who ices the cake of pariahs.

What really did happen on 7 October 2023. It was not all Hamas so who helped Hamas.

Most of the noticed attacks for which the IDF shared video with the world on 7 October were likely delivered by a partial false flag attack engineered by Netanyahu and his personal allies. Hamas was too busy in firefights to be taking those videos. We were there that day.

There were no beheaded babies of course. That was far-fetched and not planned by the False Flag folks. It came from a wacky IDF grunt and became a colossal media screw-up.

CIA, IRGC, Egypt’s security apparatus and Mossad all knew the attacks were coming and told Benjamin Netanyahu. Of course the IDF were not surprised and are annoyed they had to pretend their nonsense role (“oh dear, we did not know”). We know with absolute certainty as in recorded data that IDF was and Netanyahu was informed fully at least by 4 October but with less certainty, a month before the event.

Feigning surprise was part of a plan to justify what the world is seeing today—the end of Palestine. Nobody cares about Hamas. It is no more than a bunch of sewer pipes worked into crude rocket launchers. The weapons they used on 7 October are American. They seem to have been bought in Ukraine from Iranians who are dealing in the Black Market there. Kiev has no clue as this is happening east of the contact line.

What is really going on?  Israel orders Palestinian Families to Leave north Haza then launches air attacks on the evacuee convoys.

Video trigger warning. 18+ Air attack violence

Video: For the fifth time, the Israeli military occupation asks Palestinian families to leave their homes and head towards southern Gaza. When Palestinian families take to the streets and head towards southern Gaza, only minutes pass and the occupation betrays them as Israeli aircraft attack civilians on the roads in multiple locations along the convoy and kill entire families. (Video Source: multiple citizen journos)

 Solving America’s Palestine problem

The USA and Israel have been trying to solve the Palestinian problem in order to facilitate normalization of business relationships between Israel, thus America too, with all the Arab states, and further alienate Iran which is moving with BRICS, a massive global player with great substance and even better credibility than the reputedly filthy American NATO gang.

The extreme right wing government of Netanyahu has been biting at the bit to have a chance to wipe out Gaza and turn it into valuable beach properties, say sources, meanwhile increasing business prospects with the Arab world.

Both sides, Israel and Hamas, always viewed the Tribe of Supernova Rave music and happy-people-brain-fogging-drugs festival to be immoral. It was a good place to commit atrocities and take pictures.

There were no decapitated babies. Utter nonsense.

On 7 October, The RINJ Foundation sent people south to the Tribe of Superova music festival. It was held this year at the plains of the Negev Desert near Urim. This is very close to where we once set up busses on the Egypt side to evacuate Gaza’s injured women and kids for Dr. Nassima al Amouri from Gaza south.

October 7 Video

7 October 2023

They managed to acquire the Identification of two assailants which turned out in the long run to be bogus representations of Iranians. They were not Iranians.

Moshe and Simon had to shoot their way back north as it turned out but they returned all of their precious cargo safe and sound to their homes and their families, because that is their training and they have always been good at doing what they do.

This was a purely happenstance miracle of good luck for those small few folks who were rescued. Their attempted killers had killed others.

The False Flag non-uniformed ground team has been described as mostly very casual in its massacres and home invasions. They were not as professional as the Hamas fighters who put up very serious firefights. There is a lot that’s very wrong with the picture. Nothing is fully confirmed but will be confirmed before long.

The UN has been told there is no other solution but erasure of Palestine. The USA is secretly talking about accepting a million refugees who would all be grateful and vote Democrat next year. If the UN wants to stay in funds it should shut up? Will that be complicity in genocide?

This is a mess that will get messier because Joe Biden and Netanyahu are the conductors of the events and with them, there is only unnecessary bloodshed—and lies.